FOREX Trader Jordan Lindsey on Coinfloor’s Like-Kind Settlement on Bitcoin Futures Contracts

Coinfloor, a London-based futures exchange will add the CoinfloorEX platform to its list of cryptocurrency futures offerings.

The trading platform, which provides bitcoin support, is targeted to provide crypto investment services to trading firms, professional and sophisticated traders and hedge fund managers.

Distinguishing itself from its competitors, Coinfloor will implement like-kind settlement.

Whereas, CBOE and CME Group, Inc. are delivering cash settlement on their crypto futures contracts, Coinfloor is motivated by a system that will promote transparency and discourage spot market price manipulation.

Concerns over a settlement scheme that would allow investors to manipulate the market price of cryptos upon their contract’s closure at the exchanges, allowing the investor to take advantage of the new manipulated price in purchasing the next batch of futures would be mitigated by settling crypto futures contracts in their underlying cryptocurrencies.

Launched in 2013, Coinfloor is well established and generally well regarded within the crypto community.

The company’s early peer to peer transaction system continues to this day as an idealized exchange model, having been copied by a number of newer crypto firms.

Coin-floor’s focus on ethics, transparency and security have guided the firm’s other offerings including a multi signature, secure, cold storage facility, which protects their clients’ crypto assets from hackers and other bad actors.

Through its monthly audits examining the firm’s solvency ratio, professional investment firms are provided with assurances as to Coin-floor’s cryptocurrency liquidity to cover their settlement obligations with investors through periods of price fluctuations.

As the fifth global exchange to launch bitcoin futures contracts, Coinfloor is well positioned to shape the direction of the crypto futures settlement process.

XBT, Coinfloor’s new bitcoin futures contract is set to launch in April 2018.

Jordan Lindsey

Jordan Lindsey’s trading expertise is recognized across several investment markets.

The founder of JCL Capital and self taught programmer and architect developed his own proprietary trading system using the MQL4 programming language on the Metatrader 4 Platform.

In 2017, Jordan Lindsey also launched his own successful Nucleus token on the Waves crypto platform.

Lindsey currently resides in San Francisco with his wife and their three daughters.

Covering all types of pop The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have been one of the fastest growing music groups in the world. Their traditional EDM songs have branched out into all kinds of popular pop songs, getting features such as Halsey, Daya and Coldplay. Most recently the band has decided to branch into a darker theme of pop music. There new song ‘sick boy’ shows the stress of the modern pop star. The Chainsmoker duo Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart warn us the frustration of becoming a “caricature” of your own self. In the modern age social media fame leads to people becoming too big to control their image, and what people think and say about them. The Chainsmokers have had a crazy ride for a musical duo which started in 2012. Originally an EDM DJ duo comprised under the management of Adam Alpert who introduced the two. Things really began to pick up in 2014 with the bands release of the song “#Selfie” which was a top 20 single in several countries.

This smash hit started the momentum which has launched them to the top of the pop world. On top of producing several billboard charting hits such as “Don’t let me down”, “Closer” and “Something just like that”, the duo has been ranked among the best DJs in the world.

All this success has set The Chainsmokers apart, in just six years they have managed to rise from being local DJs to being some of the worlds most successful pop stars. Branching into several types of music has allowed the band to grow a large and diverse fan base. Despite all the success the duo is still clearly on the rise, having only been in the pop scene for 4 years, there is definitely still room to grow. This pop duo has just begun to realize there size in the pop world, and the down sides that come with it are outlined in their new smash hit.

O2Pur Joins Part Of A Growing Stock To Buy And Enjoy

As the electronic e-cig crowds the market, O2Pur has found the opportunity to fill the shelves in stores near you. As Phillip Morris takes the lead in the stock market of 2018, so does O2Pur as it is a US company. With their amazing stock of flavors and heat not burn(HNB) equipment, there is hardly any competition here. Not only does this company have a variety of flavors and HNB equipment, but again we find it hard to beat their prices.

