A Little Wisdom From Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is the man that has been at the helm of United Technologies. During his time at the company, a lot was achieved during this time. The company redefined the military propulsion segment by developing the F135 engine sole source. Louis was also able to lead a team that developed the GTF engine that reduced fuel consumption by 20% and reduced the noise by almost 50%. United technology was able to develop the Airbus-320 Bombardier C series. They were also able to double the speed of helicopter by developing the X2 technologies. To top it all Louis also made history by leading a team to make the biggest acquisition in the history of Goodrich Aerospace worth 18 billion dollars.

This success in different business he credits to maintain a small team that is focused and given all the resources to operate. Louis focused on picking the best in those teams as he believed that a good leader is a sum the team ability. Having this in mind he kept intense reviews on the work done by the different teams. This saw United Technology create a trend of making technology and its constant speed to change accelerate it to the future. However, Louis Chenevert did not start from the top but started from the bottom like any other person but managed to claw his way to the top.

Having earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in production management from HEC Montreal, he joined General Motors as a first line supervisor in the assembly plant. Here he learned an important lesson about the importance of the people around you. This lesson propelled him to become the production manager. After 14 years of service for GM, he joined Pratt and Whitney in Canada where he clawed his way to becoming the Vice president of operations and later the president. His journey was not over, he joined United Technologies and started as the COO and later became the CEO before becoming the Chairman.

Currently, Louis Chenevert is retired but he still has some nuggets of wisdom to share with the upcoming entrepreneurs. He believes for one to become successful, they need to put the right team together and constantly inspire and appreciate because their success is your success and their failure is your failure.


Jed McCaleb is Taking Cryptocurrency to the Next Level

In 2014, Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim came together and co-founded the Stellar Development Foundation. The main propose behind the creation of the foundation was because the two of them had recognized just how broken the world’s financial infrastructure had become. As a result of this, there were many individuals that were being left without resources. One thing that Jed has stated that he likes the most about the foundation, is that he gets the opportunity to spend a ton of hours with some of the world’s smartest people.


Before Jed McCaleb helped co-find Stellar, he was the founder of eDonkey2000. This happened to be one of the earliest peer to peer file sharing networks. EDonkey2000 was also one of the first multi-source downloading and one of the first implementations of the Kademlia DHT.


Jed McCaleb is also known for his longtime presence in the cryptocurrency world. He hopes to be able to make developments that will help change fundraising, global payments and also stock markets. McCaleb has been able to work with some of the world’s biggest crypto organizations, one of which happens to be Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange.


His current role consists of him being the chief technology officer at Stellar. Jed McCaleb recently shared his thoughts on how he thinks that underlying blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will more than likely gain traction in the near future. He also states that it is pretty clear to him that in the future there will be a universal payments network that will be able to operate. Coincidentally, Stellar is working very hard at the moment to be able to solve many of the cryptocurrency issues that McCaleb is concerned about. Along with seeing the problems of cryptocurrency fixed, Jed also states that many of the non-cryptoassets, which includes stock, will become digitalized in the future using the same exact technology.

Igor Cornelsen’s Expertise In Investing

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian stock market businessman and a retired banking executive. Mr. Cornelsen’s vast experience in the financial market had enabled him to stay afloat even when the Brazilian stock market collapsed. Understanding the in and out of the financial market has made him a very accomplished investor and advisor.

Before leaving the banking industry, Igor Cornelsen held several leadership positions in major banks in Brazil. He was known for being among the top bankers. Mr. Cornelsen was also on many advisory boards of the banks. After a well-established career in the banking industry, he left the market to concentrate on investments. Burger King can attest to the positive impact Igor’s knowledge of investing has had on them. The company has benefited a lot from his counsel.

Cornelsen’s advice

Through Bainbridge Investments, Igor has offered advice to individuals and corporations that have changed lives of the investments. According to Mr. Cornelsen, it is important to make investments in different areas. This will save the investor the trauma in case one field does not perform as expected. Igor also advises that investors should put investments in damaged stock because they are always affordable. When these stocks stabilize, the investor should sell them to make profits. Firms that are failing should be a no-go zone for potential investors.

