Alex Pall on Chasing Dreams and Living Reality

In a recent interview with Chainsmokers’ band member, Alex Pall, he delved further into his life as a musician and the hard work that brought him from where he was as a dreamer, to living the life he loves as an up and coming musician. In this interview Alex talks about how he got his start, DJing on the side whenever he was able after working his job that paid the bills. He knew that his passion was being a DJ, creating new sounds, and putting out original sounds that no one had heard before, so he was finally ready to “really give it a proper shot.” That was when his manager introduced him to, now band mate, Andrew Taggart.

As soon as they met they talked about “how driven and ambitious [they] where and how badly [they] really wanted this [to be successful artists]”. Pall reminisced about how, only four years ago, their passion and drive was so high that they were working from “like, 9am to pm” and never feeling as though they were slaving away at a job. Though they have always had “the same core values,” both Pall and Taggart have worked extremely hard to develop as artists and find their identity. They take pride in the different sounds that they put out into the music world, being heavily involved with the writing of all their songs, and incorporating sounds from almost every music genre into their own electronic music style. as a huge music fan himself, Pall made it a priority to create music that no one has heard before.

Pall and Taggart didn’t want to create “a different version of the same song,” that we all hear when we turn on the radio,rather they set out to inspire, to blur the lines between genres and become unique. These two talented artists that have put their soul into being original are reaching the world and “as [their] audience expands, [they] have to keep pushing [them]selves.” Pall and Taggart are just getting started, but their drive and love for their industry promises an interesting career.

Ryan Seacrest Gives Kids a Positive Experience

Ryan Seacrest has a successful career. He knows there are things he can do that help people see what they can get from different situations. All the work he does goes back to helping people with the most positive experiences and the abilities they can get from working with him. Ryan Seacrest knows just what to do to give everyone the things they need and that’s how he plans on helping other people with the things they can get from different situations. Between the hard work Ryan Seacrest puts into the businesses he works with and the things he does, Ryan Seacrest knows how people can try things that will continue working. Ryan Seacrest always knows there are things that will help others and will give them the opportunities they need for success.

Between the way that Ryan Seacrest works to make people see the positive opportunities he can get from things and the opportunities he uses to change things for people, he knows how to keep giving everyone the chances they need. Everyone can try different things and can get more from the options Ryan Seacrest offers them. He also knows things will keep happening as long as he’s in charge of the situation. For Ryan Seacrest, the point of giving people things that will help them is so he can give back to different situations. He’s always wanted others to see how they can get positive experiences no matter what situations they come from. Other than being TV host, producer, and radio show host, he still manage to help other people.

Starting the Ryan Seacrest Foundation was something Ryan Seacrest always dreamed of. He likes kids to see they can try different things and have opportunities they never dreamed of. There were times when Ryan Seacrest made choices to start the foundation that allowed him to see how he could make a change. By looking at the things he had to offer, he could show everyone what would help people and how it would make sense to do things for everyone. Ryan Seacrest likes people to see to see their children have a chance at a better life even with the issues they faced before they came to the foundation.

A Little Wisdom From Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is the man that has been at the helm of United Technologies. During his time at the company, a lot was achieved during this time. The company redefined the military propulsion segment by developing the F135 engine sole source. Louis was also able to lead a team that developed the GTF engine that reduced fuel consumption by 20% and reduced the noise by almost 50%. United technology was able to develop the Airbus-320 Bombardier C series. They were also able to double the speed of helicopter by developing the X2 technologies. To top it all Louis also made history by leading a team to make the biggest acquisition in the history of Goodrich Aerospace worth 18 billion dollars.

This success in different business he credits to maintain a small team that is focused and given all the resources to operate. Louis focused on picking the best in those teams as he believed that a good leader is a sum the team ability. Having this in mind he kept intense reviews on the work done by the different teams. This saw United Technology create a trend of making technology and its constant speed to change accelerate it to the future. However, Louis Chenevert did not start from the top but started from the bottom like any other person but managed to claw his way to the top.

Having earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in production management from HEC Montreal, he joined General Motors as a first line supervisor in the assembly plant. Here he learned an important lesson about the importance of the people around you. This lesson propelled him to become the production manager. After 14 years of service for GM, he joined Pratt and Whitney in Canada where he clawed his way to becoming the Vice president of operations and later the president. His journey was not over, he joined United Technologies and started as the COO and later became the CEO before becoming the Chairman.