Now amongst other e-liquids that you can find online, this company has brought us salt e-liquids. Berry cheesecake, caramel apple, and island breeze are just some to name a few flavors that are killing it in sales. With customized orders for the customer to place, makes it all that much more enticing to do business with O2Pur. This company has their customers in mind, no questions about it.

HNB tech has brought the e-cig to the top of the stock market relatively fast. With HNB technologies they have created no room for error when it comes to flavor. Having a tech like this has brought the e-cig to an all-time high. This company is now and will always be a part of this phenomenon for decades to come.

Here we also must look at prices as other companies will find it difficult to match that of O2Purs’s. With their more than generous free product with almost every purchase, there is no reason to go anywhere else. Not to mention this company’s amazing giveaways from their online stores.

So, in the long run, the e-cigarette has been doing very well in the stock market. Companies like this are making this particular field very profitable indeed. Given these facts, I am driven to believe that anyone in cahoots with this company is in good hands. If given the opportunity to purchase any of their products, rest assure satisfaction guaranteed.

Waiakea Volcanic Water from Hawaii

Waiakea water is an up-and-coming water company based out of Hawaii. Their Hawaii volcanic water is filtered through volcanic rock and has a natural Waiakea water pH of between 7.8 and 8.8, making it alkalized. The water comes from the melting of snow and rain on the Mauna Loa mountain in Hawaii. Founded by Ryan Emmons, age 22, in 2012, Waiakea has grown 4,000 percent since its inception. According to Ryan, everyone who is in the bottled water industry is over the age of 50.

Waiakea volcanic water benefits from a 1.4 billion gallon aquifer, so there is plenty of water to go around the world. The interesting thing about Waiakea’s Hawaii volcanic water is that their plant uses 33% renewable energy in the creation of the water. On top of that, their bottles are compostable, which is the first bottled water company to ever do this. They are now one of Inc. 500’s top fastest growing companies in the USA.

In a world where a lot of bottled water distributors have bottles which are strewn about and thrown away improperly, America is surprisingly not the leader in wasted plastic bottles. Yet the label of being “Made in Hawaii” seems to be a beacon in the spread of eco-friendly bottled water across the world for this industry.

The main polluters of dumping plastic in oceans are China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Every year, over 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the world’s oceans. In America, 50 billion bottles of water were used last year. As a whole, water is a 100 billion dollar industry where the leading consumers are Italians. Waiakea water is donating 650 liters of water to Malawians (in Africa) through a charity called “Pump Aid”. To date, Pump Aid has given away 500 million liters of water to people in need.,18.htm

The Chainsmokers Say Darker Songs are Their New Sound

The Chainsmokers, made up of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, released a new song to celebrate 2018 called “Sick Boy.” The song, Taggart and Pall say, is their darkest song to date. Previously, The Chainsmokers released upbeat dance music with socially aware lyrics.

Since they signed a contract with a joint venture label between Sony and Columbia, they have released a wide range of songs that have seen success on the billboard charts. Their success began with the song “Roses” and hasn’t let up since. Other billboard hits of the Chainsmokers include “Don’t Let me Down,” “Closer,” “All We Know,””Paris,” and “The One.” The Chainsmokers have worked with a long list of artist like, Coldplay, Phoebe Ryan, Halsey, and Emily Warren.

In an interview when The Chainsmokers were asked whether we could expect more darker toned songs like “Sick Boy,” and Taggart responded “We’re going to keep them coming.”

Taggart says the song is made up of frustration and anger. “Sick Boy” is a result of the darker tones of American society, The Chainsmokers claim.

Whether or not this means that their second studio album will consist of songs like “Sick Boy” or not still remains up in the air. “Music moves so fast now,” Taggart explained “The sound we were making before, I’ve heard it a bunch by now. We want to do something different.”

Taggart was not exaggerating when he said that their music moves fast. When the group first began, they only made the music side of their songs. They had popular artists featured on their songs to provide the vocals. That changed when Taggart hopped on “Closer,” along side Halsey, he provided the vocals for the smash hit. The Chainsmokers still feature prominent pop artists, all the while making each one of their songs sound different from the last.

