Michael Burwell Becomes The CFO Of Willis Towers Watson

Last year, Michael Burwell, a businessman, was hired to be the CFO replacement at Willis Towers Watson, which is a reinsurance specialist. Roger Millay was the CFO, but he ended up retiring, which is why Michael Burwell was brought on as the replacement.

The decision to hire Michael Burwell as the CFO makes sense because has gained over 20 years of work experience at PwC. One of the positions he has held was the head of global transformation, as well as PwC’s Chief Financial Officer.

Besides that, he has experience in the auditing industry, as well as experience with transaction services advisory. This includes working on tasks such as valuation, as well as due diligence in the pre-merger phase.


More About Michael Burwell

As previously mentioned, the businessman worked at PwC, short for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, for just over 30 years. Throughout his time at the company, he’s held numerous positions. Besides the positions previously discussed, he was once the company’s Chief Operating Officer at their US division. Michael Burwell was a driving force behind the company’s success.

Michigan State University is where he went to school. Upon leaving, he received a BA in business administration. Not only that, but he is a CPA and he was the school’s alumnus of the year. This was back in 2010.


Other Interesting Info About Michael Burwell

Mike starts his day early, typically at five in the morning. He likes to do a bit of exercising in the morning, which is when he thinks about what needs to be completed by the end of the day. He added that he reflects on the month once a month has been. He does the same thing on a weekly basis.

The businessman brings other people’s ideas to life by shining a light on them (ideas) so they receive attention. He does this so idea don’t end up getting buried. See This Article to learn more.

Another interesting thing is that he contributes his success, in due part, to being relentless and positive. Michael Burwell believes in being positive and in being relentless in achieve goals. He also believes doing less in order to achieve more.


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Kevin Seawright Measures His Success By His Positive Impact On Urban Areas

When World Class Magazine interviewed Kevin Seawright, the CFO and VP of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC), they were interested in learning about his positive outlook concerning his career.

Utilizing his previous experience in finance and construction in both the public and private sectors, Seawright’s current focus is on helping Newark to grow by granting loans to entrepreneurs and creating a summer employment program for the city’s youth. However, Seawright says he is willing to adapt to Newark’s specific needs and find innovative solutions to foster economic development in the city.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright’s Facebook Page says that he is from Newark and currently living in the city and his profile picture is of Newark’s skyline. As a proud Newark resident, Seawright has an incentive to create positive change in the city.

Kevin Seawright also told World Class Magazine that his upbringing resulted in his career choices as his parents encouraged him to work to improve the lives of inner-city residents. He considers himself successful because his work affects Newark residents in a meaningful way.

Founding RPS Solutions is Seawright’s way of increasing home ownership rates in Baltimore by renovating houses, creating affordable homes that are ideal for first-time buyers. RPS Solutions already has a portfolio of real estate in Baltimore’s Belvedere Square, Parkville and West Edmondale, with properties in Carney and Cedonia coming soon.

While Kevin Seawright keeps very busy, he finds time to watch his daughter play softball and basketball and occasionally catch a Redskins or a Philadelphia 76ers game.

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