Currently, Louis Chenevert is retired but he still has some nuggets of wisdom to share with the upcoming entrepreneurs. He believes for one to become successful, they need to put the right team together and constantly inspire and appreciate because their success is your success and their failure is your failure.

Ara Chackerian Explains How Forestry Can Help To Manage the Wilderness

Ara Chackerian is a forest conservationist with a vast interest in the wilderness in general. In a recent analysis of the conservation strategy, Ara Chackerian explains that forestry, wildlife, and wilderness are closely knit elements. He observes that in the ancient Hebrew culture, they had three words describing the wilderness. The import behind the use of the three words was that it is not possible to capture the wilderness in a single word. The wilderness is vast and diverse. Mr. Chackerian is always upbeat about forestry and conservation efforts of the wilderness. He shares some revolutionary ideas regarding the approaches he says work best for humanity and the wild.



The Multiple benefits of the Wild



According to arachackerian, it is not possible to pursue wildlife conservation without thinking about how to conserve the wilderness as a whole. The forest, according to the conservationist based in Michigan, is the basis of conservation. He observes that the wilderness and forests, in general, play a critical role in the well-being of humanity. The wilderness, he says, is an economic anchor and a social refuge. Apart from the abundant resources, the wilderness is also an important recreational resource. It provides avenues for athletic ventures and is an inspiration to those who seek serene environments where they can retreat to reenergize.



Harvesting Resources from the Wild in A Responsible Way




According to Ara Chackerian, conservation includes responsible harvesting of resources from the wild. He points out that such harvesting provides a balanced set up for the growth of diversity. He observes that trees and wildlife populations need to be curated carefully for the benefit of both the wilderness and humans. Such management techniques ensure that the next generation also benefits from the vast resources found in the forests. Chackerian points out that management of the wilderness calls for skilled forest experts to preserve the life and prevent the eruption of fires in forest locations. A concerted conservation effort will guarantee a diverse population of wildlife; hence maintaining a sustainable ecological system. Other common threats to the wilderness, Ara Chackerian observes include drought and intense storms. He points out that mechanisms need to be put in place to forestall these dangers to the wilderness. You can visit their facebook page for nore details.



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End Citizens United Is Making A Splash

End Citizens United is endorsing a new wave of candidates promising to do something about the growing issue of big money in politics. There is certainly a desire to see things change for the better out there, but the only way that can happen is if the right politicians get elected and voters manage to see through the whole process. If that doesn’t happen we won’t see any change. This November is going to show us exactly what voters want and how far they will go. PACs like End Citizens United will be at the center of it all and their funding is going to be paramount to any success.

The most important thing to realize now is that there is a growing anger with the way that government is being run today. We are seeing so many people out there noticing that the interests of corporations are being put before the voters. If this continues there is going to be a big change come this fall. The voters are going to place candidates in that match their preferences. End Citizens United has done what it can to help bring this about. We just have to sit back and watch the elections come around. They’ll show us what the people really think.

End Citizens United has emerged as one of the most successful PACs this season. It’s helped generate millions and it has given the voters a clear direction in terms of deciding what candidates might be best suited. There is a need for more candidates that stand up to big money in politics and make their desire to serve the common man obvious. If they manage to make some wins in upcoming election, we’re certain to see the movement as a while finally take off. We’ll be able to do something about our status quo.

The candidates being endorsed by them are going to have their work cut out for them. The current big money interests don’t want to see things change and they’re happy to spend trying to make sure things stay the way they are. Those who decide to stand up to will need to be prepared for a challenge. The support of PACs will be a major factor in deciding how things go. People are going to vote for candidates based on what they promise and whether or not they can deliver that.

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Larkin & Lacey Won’t Stop Speaking Out Even After Joe Arpaio’s Pardon

Many of the longtime opponents of Joe Arpaio, the former Maricopa County Sheriff would have thought that his time had finally come when he was convicted of criminal contempt in July 2017. The self-acclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff” served as country sheriff for over 2 decades. He would have continued even till this very moment if he had won reelection on his seventh bid. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Since he had been in office, Joe Arpaio had been a controversial figure both in Arizona and beyond. On October 18, 2007, the Sheriff ordered Maricopa County Selective Enforcement Unit agents to raid the homes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who were both involved in the Village Voice Media newspaper. These men were hauled from their homes and imprisoned that same day.

More often than not, various publications have brought up reports on the various orders of Arpaio against inmates and women (particularly immigrants).