SteelSeries Review After Hiring NewsWatch TV

SteelSeries is an international tech company that creates impressive gaming gear and accessories. After hiring the NewsWatch TV team to help them promote two of their newest product lines of gaming headsets and gaming controllers that are compatible with all consoles and PCs, the company became amazed at their final results. NewsWatch TV had produced a very professionally made promotional segment and aired it to an audience of over 95 million across the United States. The promo segment was also seen in every U.S. Market. Tori Pugliese, the senior director of marketing for SteelSeries, excitedly shared, “We saw awesome distribution, it was really helpful!” SteelSeries was able to reuse the finish segment for future marketing purposes.

NewsWatch TV is an American television series that is hosted by Andrew Tropeano and Susan Brides. The show airs weekly on ION Television and a bi-monthly on the AMC Network. NewsWatch TV began in March during the 90’s and originally discussed only topics relating to breaking financial news and issues before shifting its focus on topics of interest and consumer electronic reviews. The show reaches an average of 95 million viewers each week in the United States and all of the U.S. Markets. As of September 8, 2017, NewsWatch TV aired a total of 1,229 original episodes since its first air date.

NewsWatch TV is the nation’s leader for breaking technology news, latest consumers electronic reviews, new mobile apps, app reviews and ground-breaking celebrity interviews. The series is based in the Washington, D.C., areas and has offices in Fairfax, V.A.; New York, N.Y. and Denver, C.O. NewsWatch TV is owned and privately produced by Bridge Communications, a video production and communications company. The series introduced their newest segment, AppWatch on May of 2012. AppWatch showcases the latest mobile apps for every device and reviews them for the masses.

Malcolm CasSelle On Game Skins And Cryptocurrency

WAX (World Asset EXchange) is a new blockchain platform dedicated to the trading of virtual assets. WAX is a peer-to-peer marketplace that is dedicated to helping members trade virtual assets efficiently. In that regard, it combats two of the biggest problems in virtual assets: fragmentation and fraud. Because of these benefits, it is especially good for those who enjoy gaming.

In the current virtual asset atmosphere, there are quite a few local marketplaces that, frankly, are not very efficient. Many of them are embroiled in red tape and are only limited to the country of their origin. Moreover, the great thing about WAX token is that they are denominated on a common currency, taking out the middleman and eliminating FOREX problems. Finally, WAX gaming tokens are effective at acting as stored items for acquiring game characteristics, meaning users can trade in a decentralized market and at the same time minimize financial risk.

Malcolm CasSelle is the president of WAX, and to say he is confident in the platform would be an understatement. He believes these gaming tokens will make cryptocurrencies become more and more en vogue among ordinary people. This way, they can avoid the normal security issues. Plus, there is no question that Malcolm CasSelle knows what he is talking about. He is a graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and he has been president of WAX for a number of years now.

Malcolm CasSelle has extensive experience in managing companies that leverage digital assets. CasSelle is also adept at leading digital startups, including Mediapass, which is a venture that markets subscriptions to major media companies.

CasSelle has also worked in a leadership role with Groupon, and has assisted them in their joint partnership with China’s social media network TenCent. CasSelle is also able to speak English, Japanese, and Mandarin.



NewsWatch TV Connects To The Ockel Sirius B!

Every business owner knows that if you wanted to get your company’s name out to the masses and make a great impression, you got to have the best marketing team that is sure to get the job done. What better marketing team than those at NewsWatch TV? This week, NewsWatch TV helped a company,known as Avanca,promote their new product on their Indiegogo campaign. Avanca is a technology company based in the Netherlands that has been selling brilliant high-tech products to the rest of the world since 2008. It is the second fastest growing technology company in the Netherlands. The product, the Ockel Sirius B, has been in production for seven years, and is now ready to make a big impact in the lives tech-savvy computer-lovers everywhere!

