Alex Pall on Chasing Dreams and Living Reality

In a recent interview with Chainsmokers’ band member, Alex Pall, he delved further into his life as a musician and the hard work that brought him from where he was as a dreamer, to living the life he loves as an up and coming musician. In this interview Alex talks about how he got his start, DJing on the side whenever he was able after working his job that paid the bills. He knew that his passion was being a DJ, creating new sounds, and putting out original sounds that no one had heard before, so he was finally ready to “really give it a proper shot.” That was when his manager introduced him to, now band mate, Andrew Taggart.

As soon as they met they talked about “how driven and ambitious [they] where and how badly [they] really wanted this [to be successful artists]”. Pall reminisced about how, only four years ago, their passion and drive was so high that they were working from “like, 9am to pm” and never feeling as though they were slaving away at a job. Though they have always had “the same core values,” both Pall and Taggart have worked extremely hard to develop as artists and find their identity. They take pride in the different sounds that they put out into the music world, being heavily involved with the writing of all their songs, and incorporating sounds from almost every music genre into their own electronic music style. as a huge music fan himself, Pall made it a priority to create music that no one has heard before.

Pall and Taggart didn’t want to create “a different version of the same song,” that we all hear when we turn on the radio,rather they set out to inspire, to blur the lines between genres and become unique. These two talented artists that have put their soul into being original are reaching the world and “as [their] audience expands, [they] have to keep pushing [them]selves.” Pall and Taggart are just getting started, but their drive and love for their industry promises an interesting career.

Desiree Perez A Key Influence In Music

As a member of the Hova Circle of Influence, Desiree Perez has long been considered as one of the most influential people in the music business. She was recently named as one of the most powerful women in the music industry by Billboard Magazine. The distinction was only a surprise to those who know nothing about the music business as Perez has long been a major player behind the scenes.

Des, as she prefers to be called, has been a long-time confidant and business advisor to rap music mogul Jay-Z. The New York City native began her career managing a number of highly-successful night clubs and venues in NYC. It was in this role that she began to gain a reputation as a hardline negotiator and a savvy businesswoman. Jay-Z took notice and asked her to run his SC Enterprises. She nearly single-handedly grew that business exponentially in just a few short years. When Jay-Z started Roc Nation in 2009 there was no other choice than to bring Perez on as the COO.

Over the past decade, Perez has continued to work behind the scenes to grow Roc Nation into one of the world’s largest entertainment conglomerates. Her negotiation skills are perhaps Des’ greatest assets as she is at the table at every Roc Nation negotiation. She has worked massive multimillion dollar deals including Rihanna’s $25 million Samsung deal and Beyoncé Knowles’ massive Formation Stadium deal. She was also the driving force behind Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s On The Run Tour, working as the producer. It was in this role that she earned a 2015 Primetime Emmy nomination. There is little doubt that Perez tries to shy away from the public eye but her accomplishments are making that nearly impossible to do. Her influence in the industry keeps her from staying in hiding.

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