Controlling Illegal Activities within the Prison using Wireless Containment System by Securus Technologies

Even though the security in the different prisons and correctional facilities is tight with security cameras and guards everywhere, contraband cell phones are still finding their way into the hands of the inmates. One might wonder why the inmates need cell phones inside the prison. There might be some viable reason such as to call their family members, but most of the time the cell phones are used to carry out illegal activities inside and outside the prison. The gang leaders who have cell phones are respected and feared more inside the prison since they have the power to control other inmates and sometimes guards as well. Since the prison landlines can be recorded and used against them, most of the inmates prefer to use the cell phones for any illegal activity that they might be planning. But, technological company Securus Technology has helped reduce the use of illegal cell phones inside the prison.


When one thinks of the various crimes committed by inmates while still locked down, the incident of Robert Johnson is the first that comes to the mind. Robert had served as a prison guard for Lee Correctional Institution for 15 years and was one of the top guards who helped confiscate the illegal material from the inmates that included drugs, cell phones, and other substances. One of the inmates was not happy with the deeds of the guard and uses an illegal cell phone to call his associate and get him killed. Even after being shot in the torso area six times, he lived to tell the tale. Today, he works as a freelancer sales person for Securus Technologies who help prison officials learn about the benefits of installing wireless containment system inside the premises.


Securus technologies have developed a technology using which the problem of contraband cell phones can be completely eradicated. The company starts by installing a cellular network inside the prison that would monitor all calls coming from inside the prison and to the prison. The system can identify any unauthorized call from cell phones and also help locate the cell phone from which the call was made. The prison officials can easily keep track of all the calls made from the prison and to the prison curbing all illegal calls. The company has recently started to install the systems in few prisons, and the results have been overwhelming. The company is getting queries from many other correctional facilities and hope to spread to most of the prisons in the country. With so many benefits offered by the new system, there is no doubt why prisons should not install it in their facility. It allows the guards to work in a better-controlled environment and prevent them from being victims like Robert Johnson.



Securus Technologies’ Clients Speak Up on Revolutionary Technology

Securus Technologies is a leader in technology used for solving crimes as well as the entire incarceration experience. New technology is regularly developed to support the many clients that they work with. More than 3400 law enforcement, public safety, and corrections agencies are serviced by Securus.


With headquarters in both Dallas and Atlanta, Securus Technologies provides communications to those who are incarcerated. Further, they offer technology that has helped to prevent crimes and solve a variety of crimes. Hundreds of patents have been obtained and there are scores of engineers and designers who are creating the innovative solutions used to provide the high-tech environment that so many agencies depend on.


Client facility customers have positive things to say about Securus Technologies when it comes to the technology. Calls are monitored in order to learn more about the inmates as well as to catch corrupt staff members. Agencies comment about the vision that the company has to offer, the investigative tools, as well as the reporting data.


All of the information together helps agencies to be more proactive in their own monitoring and operations.


Securus Technologies continues to develop new and innovative ideas to provide solutions to their clients. Many of their best features come from listening to the needs of agencies.

Working Closely with Securus Technologies to Combat Crime

I am part of an elite police force that has the responsibility of getting dangerous fugitives off the street. These are the types of criminals who will stop at nothing to keep their freedom, so if an innocent person gets in their way, they have zero issues making things violent. Before another person was put in harm’s way, my team was called upon to locate this suspect and take them in without anyone getting hurt.


Our suspect was very well-known, in fact, they were making several calls to my captain’s office every week instructing me to meet him personally so we could settle this issue like real men. We would never put our own in danger this way, but we knew we must be rattling his cage if he was so obsessed with me instead of staying out of the spot light.


During my visit to the jail to see if I could get any inmates to help with the investigation, we discovered Securus Technologies was already working on installing the new inmate call monitor system. This software can listen to the inmates on the phone and pick out certain verbiage that we are looking for. We decided to see if the LBS software could locate any conversations concerning our suspect and get him into custody.


Within a few days we hit the jackpot. One inmate was irate that the suspect was out in the open, and he knew the suspect was staying with his family on occasion and didn’t want his big mouth to put his family in trouble too. Not only were we able to get to that location and catch the suspect completely off-guard, no one in the jail even knew we used an inmate and his conversations on the phone to help point us right to the suspect without any incidents.


ClassDojo Is Raising Capital Funding And Planning Optional Premium Features

ClassDojo has become quite a hit in the education arena, a little app that’s done many big things. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don started this app with not a lot of resources at the beginning, but they did have a lot of ideas from teachers on what they would like to see happen with social media and their classrooms. So Chaudhary and Don decided to build an app that would let teachers reward good behavior for their students through a point system, but they soon discovered they could do a lot more than that.


Now ClassDojo has become a full communication platform with a Facebook-like interface and complimentary learning videos that go along with it. Teachers can take photos of students doing activities throughout the day, and parents now have a better idea of what goes on the classroom. It’s opened up more conversations at home between parents and their children, but it’s also allowed teachers to instantly show student progress on a daily basis. Because of the revolutionary way that teachers can show their classrooms to parents, many schools have been able to cut down or eliminate parent-teacher meetings altogether. The app itself needs no administrator permission to download, and its had security features upgraded to protect user privacy.


Chaudhary and Don have saved money for their company by not spending any venture capital on advertising costs, but simply using the old fashioned word-of-mouth marketing. They plan to always keep the app free to download, but they do have some plans to add optional premium content to enhance the user experience with the app. Such content will include some curriculum material and learning tools, and even access to more student growth videos. The app has received over $30 million in venture capital funding, and investors aren’t in any particular hurry to get a return on that investment.


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