Clay Siegall’s Golden Heart Dedicated to Save Lives

Our society never seems to recognize people who use their brain intelligence to help other people. We often see professional runners, singers, actors and anyone in the entertainment industry been appreciated and given all the credit for their skills and work. However, people like Clay Siegall go unnoticed for his marvelous work that helps the community as a whole. The man has a passion for helping other people especially patients who have cancer and other ailments. The reason to start the Seattle Genetics was to research more about cancer and how it can be stopped. Seattle Genetics is an organization that is meant to deal with biotechnological research which is new to the society. The group is certified with several licenses which make it more credible. Seattle Genetics also receives funding from different charity groups, and it has collaborated with various companies which deal with biotechnology.

Clay Siegall has the expertise and experience in the medical field and has several awards such as the Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year held in 2012. Clay has worked other known institutions such as the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health. He is consistent and dedicated to what he does, and he has become a reliable man to many of his patients. I can also add that he has an excellent educational background having attended the George Washington University where he did his Ph.D. level in Genetics. Clay has the knowledge, the skills, the experience and information in genetics related problems and diseases. In the medical field, he has also been able to solve some of the challenges, and this is evident from the successful drugs that the organization has been able to develop. Some of the drugs are designed to kill leukemia cells, for example, SGN-CD33A. The novel drug was intended to combat the complications which are often experienced after a patient has undergone organ transplantation.

Clay and his team are working on enhancing cancer therapy. The team wishes to use the modern tech solutions to help fight cancer. The organization’s primary aim is to assist patients, and this idea came from the fact that Clay had to watch his father’s health deteriorate as he had cancer. The only treatment at the time was not advanced to help anyone. Clay believes in making a change in someone’s life.

Lori Senecal as one of the 100 Most Creative Business People of the year

Different individuals across the world are business people. Among them, there are those who practice business with the aim of expanding their business or just making a profit, while there are those who do it out of passion and the urge to have remarkable results. For the second reason, one such personality is Lori Senecal, the Global CEO, CP+B.

Fast company, which is a monthly business magazine in America, took note of Lori as among the most creative people in business this year. Given Fast company is a media business brand and editorial whose focus is shone on creativity, technology among others, Lori Senecal got featured.

What Lori does is that she emboldens clients by pushing for what she sets her mind to despite the risks. For her, creativity is not only a talent but also one’s conduct. Having mentioned that, it is pertinent to know that the key towards meaningful innovations is by making innovative ideas. This is expected especially, from managers. It can be simply done by having innovative conversations with employees, which aim towards awakening their untapped abilities to be creative and come up with concrete or viable solutions towards achieving what may be thought unachievable. Be it by use of contests, strategy reviews or T-shaped conversations, as long as the ultimate goal is pushing for innovation in business then it is viable.

Lori Senecal is a true definition of successful women in business. After she took up the leadership position in CP &B Global in 2015, she has helped to enhance revenue by 21% entirely via risk-taking. Every single business or enterprise that she has put her hands into has bloomed. Right from Letgo, NBA 2k and Craft Mac& Cheese. Here, her role is basically to ensure the company’s global growth, manage different firms of this company, which are international offices and focus on enhancement of the organization globally. So far so good, Lori has made a tremendous impact, which is moving the company to greater heights.

Prior to CP +B, she was the CEO of KBS, and under her leadership, KBS grew in the sense that from 250 domestic agency to over 900 individuals worldwide. Having mentioned just a few things about Lori, it is indeed evident that she has a business touch. Follow Lori on twitter.

Felipe Montoro Jens: Savvy Businessman and Consultant

Concessions will now be made through a partnership between the government and BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development), whose services provided will be improved in their structural, resource, and management areas. Edison emphasized that public power performs 90% of Brazil’s basic sanitation, and that approximately 70% of users benefit from the services of state organizations. He believes that Brazilian government agencies have significant experience, which can be readily leveraged when companies become partners with other ones.

