Michel Terpins contributions to rally sport in Brazil

Rally driving is exciting to watch. It is a sport that attracts the best drivers in the world. It normally involves driving a vehicle in an environment that is rugged. Apart from having very fast cars, the skills of the driver are all that matters in determining who wins. The engine alone is not enough. The person behind the wheel has to be equally skillful. Rally driving can be dangerous to anyone without the skills to control a car that is moving at a very high speed. Brazil rally car driving is a top sport just like football.

Rally driving in recent times have been popular in the country due to the number of competitions that are taking place in the country. Every year there must be a rally competition in the country. Most of the participant of the competitions are rally drivers who have experience. New entrants are also allowed into the competitions.

Michel Terpins joined the rally car sport in 2004. He was following the footsteps of his older brother, Rodrigo Terpins who had joined the sports earlier. Together they have been able to contribute positively to the competitions that are witnessed today. For instance, they are the people who started the biggest rally team in the country known as Sertoes. This is a team that has been to many competitions in the country and beyond.

Michel Terpins drives one of the best cars in the sport known as T-REX. This is a car that has been manufactured by a company known as MEM Motorsports. T-Rex competed in category T1 of the rally competitions. In this category, it has proved to be the best. Michel Terpins have won a number of competitions driving this car. He won the 25th edition of Sertoes Rally competition. His determination to succeed in this sport has been one of its kind. He has shown that with dedication this is a sport that people can embrace.

Michel Terpins hopes to participate in the 25th edition of the rally competition that will happen in 2017. He hopes that he will be able to replicate his earlier achievements in the sport.

Move Over Mjölnir; This Thor Uses the Power of the People

When many people hear the name “Thor”, they think of the Marvel superhero. Though that isn’t the correct Thor, ‘superhero’ may not be a far removed from Thor Halvorssen. In fact, The New York Times hailed him as “a champion of the underdog and the powerless.”

Thor founded the Human Rights Foundation, which is based in New York and is dedicated to helping political prisoners find their freedom as well as to promoting political and civil rights all over the world.

This breathtaking foundation may seem like a pipedream to skeptics, but it has already seen the publication of two books aimed to educate people on both the responsibilities of the state as well as their individual rights; provided amicus briefs in high-profile human rights cases internationally; handed over evidence to Truth Commissions; and, perhaps most importantly, saw the freedom of several prisoners of conscience – seven, to be exact.

This film producer and human rights advocate is also the CEO and founder of an annual global gathering, the Oslo Freedom Forum. He is also known for his work with Lucent Technologies, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, and Children’s Peace Movement.

Thor has produced and co-produced several films, including 2081, The Sugar Babies, and Indoctrinate U. All of his films aim to raise awareness about social issues, past, present, and future. He has even co-produced films with big names such as Andrew Vajna, Quentin Tarantino, and Lucy Liu (Freedom’s Fury). Many of his films have won awards.

So while Thor Halvorssen may not wear a cape or wield a hammer, he does help to bring injustice to an end, freedom to those wrongfully imprisoned, and rights to all peoples around the world.