Gregory Aziz Role in Improving the Car Industry

Gregory Aziz is the CEO of National Steel Car, a company that was founded 1912. The Company celebrated its 100th anniversary and continues to boast of being one of the major employers with over 2000 employees to his name. National Steel Car employed 1200 employees in the last 18 months. The company enjoys a monopoly as the only car builder in Canada. This makes it feature as one of the most important manufacturers of single site rail car in the western hemisphere. The company is known for having invested over 350 million dollars towards the automation and advanced manufacturing technologies for over the last 15 years.

Gregory Aziz has been very instrumental in the improvement of the company. He is a native of Ontario. His academic background gives him the basis of leading the company successfully. Earning his economics degree enabled him to work for Affiliated Foods in 1971. He participated in the improvement of this family business, elevating it to a worldwide importer by 1987. It was known for offering major retailers wholesale foods in Canada, US, and Central Europe.

Aziz later moved to New York in 1980’s up to the 90’s in search of investment opportunities. This saw him buying the largest steel rail car in 1994 with the aim of becoming the top most rail freight manufacturer in North America. His emphasis throughout was on great engineering skills as well as excellence in manufacturing and innovations. This led the company to be rated as one of the best companies in North America because of great quality for close to two decades.

Gregory James Aziz has been known to be active in community building projects especially in Ontario–Hamilton. He has continued to give generously to the Hamilton community as the fortunes soared. The company is known for sponsoring a broad range of initiatives especially those that are charitable. Some of the most common projects include theater Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, United Way, and Salvation Army, among other numerous local charities.

It is also a tradition within the company to have employees and their families attend the annual company Christmas party that is meant to contribute and collect funds for a food drive which is organized by National Steel Car together with other local food banks. This shows that the company is part of the community in as much as it is in business.