BNDES will customize action plans for its state customers based on surveys detailing their situational locations. A primary flow of monetary resources from government-owned companies in the water sector is from the loss of water. Montoro Jens stated that the services cannot be received when there is such significant waste.

Edison explained that the resource-wealthy private enterprises could help greatly in the job of water conservation. They have advanced technology, a crucial factor in Brazilian water management, which is also instrumental in increasing sewage networks investment.

Edison also added that the efficiency of organizations is not directly related to their administration. He stressed that alignment must exist between the Brazilian citizens’ needs and the operational mode of the associated utility.

Edison stressed the importance of clarifying goals in the drafting of contracts, in partnership concessions, and in the adoption of public agency inspections where services would be provided. He reiterated the importance of the terms of each agreement being fulfilled.

Felipe Montoro Jens has been an executive at the project development and structure finance division at Terna S.P.A. In addition he led Enron’s international structured financial department. In addition he helped Price Waterhouse Coopers with his unique auditing and consulting skills on

He is a respected businessman, graduating from Fundao Getito Vargas (FGV) with a degree in business administration. His postgraduate work was in international management at the American-based Thunderbird.

Jens is considered to be a multi-talented individual, and spoke at the 2011 World Economic Forum on Latin America, where over 750 Latin American countries attended.

Sending Learning into Orbit: Rocketship Education

The San Jose based company, Rocketship Education, is a non-profit charter school network that launched in 2007. This innovative education company has made low income areas their mission by opening 19 public charter schools in California, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C. Rocketship Education focuses on integrating technology and education to enhance learning techniques. This integration is a blend of traditional teaching and online computer assisted education. By blending the traditional with the technological Rocketship Education has cornered a successful curriculum that has proven efficient with above average testing scores from their students.

Blending technology and traditional education is not the only innovate mix spearheaded by Rocketship Education public charter schools. Each school also blends teaching with families. All schools rely heavily on parent involvement. So much so, that parents are asked to help in the interview process for teaching staff and are encouraged to ask questions and give their opinion of each candidate. This level of involvement allows parents to have a say in who is teaching their child; knowing the hiring process, learning each candidates experience and dedication, and having a say in who is shaping their children’s education is a value not seen in traditional public schools.

Not only are the parents involved but most campuses also have dedicated areas for internet access to allow them the opportunity to send job applications and other virtual business that they may not have access to at home. This dedication to students and family is portrayed in Rocketship Educations five core values: respect, responsibility, empathy, persistence, and gratitude. By encouraging their students to recite the Rocketeer Creed each morning and emphasizing the five core values everyday, Rocketship Education also blends traditional schooling with social and emotional growth. The goal of the five core values is to ensure each student has the right tools to grow and learn to their full potential.

Rocketship Education public charter schools are paving the way for each of their students to make their way out of poverty by learning in an innovative school environment that encourages them to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Highland Capital Launches a $147 Million Healthcare-Oriented Fund in Asia

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is one of the leading investment management companies in Dallas, Texas. Over time, Highland has opened several branches across the world, making it more successful as it strives to increase its client base. Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd, a business unit of the Dallas-based investment management firm has recently launched a $147 million healthcare-oriented equity fund.

The fund would be administered by South Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS). Besides returns on the investment, investors partnering with the NPS to fund the Highland’s initiative have specific goals in the healthcare space. They include access to opportunities for co-investment, which helps them to serve their strategic objectives in the U.S., China, and Korea.

In Asia, Highland will work in close collaboration with Stonebridge Capital, a venture capital and private investment firm based in Korea to co-manage the healthcare-oriented equity fund. In fact, this is the first healthcare-focused private equity fund in Asia. While many investors in Asia have expressed their interest in investing in a healthcare-oriented equity fund, most of these investments are made via a multi-purpose fund or on a direct basis.

