Adam Goldenberg and the E-commerce Strategy

The opening of another store by Fabletics brings the tally to seven stores. This store is located in Minnesota’s ‘Mall of America’. This new design of a ‘two thousand square feet’ may recur in many other malls in the country. That the e-commerce trade is bringing in quite some substantial amount was reflected in Fabletics’ 2015 books. Fabletics co-founder, who has a mammoth following on Face book, is part of the reason why the company is doing great. It is important that at the end of the day the online experience reflects the store experience to a large extent.

Work Force and Synergy

Adam Goldenberg is a strong believer in the solidarity of the workforce. He says that Fabletics is where it is today due to the shared responsibility and dedication of the staff. Although the good reviews the company gets are flattering, Adam says that the strategy the company employs is not solely based on the reviews the customers give. The company’s E-commerce operations have led to its recognition as a unicorn in its field. This is a step up to a higher league in the market owing to the company’s entry to the billion dollar investment club. Joining the unicorn status in the American market not only indicates the size of a business’ investment, but also the dedication of the staff in quality delivery and customer satisfaction. Thirty companies were luck y in 2014 to reach the unicorn status in the market.

A Business Incubator

In America, most start ups are launched by former employees of big companies. Adam and his business partner, for instance, were ‘News Corp’ employees. They left the company and launched their own small business: Intelligent Beauty. This new business incubator gave birth to DERMSTORE and later JustFab . displays fashion and design to those who subscribe to its monthly service. DERMSTORE on the other hand is an online shelf for skin products. ShoeDazzle, which is a part of JustFab, also offers considerable discounts to customers who are signed up for the $39.9 or the $49.9 monthly subscription.

Wave of Change

Adam is happy to point out that about a decade ago, e-commerce was not regarded well, but today it thrives. There is an investment of over $50 billion which is mostly in online based stores. Adam says that while this new trend continues to grow, it is unlikely that the traditional way of shopping will disappear. These two can work together to satisfy the conveniences of clients

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