Upwork: Great Tips on how to manage your To-Do List

Most people often wonder if indeed it is possible to power up their to-do list. As an Upwork user, a to-do list is important because it makes you organize as well as avoid time wastage. The following are some of the tips that can help you succeed with your to-do list.

  1. Prepare your list early. Most people make the mistake of beginning their day with planning. They start by checking emails, creating a to-do list and so forth. But don’t you think that’s a waste of your precious time? Remember that you are more productive during morning hours and therefore you should take advantage of that to complete the most important tasks that you have. Consequently, it would be wise to prepare your to-do list the night before and prioritize the tasks, to begin within the morning.
  2. . A single place. How are your tasks scattered? Some people have the habit of spreading their list of task in several places. For instance, they might write in a notebook, another task in an app and so forth. This can be confusing and become an impediment to completing your tasks. It is therefore important to have all your tasks in one tool.
  1. Define your priorities. As an Upwork user, you would always want to achieve as much as possible by the end of the day. However, this can only be possible if you prioritize your tasks. Ensure that every time you create a task list you assign them according to priorities. Having priorities helps you to allocate time to tasks based on their urgency.
  1. Constant re-evaluation. There is a possibility of always putting off certain task. It is also called procrastination which can actually be good in some cases. If the tasks you have been putting aside do not bring as much value as you want then it would be better to do away with them completely.

In a nutshell, having a to-do list is something very important. You should not view it just as a list but rather as a productivity console built to power your day.

OneLogin’s Cyber Security Advice

Recent hacks threaten the data of companies and governments around the world. The importance of maintaining proper cyber security cannot be emphasized enough. In a recent article on their blog, OneLogin- a cloud-based identity management company– advises companies on basic methods for beefing up their cyber security. They give advice on topics such as board member admission and employee best-practices training.

OneLogin advises that companies need to begin screening for new board members partly based on an applicant’s ability to comprehend basic cyber security principles. This means that board members should be able to read, understand and explain technical concepts. From the point of view of oneLogin, it seems that one cannot guard against something that one cannot understand. And if this statement holds true, then hackers might have already compromised the data of half of the companies in America at this point. This statement can be supported by various successful cyber attacks on branches of the government like the Office of Personnel Management. The fact of the matter is that most companies do not screen their board members for technical understanding. The rise of software engineers -and a requirement for basic technical understanding in the workplace- in America is a fairly new phenomena. Unfortunately, the rise is at least a decade later than it should be, and companies are paying for this tardiness in data breaches and bad publicity.

The article also advises that companies begin to train employees on basic password creation techniques to prevent bad actors such as hackers from automating through basic literary combinations in order to guess an employee’s password. One low-quality password could open up an entire company’s data to a break that would cost millions after lawsuits and bad PR.

OneLogin seems to have some bite behind its bark. The company employs a User Provisioning feature in its suite of products which serves to help company technical teams properly shutdown employee accounts and access to internal applications. The product automates a lot of mundane procedures and lowers any potential human error by the technical team when walking through an account-shutdown procedure.