Equities First Holdings UK

Equities First Holdings UK is a prominent business in the UK area. You can go there if you are looking for some guidance that relates to anything monitory. The company first started in 2002 and has since grown into one of the most prominent business in the world. The company has branches all over the world equally prepared to help all of its customers with any issues they might have. If you need help with accounting, college savings then this a nice place to check out. The CEO has hired a full staff of people who are able to assist you with all financial problems you might be having. The company even has a group of investor who receives dividend. Many proud customers buy shares in the company since they enjoy the service that the company provides so well. There are also offices in New York.

Meer Drew Madden, a Health Care Consultant

Drew Madden is a renowned entrepreneur, a healthcare IT expert and business developer. He has over a decade experience in managing healthcare projects. He is known for his passion in Electronic Medical Records, and for collaborating with the best in the industry.

Born in Story City, Iowa, Drew Madden attained his Degree in BSE, Industrial engineering from the University of Iowa. He began his IT career at Cerner Corporation in Kansas City, where he spent four years as an Integration Consultant. In 2006, the father of two joined Healthia Consulting/ Ingenix Consulting in Chicago, as a senior Epic Consultant. In 2009, he became the Regional Sales Director, where he was responsible for Developing Business and did consultations in the Midwest.

In 2010, he joined Nordic Consulting Partners in Wisconsin as the Executive Vice President. In 2011, he was promoted to President; his duties were to develop business, maintaining relations with clients both locally and internationally and recruiting. During his tenure, he grew the clientele list from three to one hundred and fifty, and employees from 10 to 725. Under the leadership of Drew Madden, Nordic Consulting Partners received several KLAS awards for consulting excellence. In 2012 and 2014, they were placed first for Epic implementation services.

In July 2017, Mr. Madden became a Managing Partner in Evergreen Healthcare Partners where he is at present. He works alongside other Managing Partners Rebecca Bottorff, Aaron Fridman, and Jeff Leach. Evergreen Healthcare Partners objective is to provide the leading healthcare IT expertise to their clients across the country. The partners have discovered that spending additional time to look for the correct opportunity, objectives, and goals is a strong foundation for a long-lasting partnership.

Evergreen Healthcare Partners seek is to endow team members to progress career-wise as they partner with healthcare organizations. The focal point of the company is implementation and advisory services for multiple EHR platforms and healthcare technology.

He has achieved four certifications over time, Epic Willow Inpatient, Epic Inpatient Clinical Documentation, Epic Inpatient Medication Orders, and Epic Inpatient Procedure.Drew Madden bears skills like documentation, consultancy, informatics, software implementation, business development, project management, and clinical research that have helped sharpen his skills and know-how further.

OneLogin’s Cyber Security Advice

Recent hacks threaten the data of companies and governments around the world. The importance of maintaining proper cyber security cannot be emphasized enough. In a recent article on their blog, OneLogin- a cloud-based identity management company– advises companies on basic methods for beefing up their cyber security. They give advice on topics such as board member admission and employee best-practices training.

OneLogin advises that companies need to begin screening for new board members partly based on an applicant’s ability to comprehend basic cyber security principles. This means that board members should be able to read, understand and explain technical concepts. From the point of view of oneLogin, it seems that one cannot guard against something that one cannot understand. And if this statement holds true, then hackers might have already compromised the data of half of the companies in America at this point. This statement can be supported by various successful cyber attacks on branches of the government like the Office of Personnel Management. The fact of the matter is that most companies do not screen their board members for technical understanding. The rise of software engineers -and a requirement for basic technical understanding in the workplace- in America is a fairly new phenomena. Unfortunately, the rise is at least a decade later than it should be, and companies are paying for this tardiness in data breaches and bad publicity.

The article also advises that companies begin to train employees on basic password creation techniques to prevent bad actors such as hackers from automating through basic literary combinations in order to guess an employee’s password. One low-quality password could open up an entire company’s data to a break that would cost millions after lawsuits and bad PR.

OneLogin seems to have some bite behind its bark. The company employs a User Provisioning feature in its suite of products which serves to help company technical teams properly shutdown employee accounts and access to internal applications. The product automates a lot of mundane procedures and lowers any potential human error by the technical team when walking through an account-shutdown procedure.

White Shark Media Helping Small to Medium-Sized Businesses to Achieve Their Business Goals Cost-Effectively

The online marketing world has helped many small to medium sized businesses to achieve what they never thought possible. Thanks to the digital marketing agencies, it has become possible for the small to medium-sized enterprises as well to compete with and challenge the more prominent companies in their niche. The internet revolution has bridged the gap between the customers and the companies, and online marketing and its effectiveness prove that. However, it is imperative that businesses chose the right search engine marketing firm for their digital marketing campaign as experience play a significant role in whether the client would ever see any results or not. Online marketing campaigns need dedicated and skilled professionals and it is why hiring an SEO firm is essential.