Igor Cornelsen believes that every sector has an opportunity for a great investment income even though before investing, a person should put some things into consideration. He is the best advisor to turn to because he knows all the advantages and disadvantages of the different sectors. Cornelsen advises Brazilian investors to consider China. He says that apart from the fact that China is their trading partner, their economies are almost similar.


Several publications and articles have Igor’s advice on how to make investments. Those who cannot get one-on-one with him can use these articles to make the right decisions. Investors who are not from Brazil rely so much on Cornelsen’s counsel because the market needs an expert to succeed. The regulations and rules usually vary from where these potential investors come from. This particular reason makes Igor a valuable asset.

Jose Auriemo Neto is Changing the Face of the Real Estate Industry in Brazil through JHSF

In Brazil, one of the leading real estate companies which are aiming to make a significant contribution to the development of luxury properties outside the borders of Brazil is known as JHSF. It has come a long way in the construction industry from the time it was established in 1972. Although initially, it confined its activities to the building of ordinary houses for residence, today the company has added a large number of properties to its development portfolio. Many modern projects in the shopping mall areas, executive offices, palatial houses, and hotels are today part and parcel of the work JHSF does.

JHSF is a company that has branches in several capitals of the world such as New York, Singapore and in other places. In nearly all cities in Brazil, the company is the leading property development agency. The headquarters of the prestigious organization is in Sao Paulo.

Their first advent into the real estate market was when they overshadowed the Fasano Group of Hotels and became the sole owners in 2014. From that time, the company has completed so many other major hotel projects. Many of the shopping complexes in Brazil and shopping malls in other towns have been built by the corporation. Some of the major projects it has done are the Catarina Fashion Outlet, Shopping Ponta Negra, and the Cidarde Jardim Complex. According to the market valuation that was recently done, JHSF was ranked one of the richest companies in the country with an asset value of about R $1 billion.

Jose AuriemoNeto is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the enterprise. From the time he joined the company, Jose has worked very hard to expand the organization through strategic planning. The great parking lot known as Park Bem was his initiative. He created it out of an abandoned piece of property that many people thought was useless. Neto intends to bring more development projects to the company through partnerships with other key players in the real estate industry. The company is presently involved in developing many projects abroad.

Wikipedia: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/JHSF_Participa%C3%A7%C3%B5es

José Henrique Borghi- Founder of Mullen Lowe Agency

José Henrique Borghi is one of the most renowned names in the Brazilian Advertising world. José has designed ads for leading brands such as Unilever, Mitsubishi, Sazon, Ox Cosmetics, and Fiat. Additionally, through his advertising firm Mullen Lowe Brasil, José Henrique Borghi has been able to come up with the crème de la crème and loved advertisements in the advertising industry such as “The Mammals of Parmalat,” which was directed towards wildlife conservation. Due to his skills of over two decades in the advertising industry, Henrique has assisted many companies to achieve their goals by designing for them marketing campaigns, and highly efficient ads. José feels that his organization Mullen Lowe Brasil needs to evolve and come up with new advertising, and marketing plans to ensure that they remain the leading firm in the advertising industry.

Before founding Mullen Lowe, José Henrique Borghi worked in many Fortune 500 companies, therefore gaining skills that have helped him get big clients. Currently, he has partnered up with Andre Gomes to form Mullen Lowe Brazil where he functions as the co- CEO. José Henrique Borghi studied Advertising and Propaganda and graduated at Pontifical Catholic University. In 1989, after finishing his studies, Henrique began his career at Standart Ogilvy agency. Later José Henrique Borghi moved on to work with other top ad agencies such as Leo Burnett, Talent, DM9/DDB, and FCB. After working with many advertisement agencies, José Henrique Borghi decided to partner up with Erh Ray to open their ad agency known as BorghiErh agency. Henrique, together with Ray started the organization (BorghiErh agency) from scratch with no investors, godfather, or bank but the two (José Henrique Borghi, and Erh Ray) worked hard leading to their success. In 2006, having had so many achievements, José Henrique Borghi decided to split the leadership of the organization with Erh Ray.