ClassDojo Connects Students, Teachers, and Parents


ClassDojo is rapidly becoming essential to the successful communication among teachers, parents, and students. It’s a catch-all for everything school and provides updated information regarding school activities so people are in the know. Everyone is connected to the internet these days and ClassDojo takes advantage of that fact. It is a communication app which provides information about all school functions. It covers social activities, academic activities, and provides parents with information about their student’s conduct. It is a fantastic classroom management tool.

The app helps teachers track students activity and behavior quickly which provides more time for teachers to interact with their students. ClassDojo makes it easy for the teacher to generate a weekly report summarizing each student’s accomplishments and issues that week. The information in the report is provided in an easy pie chart format which simplifies its use. Also, students can customize their avatar which they thoroughly enjoy and helps them become a part of the process.

The app interacts easily with all types of devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The app consistently updates so parents are connected every day to the situation at school. They become aware of what their students are working on throughout the day and any conduct issues are quickly made known. They don’t become a surprise at the parent-teacher conference. This increases parental involvement which is a known positive factor to improve educational outcomes.

Instant Messaging is a very popular feature of ClassDojo. Both parents and teachers are able to communicate urgent messages quickly using the app. A conversation between parents and children becomes easier with the app as parents are up to speed and don’t have to ask the usual question of what happened at school today? With the ability that teachers have to share photos and videos parents are in the loop and can communicate effectively with their children. ClassDojo is the future and it is here.


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Talk Fusion Founder Publishes Second Contribution To MarTech Advisors In A Year

MarTech Advisor’s enjoyed the second post from guest author Bob Reina in the past year. The newest article from Reina, “Video Advertising Trends of 2017“, discusses the newest video styles and methods that emerged in 2016 and how they are shaping the market. Reina is clearly an expert in this field, he is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, one of the industry’s leading video communications companies.

Reina was thrilled to have the opportunity to share his knowledge with MarTech Advisor’s readers, the article will help others discover why video marketing is the way to go and how it can help to drastically grow their business.

Reina stumbled onto the idea for Talk Fusion back in 2004 when he discovered there was no method for emailing videos. He took the initiative to create a product that could do not only that, but so much more. Talk Fusion has been the recipient of numerous awards, and Reina makes sure the company stays on top of the current consumer trends.

His newest article for MarTech Advisors not only discusses the reasons why everyone should be using video marketing, but also his expert tips on executing videos to effectively get messages across. This article will reach roughly 1.1 million subscribers to MarTech Advisors, most of whom are Chief Marketing Officers along with their social networks.

Along with his work for his company, Talk Fusion, Reina also has many philanthropic interests, has contributed to MarTech Advisors in the past, and has also contributed to The Huffington Post.