Since his inauguration into office in 1992, the sheriff had been frustrated by the rising coverage of his extremely aggressive law enforcement strategy. Before 2011, he had been told several times that it was against constitutional law to detain immigrants on the basis of suspicion.

Most charges against the Sheriff came to limelight about a decade ago when a lawsuit was filed against him. The suit exposed the conditions faced by inmates in his infamous Tent City. It was on this basis that the court deemed it fit to charge Mr. Arpaio for violating the rights of immigrants particularly Latinos.

But the sheriff feigned deaf ears to these charges and went ahead with his unconstitutional acts of racial profiling and further exchange to immigration services.

This practice went on for years until it drew the attention of reporters, thanks to a strong reaction from those opposed to his abuse of power. Before now, many newspapers were not covering Mr. Arpaio as it wasn’t something out of the ordinary to them. However, things changed with the consistent release of these stories by Lacey and Larkin.

The scandal became more magnified when several newspapers became interested in the original works of these men and began releasing article and information on the Sheriff. The story soon gained national coverage.

Not long after that, something incredible happened. The home of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were raided by some armed deputies and both men were arrested at the order of Sheriff Arpaio. The pair worked with the Phoenix New Times and they were executives with Village Voice Media.

No doubt, Arpaio and his team violated their First Amendment rights by detaining them illegally. Soon there was a strong and immediate outcry regarding their arrests which led to their release within 24 hours.

Larkin and Lacey did not only expose more information about Arpaio’s malpractices and corruption but also went ahead to file a suit against him.

In 2012, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that both men were arrested without probable cause and ordered the immediate arrest of the Sherriff. After a long, protracted legal battle, the suit was settled for $3.7 million which was used to form the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

However, Sheriff Joe Arpaio never went to prison as he was given a presidential pardon by Donald Trump himself.

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What’s The Verdict With Lime Crime’s Venus 3 Palette

Lime Crime, one of the most influential cosmetic companies in the world, has just released its brand new eyeshadow product. For weeks, this company has been teasing the general public with its potential new product. Lime Crime has a history of teasing its customers right before a new product is released. Just as expected, the company’s huge customer-base has exploded with chatter. Lime Crime’s presence in modern-day cosmetics shouldn’t be in question because it has pretty mush dominated the scene over the last few years. So, what it this new product? For 2018, Lime Crime has introduced the all-new Venus 3 eyeshadow palette. This distinct version of eyeshadow is a continuation to the already successful Venus 2 and Venus XL.

Venus 3 has that grunge-meets-chic kind of vibe. Nothing has changed as far as being vegan-made or being animal cruelty-free. Yes, that’s a good thing if you haven’t noticed. Venus 3 is an eyeshadow that can be worn on a daily basis. Unlike many of its competitors, this product can be applied with relative ease by simply swiping. On top of that, the eyeshadow is very long-lasting thanks to its anti-fade ability. Consumers can expect many of the same attributes such as being vividly bright, having an intense hue and displaying a radiant finish. Of course, the product will come in a highly styled box. For $38, the Venus 2 eyeshadow palette is a great buy.

Doe Deere, founder and CEO of Lime Crime, has done a phenomenal job of building this brand from the ground-up. There is a ton of research that goes into each and every product. Deere also does a bit of brainstorming to come-up with new ideas and Venus 3 was the actual result of such brainstorming. This fantastic eyeshadow has an ultra-buttery tone. It can be layered, or it can be applied by itself. Just like the its predecessors, this product gives you plenty of shades to play around with. There’s the rose-gold shimmer of Heaven, the bright-fuchsia glow of Paradise and there’s the extreme shimmer of Metallic. In the end, the choice is simply yours.

Some of the Unusual Technological Achievements of Jason Hope

Among the best futuristic entrepreneurs and philanthropists you can find today, Jason Hope is one of them. He is an entrepreneur based at Arizona in Scottsdale. He is among the people known for charitable endeavors and his main focus is on the biotechnology, disease cure, education and also scientific research. Today there are local education programs that have come to help the students to study while in the classroom and while away. These are some of the programs that Jason is known to greatly support. To most of the organizations that deal with disease treatment, control, and prevention, Jason is known to offer great financial assistance to them.

The SENS Foundation has been of great help to most people especially when it comes to fighting the aging process. Jason’s interests towards SENS cannot be underrated. This is properly confirmed by the $500,000 he has donated to this foundation. He gave this donation with the hope that the community would be enhanced in the future. One thing SENS Foundation does to make the future of the community brighter is by fighting all the problems related to aging. SENS Foundation is California based and it is also non-profit. The foundation addresses the aging problems through bio-technologies that cause exceptional rejuvenation. Through the funds SENS has continued to receive, it has been able to come up with a modern Laboratory based at Cambridge.