Carl Moore, the managing director of Highland Capital Management, says that the company’s core capabilities align well with the fund’s strategy. That will help leverage the company’s extensive expertise in the healthcare industry. He adds that healthcare is Highland’s largest industry exposure. In fact, nearly half of the company’s track record in private equity fund relates to healthcare companies.
The fund targets the middle-market healthcare businesses in Asia and North America. Currently, Highland Capital Management manages over $1.5 billion worth of healthcare assets.

Matt Jameson, Highland’s managing director of private equity, says that disruptive forces within the U.S. healthcare sector will acutely affect middle-market companies. Again, America’s graying demographics and increased access to healthcare facilities throughout Asia are driving more demand for healthcare-oriented equity fund and greater utilization levels. Currently, Highland Capital Management specializes in credit hedge funds and collateralized loan obligations as well as alternative investment opportunities in the form of emerging markets and access to natural resources.

Feliipe Montoro Jens And Brazil’s Infrastructure Growth

There’s always a good thing about starting a business. It’s always great to start a business, but the best thing about starting one is keeping your name behind it. The success of a business depends on this and the leadership of a business man. This kind of leadership is what Felipe Montoro Jens has. This issue is also what he tackled in the latest report from Negociosemfeco website.

Brazil InfrastructureIn the news report, an analysis featured that Brazil right now has the leading infrastructure today that can serve many of the world’s needs. According to Felipe, it is this support that gives Brazil the leading edge that it has today. The institution for the development of this infrastructure is also the best way that everyone can expect a lot more from Brazil. The partnership that Brazil has established between private and public also managed to make sure that there’s a lot of growth in the business sector of the country.

The specialist in Infrastructure Projects, Felipe Montoro Jens, also explains in the news report that Brazil has been historically significant because of how it can advance the modern needs of the 20th century. In the CNI study named “Opportunities for the privatization of infrastructure,” it was stated with the help of Felipe Jens that the success of Brazil gets attributed to how it was able to access state-owned enterprises and link it with current strategies to urban development.

About Felipe Montero JensJens is considered one of the most alternative and experienced board of directors nominated for various positions. He also acted as the chief financial officer of an outstanding company before moving to different areas in the company Terna S.p.A and in diverse project development areas and finance assignments.

It is easy to understand how excellent the skills of Felipe today, mainly because he had his business administration degree from Fundao Getulio Vargas, or FGV, which is also the training ground he went to before going for a master’s in international management from the Thunderbird under its American Garvin School of International Management.

If you are in Need of Big Data, NuoDB has an SQL Tool just for you

In 2008, a database company was launched in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was believed to bring a big revolution to the companies that were in need of the huge database. This Database Company is known as NuoDB. Though it was known as NimbusDB during its launch, the name was later changed to NuoDB three years later; that was in 2011.

About NuoDB’s SQL

NuoDB is a database designed to use SQL which relies on Transactional Database Management System (DBMS) which has a primary duty of supplied deployment inside the cloud. Ideally, the current NuoDB can be easily grouped similarly as the recent SQL database since it works just the same way, except some significant improvements. For instance, NuoDB can accurately incorporate some features for sustaining Scale-Out dealings in cloud computing environments.

NuoDB, Inc is responsible for the development and supply of NuoDB which was formed as NimbusDB in 2008. The latest version which is the NuoDB.1 was made available to the prospective users in 2013. Jim Starkey was the primary architect for the NuoDB until his retirement in 2012. Currently, he is working in the same company as a strategic advisor.


Matthew Autterson has remained among the memorable figures the capital service settings, having rendered his services to the industry for an estimated duration of more than 25 years. He served as the president to one of the biggest and national accredited company in the country. He got his first employment almost immediately after completing school, at a Fiserv subsidiary’s First trust corporation. A few years later he moved and joined a Colorado state’s trust company which has its operation base In New York. Few years later, Matthew Autterson got his first promotion, becoming the president of the Integrated Resources Company. With the promotion, large weight lay on his shoulders in ensuring the company fulfills what the customer desires.


