Andrew Rolfe – Going out of his way to Ensure Comfort of the Needy Child

During the world economic Forum held in Davos, Jacob Leif of Ubuntu Education Fund expressed his sadness due to the rich that exploit the poor and also due to the donors that give out their money with restrictions. These restrictions affect the sustainability of the projects being funded. The CEO of the foundation preaches the gospel of the rich dining together with the poor.

Among the issues raised by Jacob Leif is that the rich people continue to pocket donors money at the expense of poor people’s lives. This is a scenario that has been experienced all over in the world.

Ubuntu invites donors that can fund the education of the needy without giving unnecessary restrictions such as instructing their money to be spent on rich children only. Ubuntu believes that some children may not be performing well due to poor educational backgrounds and they should, therefore, receive equal treatment at Ubuntu.

Among other board of directors at Ubuntu Education Fund are Andrew Rolfe who is the Chairman. Andrew is an MBA graduate of the Harvard Business School, a BA graduate from the University of Oxford and an MA graduate from St Edmund Hall, Oxford University.

Andrew Rolfe was hired by Ubuntu recently. He is part of the team that ensures that all donations to Ubuntu are issued without restrictions. He is now working hard so as to improve educational problems, the social welfare and healthcare issues in Cape Province.

Andrew Rolfe ensures that each child’s needs at Ubuntu are provided so as to live comfortably. Together with his colleague Jacob, Andrew Rolfe ensures that they get funds from philanthropists who trust that Ubuntu can deliver faithfully. Funding a child’s education without dictating on how the funds should be spent allows the child to learn without worrying.

Ubuntu Education Fund is a not for profit organization that provides quality education and healthcare to the less privileged in the society. It was founded by Jacob Leif who is also the CEO of the Organization. Ubuntu Education Fund funds the education of young children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


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