USHEALTH is Enjoying Incredible Growth

USHEALTH is an insurance company that is a branch of Freedom Life Insurance Company and National Foundation Life Insurance. They specialize in providing insurance products to small business and self-employed individuals. Their goal is to tailor their insurance packages to cover Americans individually rather than one package for every situation. They have products for individuals as well as families. They have served over 15 million customers for over half a century.

USHEALTH Group offers products such as accident, disease, term life, and dental and vision just to name a few. They offer coverage immediately upon the first dollar being applied to the account rather than enforcing a waiting period for the insurance to take effect. The team at USHEALTH takes customer satisfaction seriously, which is why they work hard to make sure that the insurance products completely cover every individual need. They have won awards for their expert service and strive to create long-term relationships with their customers. They are dependable and helpful and gladly help their customers from beginning to end with insurance claims. They have a fully staffed call center that won a top 50 call center of the year in 2013. Click here to know more.

USHEALTH is one of the fastest growing companies in the country currently. They have been able to increase sales and keep customers because of their incredible executive leadership. The management teams work together with each employee to ensure that there are clear lines of communications and expectation. This translates to creating an effective company that their customers appreciate and will continue to do business with.


James Dondero – More than Investment Minded

James Dondero is the CEO and president to Highland Capital Management. He stays in Dallas Texas and his work at Highland Capital Management includes overseeing the company’s operations on institutional and retail levels as well as overseeing investment strategies. His prowess incredit market covers a period of over 30 years in addition to being among the brains behind Collateralized Loan Obligation Concept.


Mr. Dondero is known to excel in funds management as seen by how most of what he has been in charge of has excelled financially. He has received a number of accolades in his career life. Some of the most common awards include the morning star 5-star recognition for the Global Allocation for the year 2014 and the morning star’s number 1 rank for health care short and long equity funds also in the same year.


Before coming to Highlands, James served as the chief investments officer to Protective Life GIC adjunct. He was part of the team that grew the company’s business to two billion dollars from a startup in just five years of existence. Before going to work for Protective life, he was in charge of managing funds for American Express.


James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia where he got a major in finance and accounting. He is also a CMA) and a CFA. Apart from being the co-founder and CEO of Highlands Capital, he also serves as a board director for MGM Studios. He also serves as the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, NexBank, and CSS Medical Corporation.


He is also an active philanthropist as seen by his millions of donations. The company gives part of its proceeds to local areas charities and Dallas areas and other non-profit organization. He is also committed to improving educational opportunities for individuals living in Dallas fort. This has led to a number of partnerships and donations that the residents of Dallas gain from. There are a number of donations that he has been part of.



Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through

Equities First Holdings is United States-based company that offers alternative lending capabilities to high net-worth individuals seeking fast working capital. For the enterprise, they delight in the issuance of stock-based loans to their clients for business continuity. During the harsh economic crisis, banks have their lending capabilities tightened. As a matter of fact, they also increase their interest rates to amounts that have most clients scared away. For this reason, they end up seeking other sources of alternative financing solutions. For this reason, people end up working to achieve better business through alternative development facilities. Low-interest rates characterize the stock-based loans.

In 2002, Equities First Holdings was founded by Al Christy to become a leading source of alternative sources of finance. When the company was founded, it determined to become the main source of funding in the world. For this reason, it has its presence in all the continents of the world. Its main offices are situated in Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Perth, Sydney, and London. The company also specializes in the allocation of capital, alternative financial solution, and the provision of financial services. Since it was incepted in 2002, it has completed more than 2,000 transactions with their clients. Moreover, most of these customers come back for more services. This translates to the issuance of more than $2 billion. Equities First Holdings has more than 50 employees.

For those who need necessary capital, Equities First Holdings is one of the best sources of financial solutions. For those who do not qualify for the credit-based loans, consider the use of Equities First Holdings as the best option using stocks as collateral. For the company, they require you to submit your assets for evaluation. Once they are evaluated, you will get the loan at the lowest interest rate in the world.You can also meet their team:

David Giertz’s Thoughts on How People Should Plan for Retirement

Retirement planning is one of the most critical decisions one has to make when employed or self-employed. According to David Giertz at, most people are unaware about how much they should allocate to their social security accounts. For one to succeed in retirement planning, one should enlist the help of a financial advisor.

According to a survey conducted by NHY Financial Retirement Institute, most people prefer to hire a different financial advisor if their current ones are not advising them on social security matters. David Giertz urges financial advisors to focus on formulating ways in which their clients can benefit from their current income in the future. He also believes that money allocated to social security should be forty percent of a person’s income .

