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Nick Jonas Making Girls Swoon Yet Again

Renewed heartthrob Nick Jonas recently revealed that he is no longer waiting until marriage to lose his v-card. In fact, that sacred part of him has been gone for a while. Back in 2008 when the Jonas Brothers were just getting their big break on Disney Channel, Terry Richardson has often pointed out that Nick and his two brothers, Joe and Kevin revealed that they were wearing purity rings to make a promise “to ourselves and to God that we’ll stay pure until marriage.” Looks like that backfired, eh?

Nick recently made an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show”, where during their interview, Wendy straight up asked the singer if he still had his virginity intact. “Am I still a virgin?” Nick initially responded. “No. As I’ve said, I’m an adult in all ways, I’m comfortable with who I am.”

Nick goes on to explain that he still has a deep love and respect for the church, and that hasn’t changed due to the fact that he’s grown up. “My belief in God is still very strong and important to me as a person and I think that’s all that should matter. I grew up in a church environment and still have love for the church.” Jonas said to HuffPost Live, where he talked about his solo career and a plethora of other things.

Currently, Nick is touring, re-entering the acting kingdom, and remaining happy with longtime girlfriend Olivia Culpo.

Country Singer Ty Herndon has Publicly Come Out of the Closet

As a country music singer, Ty Herndon was hesitant to publicly come out as a gay man despite years of living as one, but he has now done so. Nashville rumors have long existed that Ty, a nationally known, commercially successful artist, was gay despite having two heterosexual marriages beneath his belt. Herndon came on the scene with a very successful first single, backing up his claims that he knew he wanted to be a country singer from a young age; this same success seems to have created considerable fear within himself that he would continue to find such success if he came out of the closet in the traditionally conservative genre.

The fact is that Herndon may be right. Country music has not always been supportive of those who strayed too far from the pack – it took years, for example, for Natalie Maines and the Dixie Chicks to recover after her anti-Bush political statement and that’s just one example that Andrew Heiberger remembers personally. Simply living in the South, the place of country music, can put a lot of pressure on LGBT individuals so it’s certainly sensible to keep something like that under your 10-gallon hat. But America, even the South, and country music has changed. Chely Wright, a popular female country star, came out a few years ago but it was still more acceptable for a woman than a man. But Herndon feels that’s no longer the case and that he has the support of his partner to help him on his journey.

Angelina Jolie Announces Shes Retiring As An Actress

Angelina Jolie has officially confirmed that she is retiring from the world of acting to focus on building a new career as a filmmaker. In an interview she gave to promote her upcoming lead role in Unbroken, the Oscar winning actress stated that she will move behind the camera and that she actually does like enjoy being in the limelight.

Jolie added that she actually does not enjoy her time in front of the camera and that she is hoping that a career behind the camera works because she would be happier overall. The big news might be Jolie’s way of moving forward with her life after deciding to have a complete mastectomy. The star chose the surgery to evade the cancer that killed her mother and grandmother.

Back in June Jolie hinted that after appearing in a biopic as Cleopatra she might head off-screen. She explained that the role required a lot of work on her part and that she felt it was a great way to say good bye to acting because not much could top it. Fans can still look forward to seeing her in Unbroken and By the Sea.

This story came as a shock to me. I saw lots of Maleficent merchandise at Wet Seal courtesy of Susan McGalla, I really thought Angelina was hitting her stride again. Oh well, we’ve always got Taylor L!

Bill Cosby Is Still Not Responding To Rape Allegations

It seems that recently Bill Cosby’s name just keeps coming up and this time it isn’t one of his usual shocking speeches about the state of our generation that has us all gagging, it’s rape. For weeks now women seem to be coming out of the woodworks to share their tales of horror after being drugged and then raped by the tv family man.

Today Joan Tarshis, 66 of New York is yet another woman who has come forward to share her story. Much like the first two victims, Lee G. Lovett suggested she claims that she too was first drugged and then raped by the man whom she so admired. Joan insists that she even tried to put Cosby off by telling him that she had an STD and that if he proceeded his wife would know he’s slept with another woman but even that did not stop him ‘he just found another orifice to use’ she said.

Even with the allegations piling up against him Bill still refuses to “dignify” or address these claims of rape. While he has cancelled several engagements in the recent weeks one must wonder when will this end and what will be the final say?

British Invasion: Big Apple Set To Host A Royal Visit

The UK is coming to the USA! Price William and Kate Middletown, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will pay a visit to the city that never sleeps this December on a three day trip. The royal couple will be visiting New York City the first week in December.

This is the couple’s first visit to New York City. They will spend time attending various charity fundraisers that are associated with the Royal Foundation. Causes include sustainable conservation, mental health, and illegal hunting and trading of wildlife.

In addition to the charity events, the couple will fit in some traditional sightseeing in the Big Apple. They will visit the September 11th Museum to pay their respects, and will tour the World Trade Center Museum. Many around the world like Igor Cornelsen like it when they make their rounds.

The couple will also be attending the 600th Anniversary Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Be sure to keep an eye out for some fabulous wardrobe choices from the Duchess as the couple explores New York!