The passion Jason has for philanthropy has benefited other foundations besides SENS Foundation. Some of these foundations include T-Gen Foundation, Andre Agassi Foundation, Leukemia, and Tony Hawk Foundation among other foundations. Arizona Science Center has its Director’s Circle where Jason serves as a member. Development and research are the two main aspects that Jason thinks about always when it comes to technological matters. He is so committed when it comes to supporting gaming software, desktop software, and mobile applications. All this he does to ensure that human beings have endless joy and improved future through the new technology.

Jason has a strong belief that people will learn how to use their smartphones appropriately through the Internet of Things. At the same time, people will also use it to check their heart rates, and also how they drive. These changes will not only bring exceptional excitement, but they will also help people complete tasks quickly. Jason looks forward to ensuring that the devices such as televisions, smartphones, and tablets are internet-enabled. With the Internet of Things, Jason says you can secure cab services, and access the dating sites such as Tinder and Badoo with ease.

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Jeff Aronin: Indirect Hero

Saving the world is a dream that many may deem impossible or naive to try doing. But that doesn’t stop some people from trying to do this. What I mean by saving the world is really giving hope and help to those that need it. The community of people that need help in the medical area is vast and there are many diseases and sicknesses that ravage mankind. There are heroes who have stepped in to try to stop this. Heroes like Jeff Aronin and his company Paragon Biosciences (Worldbusinesschicago).

Jeff Aronin is the chairman and chief executive officer of the company Paragon Biosciences which is dedicated to finding the cures for many different diseases by starting and supporting companies that tackle these individual sicknesses. A lot of the medical facilities and companies and companies in general struggle to find funding and support to carry out their goals and tasks. Paragon Biosciences understands this and instead of trying to reinvent the wheel they support what is already there and by working together they contribute to helping many more people. Jeff Aronin has been helming this operation since 2010 and is fully invested in making sure this process continues. He has an extensive background in the medical field as he attended Northern Illinois University and has been involved in many different companies including one that he himself founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals. His broad range of skills including marketing, business development, and financing have prepared him to be a hero though Paragon which is headed by Jeff Aronin. They have a three-step process which helps them to help find and contribute to curing disease. First, they identify an illness from the list of about 6,000 that don’t have treatments available and then they get to work building custom or preexisting company to tackle that particular need. After the establishment is built they refine and continue to develop it until it makes breakthrough and starts to benefit the patients in those fields.

Overall Jeff Aronin and his company can be classified as heroes for their willingness to help those in need. Someone doesn’t always have to directly do something to make it happen. This company shows that and hopefully more will follow their example until se defeat all sicknesses and diseases.

Financial Expert Chris Linkas Gives Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

According to investment manager Chris Linkas, who is the Managing Director of a European credit group, there are at least 5 advantages that people who are in their 20s have when it comes to joining the world of investing. He pointed out that the first reason a millennial should start playing the stock market is because of the fact that TIME IS ON THEIR SIDE. He feels that people who are still in their youth will have more time to take risks and recover from bad investments they will most likely experience. Another advantage that he thinks early investors will have has to do with COMPOUND INTEREST, which will have a longer time to build up over the years, and will help them have a more secure retirement.

Chris Linkas also feels that younger beginning investors will have the opportunity to LEARN HOW TO BUDGET their money better and avoid committing into their impulsive spending habits. In addition to having time as an advantage, millennials also tend to be more technologically advanced than older people, so he thinks that this can help them LEARN ABOUT INVESTMENTS QUICKER while providing them with an alternative way, which involves using investment apps, to invest their money more conveniently (Discogs). The 5th reason he gives for investing young is that it will IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE for those in this age group as they get older and want to retire.

Having worked in the financial industry in Europe since 2012, Chris Linkas makes investment recommendations on things such as real estate, corporate loans, shipping, leases and non-performing loans. He is responsible for finding investment opportunities for clients in the UK, as well as in France, Spain, Greece and Switzerland. The American-born business executive, who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease, lives in England, and he has said that he believes people should always question and remain curious about the markets every step of the way in order to have financial success. Chris Linkas years as an investment strategist earned him a New York Observer Award for being one of the 100 Most Powerful People in New York Real Estate.