Fortress Investment Group-Asset management with a difference

The Fortress investment group has been in asset management since 1998. The group began with just three partners and four hundred million dollars in assets under management and has been able to grow into a billion-dollar firm. The growth of Fortress Investment Group had not however been a matter of luck, but that of careful and meticulous investment as well as leadership that’s been goal oriented.

The initial founders of the fortress investment group had a vision of where they wanted to take the firm and understood the level of talent they needed to drive this vision. Within the first five years, they had grown the value of assets under the group to around three billion dollars. Fortress, however, needed to sustain this growth and one of the ways to do that was to establish a real estate and credit business department.

For this, they tapped Peter Briger who was a partner at Goldman Sachs. His credentials were impressive, having various positions as a credit manager in funds within the bank. He was head of distressed Debt (Asia) in his final years at Goldman and a new market it had almost similar challenges to those that he would encounter when he founded the credit division at Fortress Investment Group.

His expertise in credit would help him steer the division into unprecedented growth and make it one of the most influential departments within the group with over five hundred employees and a presence in more than 14 locations.

The division he heads is currently headquartered in San Francisco while the large group’s headquarters are in New York. Fortress went public in 2007 when it first listed its shares on the New York Stock Exchange. It listed as FIG and was underwritten by Goldman Sachs.

At the time of listing the value of its stock would skyrocket and hit an all-time high of 163 which was a 76% increase in value since its IPO. The growth at the time would propel its founders to the Forbes list of billionaires. This level of growth needed quite some serious investment to sustain, and it came in the form of Softbank, who offered to buy the Fortress Investment Group for 3.3 billion in 2017.

Host Ryan Seacrest Bio

Ryan Seacrest is a famous television and radio host. He’s also well known for being an entrepreneur and for his philanthropy for youth with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He is an entertainment figure based upon his enthusiasm for entertainment. Seacrest is perhaps most widely known for his work as a host for American Idol. He returned as a host of American Idol for the show’s first comeback season on the ABC network this year.

Ryan Seacrest is a host of his own radio show. On Air with Ryan Seacrest is a nationally syndicated show on Top 40 radio. It’s the number 1 nationally syndicated Los Angeles show on iHeart Media.

According to Ryan, in addition to hosting American Idol and his radio show, he is a host for Live with Kelly and Ryan, Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve with Ryan Seacrest, and E! Live from the Red Carpet. Ryan is perhaps one of the most famous entertainment hosts in the United States based upon the number of entertainment shows he hosts.

Ryan Seacrest has also worked behind the scenes in TV and entertainment as a producer. His production company is called Ryan Seacrest Productions. Ryan Seacrest Productions has produced the Keeping up with the Kardashians show, the Kardashian spinoff shows, and E! Live from the Red Carpet shows. The Ryan Seacrest production company has produced shows on Bravo, CMT, NBC, Netflix, and YouTube as well.

Ryan Seacrest recently began branching off into entrepreneur efforts. He created a men’s fashion line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction and a men’s skin care line he formulated with the dermatologist Dr. Lancer. His clothing line and skin care is distributed by Macy’s. He regularly wears the trim suits from his men’s clothing line when he’s hosting.

The Ryan Seacrest foundation has helped to open ten broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals across the country. As a matter of fact, according to, Ryan visits the children’s hospital of Philadelphia.

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The Roles Of Shafik Sachedina That Has Contributed To His Successful Career Path

Over the years in the career path of Dr. Shafik Sachedina, it has been nothing but exceptional in the roles that he has had at the Institute of Ismaili studies and the Sussex healthcare.

The university education he got is from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School that is a London University. After his graduation in 1975 it didn’t took long before got work to become a dental doctor. That ensured that he was impacting the lives of people through his work and the services that he offered. At the Ismaili Studies Dr, Shafik Sachedina provides his services as the head in the department sector at the Jamati Institutions. The primary services that the institution offers are making sure that the people do not forget the history of the Muslim society and they do that by creating awareness.

The main goal that Ismaili Studies has is that they will educate those people around and the once abroad too. In the course of Dr. Shafik Sachedina work, he has been able to be involved with different leaders in different departments so that they can be able to come up with various programs and the activities in the areas where the branch is located that 16 primaries once. The other department that Shafik is actively involved with is the Sussex Healthcare where he is the joint chairman. In the healthcare, they offer services like taking care of the elderly that have maybe the disabilities, neurological conditions and dementia. While Shafik is providing his services to the company, he works together with a team that has the needed skills and the team is made up of professionals and managers.

There are still other roles that he worked at before him joining the Sussex healthcare because at the Imara Unite Kingdom Limited he was the director and the director too at the Horsham clinic limited. So that the Aga Khan Development Network to come together with Central Asia Ismaili Communities Institute Shafik Sachedina has been the one who is the link. He does that because at the Aga Khan Development in the board of governors he is a member.