The bigger proportion of Matthew Autterson’s achievements have been attributed to his educational qualification at all aspects. Having graduated in the year 1980 from Set University of Michigan where he holds a bachelors’ degree in finance, Matthew Autterson went on to improve his academic base through taking a tax program from the university of Denver’s graduate institute. The resource trust company where Matthew Autterson initially worked at was purchased in 2001 by Fiserv firm owned by AIG group. In his time at Resources Trust, he helped the company accumulate revenue summing to more than 20 billion dollars with the company’s assets being in inclusion. He played a vital role in ensuring more than 700 job opportunities were created. The company had in addition provided protection and deposit services to nearly 200,000 customers introduced by the company’s agents who are privately registered.


Matthew Autterson today serves as the member to the board, chief executive officer and moreover as the president at CNS Bioscience, Inc. the firm was initiated in the year 2013 by Scott Falci who is the owner. The CNS firm has aided most persons especially those suffering from neuropathic pains. Matthew Autterson’s expertise has been made use through his inclusion as board of directors at FAB. He was also part of the member of world presidents’ organization as well as active member of young presidents’ organization. His strong love and admiration of philanthropy has been termed as the cornerstone of his numerous achievements. He has also been hailed as being at the forefront in the development of enterprises in his hometown of Colorado. His excellence in the many institutions in which he has rendered services is a clear indication that he is deemed to have bright future.

The Prominence Of David Giertz’s Career

David Giertz is a guru in the field of investment, social security funds and finances. His experience in this industry spans over a period of three decades. For the years David has been in business, he has perfected the art of leveraging strategy, innovation, and business processes to establish solvent ventures. Giertz is an accredited stock broker with FINRA. He has built a career around stock brokerage, investment in securities and bonds, and financial advisory.

In one of his latest post, David held the position of President of Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution. Giertz was tasked with the responsibility of steering the sales and distribution arm of the organization. Thanks to his expertise and vast experience in the field of financial services, he was able to deliver excellent financial results for the company. He grew the firm’s revenue from $11 billion to $ 17.8 billion surpassing his set targets. David Giertz has also offered excellent leadership in the implementation of quantitative strategies at Nationwide.

Before David joined Nationwide Financial, he used to work for Citigroup. David boasts of a decade’s experience working with Citigroup. His career in the investment sector has seen a lot of growth as more people begin to acknowledge his skills and expertise on matters finance. David Giertz has consistently demonstrated that he is the man for the job by surpassing his yearly targets.

While focusing his energies in the financial sector, David Giertz has also taken a significant role in working with community organizations. At the Millikin University, David Giertz served as the head of the board of trustees of the institution. As a link between the financial services industry and the customer, David Giertz has impacted on the lives of many by ensuring that they make the right investment decisions.

Some Important Preventative Care Is Coming from Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

There’s really no such thing as a good cancer. But some forms of cancer are far more worrisome than others. Prostate cancer is especially worrisome due to how common it is. Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are teaming up with National Football League Alumni Association and LabCorp to help people tackle this difficult condition.

The groups are coming together to offer free Prostate Specific Antigen screenings for men over 40. The screenings can be taken at any of the 1,750 LabCorp locations in the US. It’s expected that in 2017 alone that there will be 161,360 new cases of prostate cancer. A full one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

As one might expect from awareness campaigns, there’s a lot more to it than raw diagnostics. There’s also a collection of events which tackle the surprisingly difficult task of educating the public on the need for medical attention. Even giving away screenings for free will usually fall on deaf ears when people aren’t aware of just how much danger they’re actually in.

The groups are also teaming up to help create and promote the Prostate Pep Talks. These PSAs feature notable figures from the sports world who come together to talk about prostate cancer. In the process of doing so they’ll be able to help make men more aware of just how important the issue is to their long term health.

This event highlights one of the most important things about the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They understand that there’s more to cancer treatment than pure medical intervention. Educating people on the need for early detection is one of the best ways to help save lives. This and similar events allow them to vastly increase the chances of saving people from cancer.