Ryan Seacrest Keeps On With His Get Up And Go

Passionate about radio and television broadcasting, Ryan Seacrest continues to step up his professional commitment to both.

Born on December 24, 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia, as a youngster Seacrest was captivated by Dick Clark, Casey Kasem and Rick Dees and tried to emulate their ways. His initial venture into broadcasting took place in the form of handling announcements at Dunwoody High School. He went on to secure an internship at an Atlanta radio station where he remained while going to the University of Georgia.

Seacrest moved from Georgia to Los Angeles, California in the mid-1990s where he launched the first of many radio shows, the popular Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home. He later stepped in for Casey Kasem as the host of American Top 40. He currently hosts On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

In the 1990s he also hosted Radical Outdoor Challenge and children’s show, Click, as a television personality. He gained worldwide recognition for his 15 season run as the host of American Idol.

In 2005 Seacrest began working with Dick Clark on his annual special, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve Rockin’ Eve. After Clark died, Seacrest agreed to a multi-year contract extension with Dick Clark Productions to carry on as host and executive producer of the show.

In 2006, US cable channel E! revealed a three-year, $21 million deal with Seacrest to host and produce a range of programs, including E! News.

Through Ryan Seacrest Productions, he gave rise to popular television programs such as Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Working with Chef Jamie Oliver.

In 2017, Seacrest united with Kelly Ripa as the co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Seacrest’s philanthropic endeavors take the form of the non-profit Ryan Seacrest Foundation which motivates youth through entertainment and education initiatives.

For example, Seacrest Studios are broadcast media centers within pediatric hospitals where patients can open up to multimedia experiences in the fields of radio, television and new media.

He started the foundation along with his parents and his sister and hopes to build studios across the country.

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Vijay Eswaran, the CEO Questnet Gives Hope to Many through Motivational Speaking

Success comes about as a product of hard work and perseverance. Furthermore, guidance also comes in handy while tarmacking on the road to success. Various entrepreneurs are known and revered worldwide for the fortune that they have been able to amass over the years. Many entrepreneurs are in existence worldwide, but few have been generous enough to share the tips for success with upcoming entrepreneurs. Therefore, one entrepreneur, Vijay Eswaran took it upon himself to offer motivational speaking services to empower upcoming entrepreneurs. Besides discussing Vijay Eswaran’s ability to empower fellow entrepreneurs, we will also briefly discuss his journey to success and his life background.

Background Data

Vijay Eswaran is famously known for his success as an entrepreneur. Besides being an entrepreneur, Vijay is also an author and philanthropist. Back in the day, he used to work as a taxi driver to gather funds that would enable him to pay for his university education. As an ambitious fellow, he came up with a direct selling network in 1998. The network flourished to the extent that it was ranked as being among the market leaders in regions such as the Middle East and South-East Asia. This marked the start of his journey into the world of entrepreneurship.

Vijay Eswaran gives back to the society by mentoring entrepreneurs

As the founder of QI group of companies, Vijay Eswaran currently serves as the executive chairman of the company. The multinational company deals in real estate, direct selling, retail, education, and hospitality. During his journey to success, Vijay was able to come to terms with the fact that guidance is among the major keys to success. As a man who had a passion for helping others, Vijay established the RHYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundation. The foundation was tasked with the sole aim of mentoring entrepreneurs. The foundation works hand in hand with communities that are subject to hardship in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.


Vijay Eswaran is well aware of the fact that the journey to success is not a bed full of roses. Before attaining success, you have to strive and never give up. The world is filled with potential entrepreneurs whose potential is never put to good use. Moreover, various upcoming entrepreneurs always give up mid-way. To tap into the potential that seems dormant, Vijay Eswaran offers motivational speaking services. By providing such a service, he is always able to bring about a glimmer of hope with the society. Also, as a philanthropist, he has been able to help many people who experience various forms of difficulty while trying to achieve their dreams.

Feliipe Montoro Jens And Brazil’s Infrastructure Growth

There’s always a good thing about starting a business. It’s always great to start a business, but the best thing about starting one is keeping your name behind it. The success of a business depends on this and the leadership of a business man. This kind of leadership is what Felipe Montoro Jens has. This issue is also what he tackled in the latest report from Negociosemfeco website.

Brazil InfrastructureIn the news report, an analysis featured that Brazil right now has the leading infrastructure today that can serve many of the world’s needs. According to Felipe, it is this support that gives Brazil the leading edge that it has today. The institution for the development of this infrastructure is also the best way that everyone can expect a lot more from Brazil. The partnership that Brazil has established between private and public also managed to make sure that there’s a lot of growth in the business sector of the country.

The specialist in Infrastructure Projects, Felipe Montoro Jens, also explains in the news report that Brazil has been historically significant because of how it can advance the modern needs of the 20th century. In the CNI study named “Opportunities for the privatization of infrastructure,” it was stated with the help of Felipe Jens that the success of Brazil gets attributed to how it was able to access state-owned enterprises and link it with current strategies to urban development.

About Felipe Montero JensJens is considered one of the most alternative and experienced board of directors nominated for various positions. He also acted as the chief financial officer of an outstanding company before moving to different areas in the company Terna S.p.A and in diverse project development areas and finance assignments.

It is easy to understand how excellent the skills of Felipe today, mainly because he had his business administration degree from Fundao Getulio Vargas, or FGV, which is also the training ground he went to before going for a master’s in international management from the Thunderbird under its American Garvin School of International Management.

