The Brown Agency Is The Success Child Of Two Successful Agencies

In 2015, the famed Wilhelmina Austin agency acquired Heyman Talent-South, re-launching it as The Brown Agency. These two agencies are two of the largest in the region and combining them created one entity encompassing both agencies unique strengths and capabilities. This acquisition made The Brown Agency the only full-service modeling agency of its kind in Austin and one of only a few in the entire state.

Wilhelmina Austin elected Justin Brown to run the new agency, as he sat at the helm of Wilhelmina Austin when it launched in 2010 and led it to its quick success as one of the most respected agencies in Texas. Heyman Talent-South had also built a very successful talent agency and combining the two companies will provide The Brown Agency with a much larger portfolio and gives their talent many more opportunities all over the country.

The new agency was headquartered in Austin, but built an office in Dallas and a strong presence in Los Angeles. Justin Brown, who led Wilhelmina Austin to success, became The Brown Agency’s CEO and President. The Brown Agency also kept founder of Heyman Talent-South, Michael Bonnee, to lead their theatrical division.

The Brown Agency spent no time becoming a success and growing to be an industry leader. Their goal is to continuously establish big market standards that aren’t commonly seen in Texas. Since its founding, The Brown Agency’s talent has worked for some of the biggest brands in the world like Toyota, L’oreal, Louis Vuitton, and thousands of others.

The agency’s models have been featured on runways all over the globe. They have been seen at Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, New York Fashion Week, and many others. Justin Brown and The Brown Agency are proud of their ability to select only the best talents, which help them develop those talents on a much larger market level. They deliver some of the most beautiful, talented, and professional people that Texas has to offer.

Leader of the agency, Justin Brown, began his work in the industry as a model and working his way through college at a modeling agency. At school, he studied business management but was much more interested in being behind the cameras. After agency job after agency job, he began a career in development a placement. He essentially trained models to place them at jobs and helped them make it to the big time.

Now, he gets to do that on a much larger at The Brown Agency, where he gets to watch over and guide the careers of over 450 talents. He knows every trick of the trade to help his talents and his agency continue their exceptional success.