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Wes Edens Story of Success

Wes Edens:

Wes Edens is a successful business man who has been around in the business wold for quite some time. His great management and leadership skills have allowed him to be able to grow in the business world and to be able to climb the ladder of success. Wes Edens is known for his skills in the investment field. He is very well aware of the best places to be able to invest in order to be able to gain the most profit possible. Through out the years, he has had the opportunities to be able to work with other successful business people and be able to gain some of their skills and their knowledge.

Wes Edens is a person who is very determined to continue to grow in his career and believes that nobody should settle for anything less that what they deserve. Through out the years, he has also been able to learn new skills such as how to be able to handle money the correct way and this has been one of the greatest reasons as to why has been able to accomplish all that he has. He is a proud owner of a sports team and he is also the co founder of Fortress Investment Group.

He has had a great successful impact on this company and has been able to help lead this business venture onto the right path. His management and his leadership skills have been a great reason as to why the company has been able to reach high level of success through out the course of the years. Wes Edens is a man that has been able to inspire many because of the hard work that he has done. His determination and willingness to help out others is worthy of admiration to many.

Whitney Wolfe Works In a World of Incels and Power Trips

This is a strange world that people live in. For one thing, the internet has brought rise to some groups of people who have struggles with relationships. Some of these groups call themselves involuntarily celibate. This means that they are not able to get a woman to like them. They blame a lot of things for their lack of success with women. Among the things they blame is online dating. However, Whitney Wolfe has looked into the issue of online dating and has seen something that could change things for the better. She has noticed that women get tons of likes and messages when they set up their profile which ironically makes it harder for them to decide on their date.


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Whitney Wolfe has then decided to bring a new configuration to online dating. This dating app configuration is called Bumble. Bumble has disabled the men’s account so that they can’t message a woman. The woman has to initiate if they want to get anywhere. Therefore, it is easier for even the people who call themselves involuntarily celibate to get a relationship. One thing that men can do to improve their chances even with Bumble from Whitney Wolfe is find a way to solve what they think is the issue. For instance, if they think it is their looks that are holding them back, they can build their bodies if they are lacking in muscle tone.

Whitney Wolfe also has to put up with people who are on a power trip. One example is The Match Group. They have tried to buy out Bumble and have even resorted to threats of lawsuit unless Whitney Wolfe agreed to sell her company. Fortunately, Whitney has not given in to any type of intimidation tactics and has made sure to continue fighting for women’s rights.

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End Citizens United Endorsements for 2018

Just months out from the 2018 midterm elections, End Citizens United is supporting candidates in favor of reforming campaign financing efforts. End Citizens United was founded in 2015 as a response to the Citizens unites vs. FEC Supreme Court decision that took place in 2010. This decision essentially deregulated spending limits of individual groups to financial support or protest for individual candidates. The group favors candidates who have rejected underhanded money in the past.The ECU supreme court decision, simply put, made it very easy for political candidates to take money from shady groups in order to push their agendas.

That means that instead of making decisions and policy based on ethics and logic, the entire system would essentially be bought up by private parties and the agendas pushed would be those of the incredibly wealthy.End Citizens United supports candidates that want to regulate what money political parties can accept from third-party sources. ECU has banned together to raise money to support candidates that are pro-reform. In this year’s election cycle, the group is hoping to raise more than $35 million dollars. The group is made up of many small-time donors; around 400,000 members who donate on average less than $15.00 a piece.

They are also supporting a few candidates that are actively trying to take power back from Republican incumbents.So far, End Citizens United has endorsed Beto O’Rorke, Randy Bryce, Jacky Rosen, Elissa Slotkin, Brendan Kelly, and Andy Kim. These are just a few of the dozens of candidates that ECU will endorse, and will all of the funds raised this year, these candidates will benefit handesomely. Their underlying goal is to take political power away from private interest groups, large corporations, and crooked politicians that are willing to be bought off, and give it back to the American people.

David Mcdonald, A figure of success

David Mcdonald is a humble and respectful person who serves as the president and the chief operating officer for mogul food processors, the OSI group. As his father and mother were aboriginal farmers, David Mcdonald gradually developed an interest in agriculture alluded to the farming his family carried out and biology from the rearing of livestock present in their homestead. He is a learned man who boasts of a bachelors degree in animal science. Upon completion of his education, he started to work for the OSI group as a project manager, and due to his integrity, ethics, and hard work he rose the ranks to where he currently is.

David Mcdonald is a visionary man whose desire for success has led to tremendous growth in the food processing industry. In more than three decades that he has served the company, Mcdonald is responsible for the expansion of the OSI group operations in eighteen countries with about seventy meat processing facilities being scattered across them. David Mcdonald is an excellent communicator with sharp negotiation skills and an ability to handle government agencies and suppliers alike over a wide range of regions without a problem hence facilitating growth for the business organization he represents.

David Macdonald is a diverse man as can be observed by the different cuisine served at their various outlets extracted from different cultures. In addition to that, he serves as the board member and chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Some of his achievements during his years at the OSI group but include; the creation and management poultry processing plants in China as well as the provision of high-quality vegetable and meat products to a network of fast food chains spread across Europe. Furthermore, he played a crucial role in the company acquiring Dutch deli meat and food processing company as well as a food company based in Europe known as Flagship Europe. Furthermore, he is also responsible for the creation of dynamic partnerships by the company across the united states, a business undertaking that has seen the company experience significant growth.