There are many companies out there that claims to be the best SEO firms, but do they ever provide the results they claim is a question. Instead of going through the trial and error method, one should always rely on the reviews written by the previous customers online of SEO companies. In this regards, White Shark Media is amongst the top well-reviewed SEO firms in the industry today and has helped many organizations from across the globe to achieve their business goals through aggressive and efficient digital marketing campaign. White Shark Media believes in providing excellent services coupled with exemplary customer service that makes it a professional SEO firm that clients can rely on.

Many factors go into making an online marketing strategy successful or not, and White Shark Media through years of experience is well aware of these factors. Moreover, the agency keeps itself updated with the latest trends and changes in the SEO techniques due to the updates made by the search engine. It helps White Shark Media to provide search engine optimization services that actually gets the results clients desire without wasting time or money.

NuoDB: An Efficient Solution For Database Management

NuoDB is a company that specializes in database management services. The services that the company offers mainly deal with SQL database management and are mainly offered for cloud computing applications that their clients might be using or want to use. The company was first founded in 2008 and since then has grown to be one of the most prominent names in the IT sector. The headquarters of NuoDB is mainly located in Massachusetts, but their services are offered to clients coming to them from all over America. NuoDB takes pride in the kind of services they provide and is dedicated to offering their clients some of the most top-tier solutions that they would not be able to find elsewhere.

The company has a range of SQL based services that they offer their clients, depending on their needs. The clients that come to them are advised on a plan that they should opt for depending on their needs and the kind of services that they want to avail of. The clients who come to NuoDB also have access to the extremely efficient customer care team, who are on board to take care of their clients if they ever encounter any hiccups.

Talkspace Therapy for Depression

Alicia Wrinkle is just one of many when it comes to therapists that are interested in helping potential clients talk their way through their problems on Talkspace. This is an app that has become very popular with the millennial crowd because it does away with the traditional means of therapy. People that may have been embarrassed and just to filled with too much pride to go to a therapist may find it much easier to engage through texting. This is the outlet that this app provides.

People that have been interested in bringing forth a better version of themselves may definitely want to consider what Talkspace has to offer. This app has made it possible for people to get beyond things like depression. There are so many people that are dealing with depression in private and they are afraid to talk about it. They do not want to see any doctors for any diagnosis. They do not want to talk with friends about the issue. It may take someone that is in the field of therapy to help them wrestle with their problems. That may be the real reason that Talkspace is getting the recognition that it has received in the last years.

Talkspace has become the type of app company that can truly provide people with access to licensed therapists that are going to be able to help people resolve their problems and talk about their issues. Depression really can take a hold of a person and take them away from the activities that they love. People that are dealing with depression may find themselves in a place where they really do not want to talk to anyone that they know. The fact that they are able to talk to a therapist with an app makes everything much better.

David Giertz And Retirement Planning

David Luther Giertz is one of the industry’s leading financial advisors.

Recently, he did an interview with Cincinnati Patch about planning financially for retirement. In this interview, David Giertz discussed the importance of investing in a brokerage account. Why brokerage accounts? They offer more flexibility in withdrawing and investment amounts. He also discussed the benefits of investing in a health savings account due to the rising costs of healthcare and the need to fund medical treatments after retirement age.

Giertz discussed other retirement plans and realities.

For example, Giertz discussed how much you may need to save and how to consider if you have enough money put aside. He also discussed possible financial ramifications of early retirement and how it may require you to save more money rather than retiring at the conventional age of 65.David Giertz also discussed the differences between a Roth IRA and a 401(k) and which one may be better suited to your salary.

David Giertz has over 30 years of experience.

He works as president of sales and distribution for Nationwide Investment Services Corporation in Dublin, Ohio. Giertz is a FINRA registered broker. He attended both Millikin University and the University of Miami.

He has worked for other prestigious companies in the past.

Some of these include Skokie Federal Savings, The Mutual Life Insurance Company Of New York, and over ten years at Citicorp Investment Services. Giertz was Executive Vice President of Sales when he was at Citigroup. He also works for FINRA as an industry arbitrator.

Greg Secker Wants to Teach People How to Make Money Trading

CEOCFO recently published an interview with Greg Secker. The English businessman who created Learn to Trade created a philosophy around saying “yes” to opportunities and figuring out the “how” later.

Secker studied agriculture and food science at university, but he made the leap to finance after discussing it at a job fair. He had been building computers and learning to code but he was able to gain an interview with the prestigious Thomas Cook Financial Services. He began at the Virtual Trading Desk, one of the early models of online currency trading platforms. He began to take trading strategies and converting it into code for computer programmes.

His interest in Forex began at the Virtual Trading Desk. Because of the precision required for creating code, he began to understand why the functions of the trading strategies worked the way they did. After borrowing a small sum, he was able to turn $5,000 to $60,000 in a little under a year. He understand that success was dependent on several core principles that has a approaches risk management with a disciplined trading plan.