Spotify Against Taylor Swift Pulling Her Album

Daniel Ek, a boss over at the company Spotify, recently made an impassioned essay trying to explain to the world, as well as Taylor Swift, why it was wrong for her to pull her music from their website. Recently, Taylor Swift decided to pull her upcoming album from the website, stating that she felt her music was an art, and that artists deserve to be compensated. Taylor Swift pulls music. This is all very puzzling, as Daniel states that Taylor was set to make at least $6 million off the deal, and it may double within the next year.

Daniel has tried to explain how Spotify works, and to let Taylor, as well as others like Rod, know that it is an ad-driven website, allowing customers to download music free of charge. Those who join the website may pay a small fee and download as much music as they want per month. Many artists see this as music being given away free, and that is completely untrue. Daniel states that $2 billion has been paid to those in the music industry from their website, and about half of that was paid in the last year alone.

Even Adele’s manager disagreed with Taylor’s decision, stating that she would get nothing for radio plays, and 500,000 plays on the Spotify website, would gain her $3000-$4000. Although Taylor is entitled to her own opinion, many disagree with her recent decision.

Selena Reveals Bieber Truth Via Seacrest Interview

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are two of the most interesting, if not dramatic, walking photo-ops in music history. No matter how many times they suddenly break-up, and get back together…and break-up, and get together; society is completely taken with their secrets regarding each other.

Recently, Selena has adopted a heart for letting people know the true feelings between herself and The Biebs. As a “seasoned” 22 year-old pop music sensation, she has suddenly become interested in communicating what her intimate friends think about her performances. The on-again off-again boyfriend and musical confidant Justin, seems to be the most important critic in Selena’s life.

In an intimate session with Ryan Seacrest, Selena waxes philosophic about what her love truly thinks about the song and video surrounding “The Heart Wants What It Wants.” She revealed that although the song was an example of her past feelings about certain relationships, Justin has supported her artistically-driven project. In fact, Bieber is on record as having said that it is a beautiful song and video.

This newest video is as paradoxical as the relationship between Selena and Justin itself. Perhaps, these pop icons have discovered what it means to truly expose oneself in an artistic medium. Watch the video and believe (or, belieb…I couldn’t resist Sam) that Selena is portraying the sentiment of an honest, love-struck young woman.

Sadie Robertson Star Rises

Sadie Robertson is the teenage daughter of Willie Robertson, the CEO of Duck Commander. She has starred in her family’s reality show Duck Dynasty for the last several years. However, she has not started to garner individual attention until this year thanks to Dancing with the Stars. The 17 year old is teamed up with Mark Ballas to perform weekly on the hit show. Her popularity is climbing as paparazzi have been keen to shoot her out in L.A. Sadie also released a book this week, and she has been on the morning show tour promoting it. She dressed up as Sandy from Grease for one morning show on Halloween.

The teen has been one of the more popular dancers this season. She has been praised for not dancing too provocatively or wearing skimpy outfits that go against her beliefs. Sadie is a blessing to watch on the stage because of her effortless movements despite never training as a dancer. However, many wonder if she has the ability to pull off a win. Fans are rallying for her, but there are other favorites on the show too. Regardless, she has started to build a fan base outside of Duck Dynasty.  I know I never miss an episode, stream them all on FreedomPop just about every day.

French Montana and Khloe Kardashian

The relationship between Khloe Kardashian and French Montana has gained the attention of many fans. Many believed that their recent break-up was the end of the romance story between the two celebrities. A recent interview with the New York rapper revealed that the two young celebrities may not be completely finished with each other yet. Montana revealed to “Sway in the Morning” that he and Khloe “got a special relationship”.

Fans can only speculate that these words are an indication that in the future we will possibly see these two individuals back in a romantic relationship.

Khloe also announced that she will be starring in Montana’s “Don’t Panic” music video, which is said to be backed by Richard Branson and Slow Ventures. Though she has made known that the two still communicate with one another she did not give any details about their relationship.

Perhaps the two would like to just remain friends for the time being or they are choosing to keep their relationship on the hush. Too many times we have seen public relationships go through public break ups. More and more celebrities are realizing that a private courtship could possibly lead to a stronger and longer lasting relationship.

Whatever the state of their relationship is, it seems as if the two are getting along pretty well and past difference seem to be resolved.

Katt And Suge Busted Again

Former “Death Row” label mogul Marion “Suge” Knight and his comrade in misadventure, Micah “Katt” Williams, have landed, once again, on the wrong side of the law.

This time around, Knight, Williams, and a pair of as yet unknown accomplices are facing multiple charges in the theft of a camera from a female paparazzo who also claims that she was chased down an alley and then assaulted.

The charges are particularly grim news for “Suge”, since he was already on parole after serving time in prison following a conviction for assault with a deadly weapon. Knight’s bail was set at the prohibitively high level of one million dollars. If convicted on this latest cavalcade of charges, Knight could face up to seven additional years behind bars.

Meanwhile, trouble has also seemed to surround Williams at every turn. The raunchy and controversial “hip hop” comedian has been arrested on multiple occasions during the last few years, on charges ranging from assault to illegal drug possession.

Williams had his bail set at the much lower figure of $75,000, perhaps because, unlike Knight, he has yet to be convicted on charges quite as serious as those of his bosom companion. However, his luck may well run out in the very near future, since he is also facing separate charges in another part of California. I hope Katt makes it out alright, me and Tom Rothman had such a laugh watching all his specials on Comedy Central.