In conclusion, David Macdonald is an icon of the American population and globally. He is an epitome of success and a symbol to look up to for business advice.

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Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: A Novel of the Trump-Era

Sean Penn has many accolades to his name. He is an Oscar-winning actor, noted director, talented screenwriter, journalist, and staunch political activist. One would think with his many accomplishments he would just retire on his legacy. Apparently not. Citing a falling out with the world of filmmaking he has grabbed a novelist hat form his rack of talent, and is not trying it on with his first novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”.


The novel is a slim one, but contains a lot of story. It is an eccentric mish mash of crazy that follows an absurd narrative style. It contains episodes from the life and times of Bob Honey intermixed with random poetry, and bits of ranting. Bob Honey, the titular character is an unhappy man. He is a septic tank salesman with a client list of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who moonlights as a government contracted assassin targeting the elderly. He is not a fan of advertising, hates social media, and dislikes the current president even more. Sound like someone we know? The book follows Bob’s tales as he recites them to investigative reporter Spurley Cultier.

Like any hero of a satire Honey lives in a crazy world full of crazy circumstances, that comes off as a dystopian version of present day USA. Through Bob’s disgruntlement we see the disgruntlement of real-life American society, which seems to be pissed off at everything. At least according to Penn’s perspective, and the book is written from Penn’s perspective. There is no doubt that the titular character is a version of Penn, as Bob’s surly character seems to radiate Penn’s own political leanings.


The end of novel is a letter penned by Honey to the president, Mr. Landlord. It contains every rotten thing he thinks about him and ends with an open challenge to a duel. All Mr. Landlord has to do is tweet him. Besides the references to Trump, the book largely focuses on trending events. It comments on everything from mass shootings, to immigration, to the #MeToo movement. All of it seen through the eyes of Bob Honey, and all of it spoken with the voice of Sean Penn.

A Rundown Of The Career Of Jacob Gottlieb And His Philanthropy

Jacob Gottlieb is an American businessman who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. While growing up he couldn’t decide if he wanted to pursue a career in the medical field, like his mother, or enter the financial industry like his father. After graduating from Flatbush High School he attended Brown University, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in economics. He made the decision to become a doctor and graduated from the New York University School of Medicine. However, the call of being in the financial industry led him to enter that industry instead of going into medicine.

He began his professional career at an investment firm called Sanford C. Bernstein. After working for two years as a buy-side researcher Jacob Gottlieb joined another firm, Merlin, as a portfolio manager in 2000. His successful management of his client’s portfolios at this company led to him joining a bigger company, Balyasny Asset Management, a year later in the same position. He swiftly became a partner at this firm due to his deft management of assets.

Since 2005 he has been the chief investment officer at Visiium Asset Management. He is responsible for managing this company’s hedge funds. He is one of the co-founders of this company which is located in New York City. As of 2016, this company had $8 billion in assets under management and it employed 170 people.

Jacob Gottlieb is a philanthropist who gives money to a number of worthy causes. Among these is Covenant House which seeks to help teenagers who find themselves homeless. They have homes in 31 cities which take in homeless teenagers and provide them with the support they need to make their lives better. They are in a number of cities across America as well as in Mexico, Honduras, Canada, Nicaragua, and Guatamala.

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Dr. Mark McKenna On His Newest Business

Dr. Mark McKenna knows exactly what it is like to bounce back from hardship. The doctor is a full time entrepreneur that got into entrepreneurship with real estate. Still, to this day he starts new businesses expanding his portfolio as an entrepreneur.


Before Dr. Mark McKenna was a medial entrepreneur, he was a medical student at Tulane University. Medicine runs in his blood. His father was a doctor and even worked at his doctor’s practice. While studying for his medical degree, Dr. Mark McKenna began venturing into real estate. The ways doctors made their money began to change. He saw it would be hard for him to make the kind of money he wanted to make in medicine. So, he tried his luck with real estate. And he struck gold. He grew his Louisiana real estate business into a mega success making millions annually. Then Hurricane Katrina hit and he had to learn to bounce back business wise.


Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta, Georgia. In Atlanta he started a company called ShapeMed. The self-funded company was created out of Dr. Mark McKenna’s vision for a fee for service, meaning no insurance, kind of medical practice. Wellness and aesthetics was fused into the creation of the practice. The practice garnered the attention of many of the residents. It grew into such a success the company got acquired.


Today, the doctor is working on launching his second brand in Atlanta. His vision for OVME is to create a boutique style for patients to come for an array of cosmetic products and services. The customizable boutique will offer laser hair removal and all kinds of Botox injections. His mission with this business is to give patients seeking cosmetic procedures a place to have a very personal experience. Many other cosmetic surgery practices in the city have a cookie cutter feel to them. They lack custom, special solutions for patients. This difference will make OVME a very competitive practice in the area. Plus, patients can use the Uber-like to make on demand calls to doctors who will visit patients directly to their home.