A Quick Overview Of End Citizens United Milestones

It was just in 2008 when James Bopp, the man behind End Citizens and his lawyer Terre were literary mocked out of a Washington court. This is recorded in an article on Mother Jones. The two were seeking the right to air a movie entitled Hillary. The movie was on demand at the time but unfortunately, the court ruled against them on the grounds that the film was longer than others. This case was overseen by Judge Royce Lambeth of the US District Court.

Things were different a couple of years later and no one could laugh. The Supreme Court came to James’s rescue and reversed Judge Royce decision. Citizens United developed from a culmination of many years of diligence and hard work by James Bopp to scheme through the Nation’s finance regulations. This was a case that no one gave him a chance. James would argue that there is no loophole in the First Amendment. His work shows the conflict infused when trying to block money flow in a political setup without necessarily prohibiting the speech right.

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Citizens United has taken milestones and the organization does more than just protect films and books. According to a post by USA Today dated 4th of April, 2017, the organization raised $4 million dollars early this year and is planning for $35 million projection. Here are some of the ideas that stood out on the Post:

End Citizens United Focuses on Making Money

The organization not only focuses on getting money from politicians and political institutions but also aims at making huge money independently. For example, the group collected over $4 million in the first quarter of the year. The group is focussing on raising $35 million before the 2018 midterm congressional election. If compared to the 2016 elections, this is considered high as a $25 million margin is expected.

End Citizens United Attracts

Around 100,000 individuals contributed to the $4 million returns during the first three months of the year. 40% of them are believed to be first timers. The group leaders are mandated to ensure that the number continues rising over years. Recently, the organizing committee convinced contributors to make $500,000 donation to Jon Ossof’s campaign. Jon Ossof, a first timer Democrat candidate, was surprised by the move but appreciated it.

According to Muller, a former director of the senate campaign team, End Citizen is weighing options on what race to be actively involved next year. However, the group is focused on defending Democrat’s Sherrod Brown and Jon Tester of Ohio and Montana respectively.

End Citizens United Limits on Individual Donation

To safeguard the interest of both parties, the organization does not accept a contribution above $5,000 from a single entity. The Donation Cap is a safe one that makes sure that the donors are not overly exploited. It also aims at distancing the contributor from the membership rights.

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