Larkin & Lacey Won’t Stop Speaking Out Even After Joe Arpaio’s Pardon

Many of the longtime opponents of Joe Arpaio, the former Maricopa County Sheriff would have thought that his time had finally come when he was convicted of criminal contempt in July 2017. The self-acclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff” served as country sheriff for over 2 decades. He would have continued even till this very moment if he had won reelection on his seventh bid. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Since he had been in office, Joe Arpaio had been a controversial figure both in Arizona and beyond. On October 18, 2007, the Sheriff ordered Maricopa County Selective Enforcement Unit agents to raid the homes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who were both involved in the Village Voice Media newspaper. These men were hauled from their homes and imprisoned that same day.

More often than not, various publications have brought up reports on the various orders of Arpaio against inmates and women (particularly immigrants).

Since his inauguration into office in 1992, the sheriff had been frustrated by the rising coverage of his extremely aggressive law enforcement strategy. Before 2011, he had been told several times that it was against constitutional law to detain immigrants on the basis of suspicion.

Most charges against the Sheriff came to limelight about a decade ago when a lawsuit was filed against him. The suit exposed the conditions faced by inmates in his infamous Tent City. It was on this basis that the court deemed it fit to charge Mr. Arpaio for violating the rights of immigrants particularly Latinos.

But the sheriff feigned deaf ears to these charges and went ahead with his unconstitutional acts of racial profiling and further exchange to immigration services.

This practice went on for years until it drew the attention of reporters, thanks to a strong reaction from those opposed to his abuse of power. Before now, many newspapers were not covering Mr. Arpaio as it wasn’t something out of the ordinary to them. However, things changed with the consistent release of these stories by Lacey and Larkin.

The scandal became more magnified when several newspapers became interested in the original works of these men and began releasing article and information on the Sheriff. The story soon gained national coverage.

Not long after that, something incredible happened. The home of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were raided by some armed deputies and both men were arrested at the order of Sheriff Arpaio. The pair worked with the Phoenix New Times and they were executives with Village Voice Media.

No doubt, Arpaio and his team violated their First Amendment rights by detaining them illegally. Soon there was a strong and immediate outcry regarding their arrests which led to their release within 24 hours.

Larkin and Lacey did not only expose more information about Arpaio’s malpractices and corruption but also went ahead to file a suit against him.

In 2012, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that both men were arrested without probable cause and ordered the immediate arrest of the Sherriff. After a long, protracted legal battle, the suit was settled for $3.7 million which was used to form the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

However, Sheriff Joe Arpaio never went to prison as he was given a presidential pardon by Donald Trump himself.

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Desiree Perez A Key Influence In Music

As a member of the Hova Circle of Influence, Desiree Perez has long been considered as one of the most influential people in the music business. She was recently named as one of the most powerful women in the music industry by Billboard Magazine. The distinction was only a surprise to those who know nothing about the music business as Perez has long been a major player behind the scenes.

Des, as she prefers to be called, has been a long-time confidant and business advisor to rap music mogul Jay-Z. The New York City native began her career managing a number of highly-successful night clubs and venues in NYC. It was in this role that she began to gain a reputation as a hardline negotiator and a savvy businesswoman. Jay-Z took notice and asked her to run his SC Enterprises. She nearly single-handedly grew that business exponentially in just a few short years. When Jay-Z started Roc Nation in 2009 there was no other choice than to bring Perez on as the COO.

Over the past decade, Perez has continued to work behind the scenes to grow Roc Nation into one of the world’s largest entertainment conglomerates. Her negotiation skills are perhaps Des’ greatest assets as she is at the table at every Roc Nation negotiation. She has worked massive multimillion dollar deals including Rihanna’s $25 million Samsung deal and Beyoncé Knowles’ massive Formation Stadium deal. She was also the driving force behind Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s On The Run Tour, working as the producer. It was in this role that she earned a 2015 Primetime Emmy nomination. There is little doubt that Perez tries to shy away from the public eye but her accomplishments are making that nearly impossible to do. Her influence in the industry keeps her from staying in hiding.

