Jeff Aronin: Indirect Hero

Saving the world is a dream that many may deem impossible or naive to try doing. But that doesn’t stop some people from trying to do this. What I mean by saving the world is really giving hope and help to those that need it. The community of people that need help in the medical area is vast and there are many diseases and sicknesses that ravage mankind. There are heroes who have stepped in to try to stop this. Heroes like Jeff Aronin and his company Paragon Biosciences (Worldbusinesschicago).

Jeff Aronin is the chairman and chief executive officer of the company Paragon Biosciences which is dedicated to finding the cures for many different diseases by starting and supporting companies that tackle these individual sicknesses. A lot of the medical facilities and companies and companies in general struggle to find funding and support to carry out their goals and tasks. Paragon Biosciences understands this and instead of trying to reinvent the wheel they support what is already there and by working together they contribute to helping many more people. Jeff Aronin has been helming this operation since 2010 and is fully invested in making sure this process continues. He has an extensive background in the medical field as he attended Northern Illinois University and has been involved in many different companies including one that he himself founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals. His broad range of skills including marketing, business development, and financing have prepared him to be a hero though Paragon which is headed by Jeff Aronin. They have a three-step process which helps them to help find and contribute to curing disease. First, they identify an illness from the list of about 6,000 that don’t have treatments available and then they get to work building custom or preexisting company to tackle that particular need. After the establishment is built they refine and continue to develop it until it makes breakthrough and starts to benefit the patients in those fields.

Overall Jeff Aronin and his company can be classified as heroes for their willingness to help those in need. Someone doesn’t always have to directly do something to make it happen. This company shows that and hopefully more will follow their example until se defeat all sicknesses and diseases.