The Ockel Sirius B is a Windows 10 pocket PC. Weighing only 120 grams and 4.23 ounces, this amazing gadget can fit in your pocket just like a smartphone. It is an actual computer that you can easily carry on the go without the worry or hassle of carrying it around in a case. All you would need to use it is an HDMI screen, a mouse, and a keyboard and you’re good to go! To raise money, Avanca launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, hoping to raise $10,000 over the course of 30 days. Having a history with NewsWatch TV, Avanca enlisted their help with marketing their product and raising money.

To promote the Ockel Sirius B, NewsWatch TV did a 1-minute news segment where they interviewed Avanca’s Marketing Director, Nathalie van Wijkvliet. Because of the interview, the campaign was a major success. It raised $456,551, 29 times more money than they originally intended to raise. Thanks to NewsWatchTV, the Sirius B will be a big hit with consumers.




Vijay Eswaran’s Saying On Being Close To The Abyss

It’s not uncommon to hear old sayings about living as if tomorrow is not promised, and perhaps you get reminded of that whenever you lose a loved one. But Vijay Eswaran has a way he describes it as always being just two minutes away from the abyss. What this means is that you should live your life selflessly and focus on what you can give up for others instead of living only to make your own gain. And Eswaran also says you won’t get anywhere unless you’re willing to take risks, especially in business and he knows because he took a lot of risks to start his company QI Group Ltd.

Vijay Eswaran is the son of a Malaysian government official who was also known for his charity work and having a profound spiritual impact on Eswaran while he was still young. Eswaran got his bachelor’s degree in socioeconomics in 1984 from the London School of Economics and did a variety of gigs before learning about the multilevel marketing industry. His first venture into multilevel marketing came when he worked with the Cosway Group and then continued in a partnership with Joseph Bismark that resulted in starting QI Group Ltd. QI Group’s chief companies are QNET, Q-Stride, QI Lifestyle and QI Asset Management. Also established under QI Group is RYTHM Foundation, a humanitarian activist group that has helped establish schools, libraries, food banks and assistance programs for special needs children in various locations across Asia.

Vijay Eswaran believes in observing moments of silence both on his personal time and in work breaks, and he also practices dieting and certain exercises aimed at spiritual well-being. He’s written about them in his books titled “In The Sphere Of Silence,” a New York Times bestseller, and “On The Wings Of Thought.” Eswaran has also been highlighted in business magazines such as Forbes Asia’s 2011 “Heroes of Philanthropy” and the 2013 “Top 50 Richest” editions. He has been an important speaker at events like the World Economic Forum, and he won the New Global Indian award in business excellence at the 2012 Global Indian Meet summit.

How to Get Financial Help from Southridge Capital

There are a lot of people out there who are unable to get help for a range of different financial problems that they are facing. If this sounds like a problem that you currently have, it is time for you to think about choosing a financial solutions agency like Southridge Capital. Southridge Capital has the experience to help in all sorts of situations, whether this has to do with the debt that you’re experiencing as well as the credit score problems that you have. No matter the situation, it is important that you make use of a company like Southridge Capital so that they can help as often and as much as they can.

There are thousands of people currently making use of Southridge Capital, and they have helped so many people when it concerns getting the most out of a financial situation. They work with all types of clients, so there is no problem too big or too small that they cannot take on and help out with on their own. Plus, the fees that Southridge Capital offers are far more reasonable than most other options, so it is a good idea for you to make use of this for yourself and know that they are there to help in a situation you are currently struggling with and cannot get out of on your own. For more details visit citybizlist

There are lots of people using Southridge and finding it to be a company that is both trustworthy and reliable. This is the reason you can hire the folks at Southridge Capital and have them begin the work that is necessary. There are tons of benefits to choosing a financial solutions company. You can even hire this agency if you need help with investing and just need to know which options are the best for you and how to handle wealth management. There are many services provided by the folks at Southridge Capital, so it is just a matter of contacting them and finding out what they are able to do for you and how much they are going to charge for this service. Check out their website

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