How José AuriemoNeto Brought Designers to Brazil with JHSF

Before José AuriemoNeto created the shopping center that he developed through JHSF, Brazil had never had designers in the malls that were all around the country. José AuriemoNeto created exclusive deals with places like Hermes, Pucci and even Jimmy Choo. He did this because of the way that he is able to exhibit luxury in the different areas that he has developed. He knows how to make a connection with those who consider themselves to be a huge part of luxury and that is something that has made it hard for people to be able to say no to the development opportunities that he has. Because of the way that José AuriemoNeto is able to bring new luxury options to Brazil, he has been able to make major changes and to show people what they can do while they are in different positions with the company.

Real estate development is a very profitable business in most areas including Brazil. Even though the housing market is not the best, those who know what they are doing with development can get a lot out of the business and will be able to be successful with the business that they are a part of. This is something that José AuriemoNeto knows well and something that he has worked hard for since he first started as the CEO of JHSF in 2003. He has seen a lot of changes in the market in that time and that has given him the chance that he needs to bring about a lot of changes to the area.

As Sao Paulo continues to grow and get better, José AuriemoNeto knows that things are going to also improve for JHSF. The company that was mostly responsible for the developments in the area is now working hard to make sure that they can keep up with the demands that the city has. It has been a big change from the problems that the area used to experience and it was all due to the things that José AuriemoNeto put together while working for JHSF.

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Samuel Strauch Makes Real Estate Exciting

One of the goals that many people have in their life is to one-day purchase a home. Buying a home is something that many people set as a goal. The idea of buying a home is something that some people have as a dream starting early in their lives. While many people dream about purchasing a home, there are a variety of things that people must do before a dream of buying a home can become a reality.

One of the major things that people must do is to find a home that they truly want to purchase. This may seem easy enough, but locating a home to purchase can be difficult. There are many things that homebuyers must consider related to buying a home. Things such as home location, home sale price, securing a mortgage, and saving for a down payment are all things that must be considered.

Along with these things, there are many other things that people have to take into consideration related to purchasing a home. Another aspect of buying a home that people must decide on is whether to work with a real estate agent or try to find a home to purchase on their own.

For people in the Miami, Florida area who are considering the purchase of a home who want to work with a real estate agent, Samuel Strauch has proven to be a real estate agent who helps people make their home purchasing dreams come true. Samuel Strauch has been a real estate agent in Florida for over 10 years.

Samuel Strauch understands the real estate market in the Miami, Florida area. He is able to help people find real estate property that meets the list of things that they are looking for in a home. Samuel Strauch is a real estate professional who cares about people.

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An Overview of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly joined Banyan Hill publishing in 2016. Banyan Hill is a research and publishing house that publishes investment advisories and research newsletters. Mampilly began Profit Unlimited, a newsletter Company that guides people on profitable investment opportunities. He leverages his skills and experience in financial investments to advice the Banyan Hill subscribers on stocks likely to shoot higher.

The Banyan Hill firm is based in Delray Beach, FL. It boasts of over 200,000 paid subscribers. Each month, Paul Mampilly writes an eight-page newsletter recommending the possible profitable new stock, which is mailed to all the subscribers. He again tracks and updates them on the growth of the investments on his website.

Read: https://ideamensch.com/paul-mampilly/

Management Model

Unlike other Hedge fund managers, Mampilly does not invest the subscribers’ capital on their behalf; rather he allows them to purchase stocks from their brokerage accounts. This is a better innovative arrangement as compared to the traditional ones applied by other managers. Numerous subscribers, through his website, expressed their satisfaction in his services. One of them described his financial advisories as outstanding following tremendous profits generated from an investment recommended by him. Click here to know more.

He moved to the United States from India, and joined the Wall streets. Mampilly began his career at Deutsche Bank as an assistant researcher. He later rose to higher ranks managing multimillion accounts for clients in ING, Trust, and Royal Bank of Scotland.


Following his success in financial management, he was absorbed by Kinetics international fund as their chief manager. The firm’s assets grew from $6 billion to $25 billion under his management. He participated in the Templeton Foundation investment competition, where he grew a start investment of $50 million to $88 million. Mampilly retired at the age of 42. Unlike before where he made money for the elite, after retirement, his focus went to the Main Street Americans.

The Secret To Eric Pulier’s Success

When you think of people who have done many great things to better man-kind, why is it always some entertainer or professional athlete that gets the credit? Unfortunately this is the world we live in and the people who’ve truly done some amazing things to better society always seem to get overlooked. In this case, there is a guy who personifies this notion perfectly and he’s known as Eric Pulier. Though he’s not a household name, this guy has a gift for using advanced technology as a solution to fix real world problems. No matter the field of work, Eric Pulier has had a hand in many different industries including healthcare, education, and government.


Pulier is well respected and admired throughout these industries because of his unique impact. This Harvard University graduate has founded 15 companies throughout his lifetime and many of them have went on to become a huge success. Check out the list below:


  • Desktone
  • FLY
  • Service Mesh Inc
  • Akana Software
  • Digital Evolution
  • And many more


Eric Pulier is business savvy as well and he’s helped many different seed level tech companies get off the ground by investments. Many of these seed level companies have to gone on to successful practices. Pulier sold his last founded company for a whopping $350 Million. That’s right! Passion is what drives him and persistence is what allows him to succeed. Even Capital Venture Funds have felt this philanthropist’s touch. Pulier has invested millions of dollars to “Trident Capital, eCompanies, and Monitor Ventures.”


Having such an extensive educational background has paid off dearly, which has resulted in him living a much comfortable life. The secret to Eric Pulier’s success really isn’t a secret at all, but more so persistence, dedication, hard work, and passion.