Andrew Rolfe – A Service to Others

The true meaning of life always rests in the service of helping others. However, service requires resources; and money is needed for those resources. While money doesn’t bring happiness, it does afford unfortunate people the opportunity for a better life. Andrew Rolfe is dedicated to doing his part in servicing others.

Andrew Rolfe earned his B.A. from Oxford University; while afterwards receiving an M.B.A from Harvard Business School. His business achievements as being Head of Private Equity, USA and a Managing Director of Towerbrook, are an exceptional extension of his academic success. Above all, Rolfe has transition into quite a few business positions over the years. His passion for helping others landed him as the Chairman of Ubuntu Educational Fund. Ubuntu Education Fund is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1999, with the purpose to make a difference in the educational crisis in South Africa. Quickly the organization grew in depth by helping children with the overall stabilities of their lives outside of school. Ubuntu Education Fund’s mission is: to help raise Port Elizabeth’s orphaned and vulnerable children by giving them what all children deserve—everything.

How does Rolfe’s role play a part in helping others? Rolfe’s background gives him experience in strategically growing brands globally; while meeting customer needs through a diverse international market. In addition, it allows Rolfe to have long term mindset for projects that can be the most significant for the children. Thankfully, his experience has translated into many committed years with Ubuntu Educational Fund!

Andrew Rolfe understands the true meaning of life and exhibits this in helping companies with financial success.

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