Bruce Levenson Supports the Creation of the Next Generation of Non-Profit Business Leaders at the University of Maryland

Bruce Levenson has made a mark for himself in the philanthropic books due to his generosity and active charitable involvement. He did not hesitate to join the non-profit sector after the sale of the Hawks team in 2014. Levenson has largely been involved in the seeding of the Do Good Institute at the popular University of Maryland.

According to PR News, the Do Good Institute aims at exposing undergraduate students at the University of Maryland to the world of volunteering and non-profit. The institute is driven by the hope to create a new wave of non-profit leaders in the business sector and transform them into people who can stack against their counterparts in the private sector.

Bruce and Karen Levenson have demonstrated their support for the Do Good Institute by seeding $75 million into the initiative. On the other hand, the state of Maryland gave out an extra $20 million. The first class, Philanthropy 101, included a lab component whereby students were offered $10000 to donate to their preferred cause. See,

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is prominently known as the former co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC, formerly known as Atlanta Spirit LLC. The company was behind the ownership and operation of the Philips Arena and Atlanta Hawks NBA team. Aside from being a co-owner of the Hawks, Levenson also served as the team’s governor on the NBA Board of Governors. He contracted Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs to sell both the Hawks team and the operating rights to the Philips Arena.

Together with Ed Peskowitz, they co-founded UCG right from Levenson’s apartment. UCG grew into a privately-owned company that specializes in analysis, news and data for technology, mortgage banking, energy, healthcare and many other industries. Levenson has served in other capacities such as BIA Digital Partners’ adviser. Additionally, he maintains an active philanthropic record by supporting numerous philanthropic causes and organizations like the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C.