Giertz also advises people to save up for retirement early. Based on a survey he conducted posted on, people could end up losing up to three hundred thousand dollars in twenty years if they start the retirement planning process late. The key to succeeding in this endeavor is optimizing on financial resources that matter in the present and future.

David Giertz’s Career Background

David Giertz, commonly known as Dave, is a financial executive and advisor. He oversees the management of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. as the president. He also worked as the SVP of nationwide financial distribution and sales department for Nationwide Life Insurance Company. He also serves as an SVP, president, and director of other Nationwide subsidiaries.

During his tenure at Nationwide Financial Services as the sales vice president, the company’s sales revenue increased by over 10 percent. Giertz also worked for FI/WH and NF Sales as the VP of sales. Besides his executive roles, David Giertz’s financial insights have also been featured in media platforms such as the Wall Street Journal. He likes speaking about retirement planning issues at

The Repercussions of British Withdrawal from EU

The departure of the United Kingdom from EU resulted in grave consequences to the British economy, such as fall in stocks and devaluation of the British currency. Flavio Maluf, an accomplished finance specialist, predicted that this exit would result in global economic changes. These changes include


Changes to the British economy


Based on the 2014 European Union reports, the United Kingdom spent more than it received and this is what prompted its exit from EU. According to Maluf, this decision by the UK will result in decreased investments. This exit will also pose challenges to the free transit of people and goods across member countries.


Consequences for foreign trade in Europe


Members of the EU are afforded customs union that allows affordable tariffs on products. The exit of the bloc threatens theses duties, and the United Kingdom will charge new rates. However, specialist Otto Nogami claims that this exit may also prove beneficial since the UK will now be able to sign fresh bilateral agreements.


Effects of UK’s exit to Brazilian exports and imports


Brazil is likely to benefit since it will be eligible to enter into bilateral agreements with other European nations. This country will also benefit from reduced rates although the extent of this advantage is limited based on the reports by New York University senior manager.


Consequences on the European Union


Some members of the European Union will be affected by this exit. One of the countries that have begun demonstrating economic fatigue is France. Maluf added that it is hard to predict what will happen to the union as well as the member countries.


A closer look at Flavio Maluf’s role at Eucatex Group


Flavio Maluf is the current M.D. of Eucatex Group. Maluf is a native of Brazil and a graduate of FAAP where he did his mechanical engineering course. Maluf initiated his career at Eucatex Group in 1987 and rose above ranks to become the chairman of the company.

Under Maluf’s insightful management, Eucatex Group has been able to launch branches across Brazil as well as expand its business to more than 37 countries across the globe. In 2010, he facilitated the opening of the Industrial Plant in Salto. Eucatex Group is responsible for the production of Thin High- Density and Medium Density Fiberboards.






Where Is Sarah Connor?


Arnold Schwarzenegger is arguably one of the most entertaining actors of all time. Whether showing off his “Mr. Universe” winning body or literally creating some of the most memorable catchphrases in pop culture, the former Governor of California has solidified his legacy in pop culture. In fact, several of today’s actor can credit him in paving the way for them. Though originally from Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger took the American film industry by storm. With a career spanning several decades, Arnold has a treasure trove of movies to choose from.

Though not impossible, It is extremely difficult to choose his greatest works. The greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger movies include “The Terminator” series and “Total Recall”. First, is The Terminator series. In the iconic movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a futuristic robot sent back in time to kill a women named Sarah Connor. Although Sarah Connor is the primary target, in one of the best Arnold Schwarzenegger movies of all time goes on a rampage and murders anyone who gets in his way. In the series, he creates the infamous catchphrases, “I’ll be back.” and “Hasta La Vista, baby.” Next, is his role in “Total Recall.”

In Total Recall, one of the funnest movies about aliens and alien relics, Arnold Schwarzenneger plays Douglas Quaid. The movie centers around space travel and the planet Mars. In the film, Shwarzennerger travels to Mars to find out the reason why his memory was erased. To conclude, Arnold Shwarzenneger is one of the most talented actors ever. One can find entertainment in some of his less stellar movies too, such as “Jingle All The Way” or “Junior.”

Lime Crimes Matte Velvetine Liquid Lipstick Colors

Lime Crime is a very popular cosmetic brand that is known all over the world. They were first introduced in 2008 by the CEO and founder Doe Deere. They offer a large variety of fun and interesting beauty products. One of their most popular products is the matte velvetine liquid lipsticks. Doe Deere created the revolutionary liquid lipstick many years ago after being inspired by her favorite flower the red rose.


The matte velvetine liquid lipsticks are a very unique and innovative product. Although they go on glossy they eventually dry to a soft velvet like finish. They are available in a wide range of fun and unique colors. These are just some of the top colors that the matte velvetine liquid lipsticks are available in.