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The Life and Career of Graham Edwards, CEO of Telereal Trillium

The real estate industry is expanding in the United Kingdom. Graham Edwards is one of the most prominent business leaders in the United Kingdom. He is the CEO of Telereal Trillium, which is one of the largest real estate companies in the country. He has been the CEO for many years. During his time as CEO, the company has improved in numerous ways. Not only have sales increased, but the company now offers more products and services than ever before.


Early Career

Graham Edwards did not know what he wanted to do for a career when he went to college. He was accepted to the University of Cambridge. The University of Cambridge is a fabulous school with a strong track record. Graham Edwards graduated with an economics degree in 1987. He started working at a company in his local area after graduating.

After he started working, he began investing in real estate. He wanted to increase his income and build wealth for the future. After several years of investing, he developed a sizable real estate portfolio.


Real Estate Company

Graham Edwards Telereal decided to start working in the real estate industry. Telereal Trillium was a struggling company when he became CEO. The company had a ton of debt, and sales were declining at a rapid rate. Graham Edwards focused on improving morale at the company. He increased the pay for many workers at the company. Over time, the changes he made led to a more profitable and successful company.


Personal Plans

Graham Edwards is financially successful. He could retire and enjoy his wealth, but he is passionate about his work. He plans to continue investing in real estate for the foreseeable future. He firmly believes that anyone can have financial success through real estate investing. He is thinking about teaching a college class about real estate investing.


Remarkable Contributions of Sheldon Lavin, CEO, OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Lavin has served in this well-known meat and food processing industry in various operations. Lavin entered the food industry around 40 years ago and continues to make big milestones in the OSI Group. He also serves in the capacity of the president of OSI International Foods Ltd. Lavin’s service is extended to Rush University Medical Center where he is a General Trustee. Besides, Lavin is the Director of the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation.

In the current world, many upcoming entrepreneurs are trying to make a success but are limited due to lack of skills and abilities. To rise beyond this bar, there is need to pay attention to the most successful CEO’s of all time such as Sheldon Lavin. Lavin is a reputable professional who has been in business and leads many business empires. His specialty is in large-scale financial operations that allow companies to maintain the supply chains of food complexly. Lavin concentrates on some factors like consumer preferences, technological changes, and resources to build a good price system. His success in the business is not self-gained as Lavin values and works with highly qualified personnel in the company. Lavin delegates roles while researching the market and this enables him time to make sober decisions.

Apart from the financial services, Sheldon Lavin offers knowledge and wisdom in leadership and managerial skills over the years. Through his leadership, Sheldon Lavin has earned several awards in business performance and quality leadership. Sheldon Lavin’s name appears among the philanthropists due to the efforts in donating monies to charity organizations like Ronald McDonald House Foundation, which provides housing accommodation and essential amenities for families tried by illness. His passion for families all over the continents can never be quenched.

Sheldon Lavin was born in 1932 and attended University of Illinois and Northwestern University where he majored in accounting and finance in his early days. Lavin has a Bachelor of Science in Business from the Roosevelt University located in Chicago, Illinois. He is still committed to leading the OSI group and ensures that it grows effectively to realize full potential. Sheldon Lavin leads various OSI innovations and puts the growth and the expansion of OSI Group at the core of all things. He is a firm believer in the maintenance of a family-like culture in the organization and works hard towards the same.

