A fascinating new cloud technology, improved by NuoDB

NuoDB is a recently created database company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded originally as NimbusDB in 2008, it has since changed its name shortly before filing the patent for the “elastically scalable database”. That being NuoDB’s own “NewSQL” format for a cloud database. As an elastic SQL, NuoDB is more able to freely adjust its scale to fit with the demands of the nuo SQL database business, whether that means growing your server size as your business expands or shrinking your server size to save money.

Utilizing a peer-to-peer system, with asynchronous messaging, NuoDB allows a server to get information without constantly waiting for a response from the other server. The speed of this system is also improved with data cached into the server memory for quicker access. This is all done with redundant servers, so that they can properly communicate quickly. It also allows individual servers to be shut down with minimal impact on the whole set of servers.

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