Red Velvet


Red velvet is a true red color that looks great on any skin tone.


Black Velvet


The Black Velvet shade is one of the most unique Shades and is a very true black color.




Riot is a pretty brown shade.




Elle is a beautiful apricot nude shade.




Squash is a gorgeous light orange color that looks great on a variety of different skin tones.




Alien is certainly one of the most unique colors that the matte velvetine lipsticks are available in. It is a cool neon green shade.




Scandal is one of the newest shades and is a gorgeous deep plum shade.


These are just a few of the many different colors that the matte velvetine lipsticks are available in. They are also available in many other colors such as Red Rose which is a beautiful true red shade as well as Teacup which is a beautiful periwinkle blue color.


Each matte velvetine liquid lipstick also offers a delicious French vanilla scent. The scent is both invigorating as well as energizing. Although the liquid lipstick comes with a great wand it can also be applied using a lip brush for even more precise application. The best thing about Lime Crime and their matte velvetine liquid lipsticks are they are vegan friendly as well as cruelty free so they are safe for everyone to use.

Brazil Real Estate is the Wave of the Future

If you want to invest for your future, real estate is a great industry to do that in. Brazil is growing rapidly, and many people from other nations are moving in. This is causing an increase in real estate prices in many areas of the country. Real estate companies are having to work hard to get properties sold and others on the market. Construcap is a real estate company in Brazil that has experienced a lot of growth in recent years. The company has done well financially because they truly care about their customers. If you want to buy or sell a home in Brazil, this is a great company to work with.

When the company was first started, Construcap was just a few people with a dream. As Brazil grew, the leaders saw how much of an opportunity they had to take advantage of this growth. They quickly invested in technology so that they could serve customers better. In addition, they started to invest in real estate as a business to take advantage of all of the appreciation coming their way. If you want to invest for the future, this is a great company to work with.

Buying or selling a home is a major financial decision. In Brazil, many homes are selling before they even go on the market. This means that a lot of people are out there looking for properties. Construcap can help you buy or sell a home, and their advice is something that a lot of people appreciate. Over time, this is a company that can add value to your life.

How Brexit is expected to Affect Trade across Europe

Britain’s departure from the EU has sent massive shockwaves across the business world. Not only is the UK a dominant market force to reckon with, but the sudden exodus has inadvertently caused a considerable fall in the stock markets across Europe. At such a staggering loss of 12%, one can only wonder what’s next for what was once the prosperous European Union. To put it in a much clearer context, Flavio Maluf has offered his professional opinions as follows:


  • Consequences of Britain’s Economic Implosion


Based on accurate statistics released in 2014 by the EU, the UK spent a staggering 11.3 billion pounds to the Union compared to the previous figure of 6.9 billion pounds. With such an increment, inflammation was widely considered to be a ticking time bomb which ultimately blew up with grave consequences. According to Maluf, Britain’s exodus from the EU will undeniably dent any chances of foreign investment into the country.


  • Impact of Foreign Trade between Europe and the U.K


One of the perks of being a member of the EU is the unlimited provision of a customs union. Such a statute essentially allows free trade in the absence of additional quotas or tariffs on the products of member states. With the departure, the UK will immediately enforce new rates compared to previous charges levied in the trade bloc with the potential of causing a tremendous effect on future business transactions.


  • How Brazilian Imports and Exports Will Be Affected


With Brexit, Brazil has emerged as a front-runner to reap immense benefits with Britain courtesy of bilateral agreements lying ahead, which were previously hindered by complex EU standards based on specified rates and type of products. However, Maluf insists that such benefits are only limited since the two nations have yet to strengthen business relationships. Currently, the UK accounts for only 2% of annual exports from Brazil.


Flavio Maluf in Brief


Flavio Maluf has become synonymous with Eucatex especially after steering the company to unprecedented heights since 1997. As president, Maluf has gone above and beyond to build the company on the principles of excellence and innovation.


Eucatex specializes in the production of acoustical ceilings and soft wood fiber sheets as well as venturing into acoustic and insulating plates. While at the helm, the company has launched several industrial plants in Brazil to boost economic prosperity.

Wengie Says There is a Website That Can Guess Your Age

There is a website that will guess your age based on how you answer the questions. The first question was about beverages that include coffee, tea, milkshake, Wengie chose coffee. The second question was about where Wengie would rather see a movie, in a cinema or at home. She likes movies on the internet.


Next, the site wanted to know Wengie’s favorite James Bond from several choices. She likes Daniel Craig. Wengie celebrated her last birthday by spending it quietly with her significant other. She prefers to wear sneakers around town. You’ll have see the video to see the verdict.