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Marc Sparks, an entrepreneur investing in entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks graduated in 1975 from a high school in Austin and since then he has started up a couple of businesses. He is a famous entrepreneur. Some of the businesses he started failed while other prospered. When he clocked thirty-four years as an entrepreneur, he decided to write down about his journey to encourage others. In his book, They Can’t Eat You, Marc encourages entrepreneurs whose hope is lost to continue pushing on, through his own personal experiences. He has started multi-million companies that ended up differently. Some good examples are his software company that was successful and he sold it off while his insurance company which was almost at the billion dollar mark that he lost in 90 days. Marc believes in starting businesses from scratch and building them into a success with the help of great employees and with the aim of customer satisfaction. Marc Sparks also enjoys spending time with his good friends and is grateful for his family and good health.   Marc is also a philanthropist who believes in helping others. This can be seen through his devotion in attending to The Samaritan Inn, a shelter for the homeless in Texas. At the Shelter, they offer a program that deals with finances, job placements, health and general counseling among others. The Shelter also offers housing for almost 160 people each night. Marc has been involved in this project for almost three decades. He is very passionate about building and has helped develop the Habitat for Humanity which has constructed a couple of homes. He has also handed out a thousand computers to children who come from poor families to help them empower themselves through his Sparky’s Kids Foundation. Learn more:   Marc Sparks believes that it is not him but only God’s grace got him to where he is. He has not pursued any formal training to be an entrepreneur but he is very sharp and attentive to detail ( People usually come up with ideas that think at are impossible to implement but Marc, a venture capitalist, builds companies from these ideas through his equity firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP. The main agenda for the Firm is to help entrepreneurs develop their dreams through giving them capital, space, networking opportunities and other necessary equipment or advice. Marc Sparks is a strong believer in leading by example. He also likes when things are done with urgency and in real time, Sparks Speed. Marc also began a marketing agency, Marc USA, which assists start-ups in developing their businesses with the help of market experts.   Marc enjoys staying healthy and engaging in outdoor activities like fishing, biking, travel and golf among others. He likes competing in sports activities. Through his travels, he brings back various inspiring ideas for his businesses. Learn more:  

Samuel Strauch Makes Real Estate Exciting

One of the goals that many people have in their life is to one-day purchase a home. Buying a home is something that many people set as a goal. The idea of buying a home is something that some people have as a dream starting early in their lives. While many people dream about purchasing a home, there are a variety of things that people must do before a dream of buying a home can become a reality.

One of the major things that people must do is to find a home that they truly want to purchase. This may seem easy enough, but locating a home to purchase can be difficult. There are many things that homebuyers must consider related to buying a home. Things such as home location, home sale price, securing a mortgage, and saving for a down payment are all things that must be considered.

Along with these things, there are many other things that people have to take into consideration related to purchasing a home. Another aspect of buying a home that people must decide on is whether to work with a real estate agent or try to find a home to purchase on their own.

For people in the Miami, Florida area who are considering the purchase of a home who want to work with a real estate agent, Samuel Strauch has proven to be a real estate agent who helps people make their home purchasing dreams come true. Samuel Strauch has been a real estate agent in Florida for over 10 years.

Samuel Strauch understands the real estate market in the Miami, Florida area. He is able to help people find real estate property that meets the list of things that they are looking for in a home. Samuel Strauch is a real estate professional who cares about people.

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James Dondero – More than Investment Minded

James Dondero is the CEO and president to Highland Capital Management. He stays in Dallas Texas and his work at Highland Capital Management includes overseeing the company’s operations on institutional and retail levels as well as overseeing investment strategies. His prowess incredit market covers a period of over 30 years in addition to being among the brains behind Collateralized Loan Obligation Concept.


Mr. Dondero is known to excel in funds management as seen by how most of what he has been in charge of has excelled financially. He has received a number of accolades in his career life. Some of the most common awards include the morning star 5-star recognition for the Global Allocation for the year 2014 and the morning star’s number 1 rank for health care short and long equity funds also in the same year.


Before coming to Highlands, James served as the chief investments officer to Protective Life GIC adjunct. He was part of the team that grew the company’s business to two billion dollars from a startup in just five years of existence. Before going to work for Protective life, he was in charge of managing funds for American Express.


James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia where he got a major in finance and accounting. He is also a CMA) and a CFA. Apart from being the co-founder and CEO of Highlands Capital, he also serves as a board director for MGM Studios. He also serves as the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, NexBank, and CSS Medical Corporation.


He is also an active philanthropist as seen by his millions of donations. The company gives part of its proceeds to local areas charities and Dallas areas and other non-profit organization. He is also committed to improving educational opportunities for individuals living in Dallas fort. This has led to a number of partnerships and donations that the residents of Dallas gain from. There are a number of donations that he has been part of.