After growing bored in retirement, he attended a variety of seminars with self-help gurus like Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield. He realized he wanted to do something similar from a trading point of view that teaches people how to trade and providing them tools to help them make money. He has spoken at seminars nearly 6,000 times.

Secker also created the Greg Secker Foundation to help youths build life skills early in their education. He began with a summit to help them learn about relationships, entrepreneurship, health, leadership, and wealth. The non-profit organization has been focused on helping victims from typhoon victims in the Philippines build houses that will survive further disasters.

Greg Secker, the English businessman from Norfolk, gained early success in trading companies. He became a multi-millionaire by his twenties. He created a trading company that coaches and helps the average person gain financial freedom through learning to trade. He owns Learn to Trade, Capital Index, and SmartCharts Software, tools which help people learn how to trade in the stock market.

Greg Secker is also a dedicated philanthropist. He created the Greg Secker Foundation which partners with youth programs to improve the life skills, leadership abilities, and education to improve the quality of life for people. He also started the “Build a House, Build a Home” foundation in the Philippines which have built over 100 permanent homes.

Want to Express Yourself? Lime Crime Has a Shade for That

Oh. Em. Gee!! That is what my fifth grade self would have exclaimed when I saw Lime Crime’s latest launch of eyeshadow palettes. These adorable little palettes are fully cased up to look just like my Polly Pocket dolls I treasured so dearly in the ‘90s. In fact, just holding one makes me want to snap on a bedazzled jean jacket, roll my hair up in butterfly clips, put on my best jellies and run to the store to buy every single style available.

The palettes are available in a shell of yellow, bright blue and hot pink – the perfect colors to encapsulate the ‘90s style and fashion. They rolled out on September 15th and have become THE talk of beauty bloggers everywhere. They can be bought individually for $34 or you can buy the whole set for just $90. A bit pricier than a Polly Pocket, but the quality of Lime Crime can never be argued with.

Lime Crime is basically obsessed with quality. Their makeup products use all natural ingredients, are acceptable for Vegans to use and have been certified as cruelty free by PETA.

That’s just how Lime Crime rolls. From day one their mission has been to revolutionize what makeup stands for. Rather than using it to hide our flaws and look more like that mass concept of beauty, Lime Crime wants to help women express themselves to the fullest. Whether that means wearing bright blue lipstick, sparkling pink highlighter or sporting an adorable little Polly Pocket style eyeshadow palette is up to the individual. However you want to express yourself – Lime Crime likely has a shade for that.

If you haven’t checked out Lime Crime, you can get a feel for them through their social media channels. They actively engage constantly with their fans through social media and even go so far as to showcase photos that their users share on their corporate website.

Lime Crime is no doubt a Unicorn within itself and founder Doe Deere vows to never change that and to never fall in line with the main stream beauty looks.

Drew Madden Enables Healthcare Providers Improve Patient Care with IT Systems

Drew Madden is a seasoned healthcare and information technology executive based in Wisconsin. He is also a successful entrepreneur. He is avid about projects involving electronic medical records. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 2002. He worked as a Student Advisor during his time at the university.

He then worked for Cerner Corporation as an Integration Consultant. He oversaw the implementation of popular inpatient clinical software systems in Chicago hospitals. He then moved on to Healthia Consulting where he worked as a Senior Epic Consultant. He was tasked with the implementation of various modules on the Epic platform. He also obtained multiple Epic certifications such as Willow Inpatient, Inpatient Procedure Orders, Inpatient Medication Orders and Inpatient Clinical Documentation.

He worked for Ingenix Consulting from 2009 in the Regional Sales Director position. The company is a business unit of United Healthcare. He joined Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010. He worked as the Executive Vice President and rose to the President position in 2011. He served in this capacity until 2016.

He is credited with growing the business from under a dozen employees to over seven hundred. He also expanded the client partner base to over 150. He rapidly grew the annual revenue thirteen-fold to stand at $130 million.

He is ardent about building high-performance teams and trusted relationships with clients. Drew Madden excels in management consulting.

Under his leadership, the firm also won numerous awards for excellence in the implementation and support of Epic systems. The firm focuses on customers using the Epic platform to manage their healthcare systems.

The system features modules optimized for the emergency room, oncology, cardiology, online prescriptions, tracking and patient appointments. It also contains modules on patient registration, surgery, radiology, and pharmacy. He was in charge of business development, talent placement, and consulting. Drew Madden is currently serving as a Managing Partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a privately-held provider of IT services to the healthcare industry.

Drew Madden is passionate about empowering healthcare providers to improve patient care. This involves using information technology to capture, store, exchange and analyze patient and provider information. The goal is to enhance communication between the various stakeholders. This leads to informed decisions that improve your quality of life as a patient.