ClassDojo Is Now In Session

ClassDojo is an app for classrooms everywhere to showcase their work, provide feedback and communicate within their school network. The focus is to increase class participation, new ideas and communication within the school and straight to your home. This means that parents can easily tap in the app and see what their kid is up to during class, students can share photos, videos or instant messages to their parents, teachers or peers and vice versa. ClassDojo basically provides each student with a much-needed voice. Students that use the app can share and post their classwork on their own digital portfolios. These personal portfolios can be updated daily. Teachers are encouraged and allowed to give their students positive feedback called “+1’s” on the app. This is to let the students know that they are heading on the right track. For example, a commonly shy student would get a positive feedback rating for participating in class.

The app has many handy features and is supported by many popular devices. ClassDojo is currently being used in roughly 90% of the United State’s K-8 public schools. The app’s “Stories” feature allows students to connect in real-time to anyone relative to their classroom. It is divided into three sections: Student Stories, Class Stories and School Stories. ClassDojo is available worldwide and has over 35 built-in languages and offers translations. More than 180 countries are currently using this educational app. By using this app, everyone can work as a whole and the classroom experience can be shared with loved ones no matter where they are.

Andrew Rolfe – A Service to Others

The true meaning of life always rests in the service of helping others. However, service requires resources; and money is needed for those resources. While money doesn’t bring happiness, it does afford unfortunate people the opportunity for a better life. Andrew Rolfe is dedicated to doing his part in servicing others.

Andrew Rolfe earned his B.A. from Oxford University; while afterwards receiving an M.B.A from Harvard Business School. His business achievements as being Head of Private Equity, USA and a Managing Director of Towerbrook, are an exceptional extension of his academic success. Above all, Rolfe has transition into quite a few business positions over the years. His passion for helping others landed him as the Chairman of Ubuntu Educational Fund. Ubuntu Education Fund is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1999, with the purpose to make a difference in the educational crisis in South Africa. Quickly the organization grew in depth by helping children with the overall stabilities of their lives outside of school. Ubuntu Education Fund’s mission is: to help raise Port Elizabeth’s orphaned and vulnerable children by giving them what all children deserve—everything.

How does Rolfe’s role play a part in helping others? Rolfe’s background gives him experience in strategically growing brands globally; while meeting customer needs through a diverse international market. In addition, it allows Rolfe to have long term mindset for projects that can be the most significant for the children. Thankfully, his experience has translated into many committed years with Ubuntu Educational Fund!

Andrew Rolfe understands the true meaning of life and exhibits this in helping companies with financial success.

Andrew Rolfe – Going out of his way to Ensure Comfort of the Needy Child

During the world economic Forum held in Davos, Jacob Leif of Ubuntu Education Fund expressed his sadness due to the rich that exploit the poor and also due to the donors that give out their money with restrictions. These restrictions affect the sustainability of the projects being funded. The CEO of the foundation preaches the gospel of the rich dining together with the poor.

Among the issues raised by Jacob Leif is that the rich people continue to pocket donors money at the expense of poor people’s lives. This is a scenario that has been experienced all over in the world.

Ubuntu invites donors that can fund the education of the needy without giving unnecessary restrictions such as instructing their money to be spent on rich children only. Ubuntu believes that some children may not be performing well due to poor educational backgrounds and they should, therefore, receive equal treatment at Ubuntu.

Among other board of directors at Ubuntu Education Fund are Andrew Rolfe who is the Chairman. Andrew is an MBA graduate of the Harvard Business School, a BA graduate from the University of Oxford and an MA graduate from St Edmund Hall, Oxford University.

Andrew Rolfe was hired by Ubuntu recently. He is part of the team that ensures that all donations to Ubuntu are issued without restrictions. He is now working hard so as to improve educational problems, the social welfare and healthcare issues in Cape Province.

Andrew Rolfe ensures that each child’s needs at Ubuntu are provided so as to live comfortably. Together with his colleague Jacob, Andrew Rolfe ensures that they get funds from philanthropists who trust that Ubuntu can deliver faithfully. Funding a child’s education without dictating on how the funds should be spent allows the child to learn without worrying.

Ubuntu Education Fund is a not for profit organization that provides quality education and healthcare to the less privileged in the society. It was founded by Jacob Leif who is also the CEO of the Organization. Ubuntu Education Fund funds the education of young children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


ClassDojo’s founders change teacher’s lives for the better

ClassDojo founders Sam Choudhary and Liam Don both have backgrounds in education. Choudhary had spent the majority of his adult life educating and acting as an education consultant. Don had grown up in a household of educators and himself had taught many classes as a doctoral candidate in computer science. This strong background of both founders led to an interest in identifying and solving education’s big problems. They both took a leap of faith and moved to San Francisco in 2010 to pursue their dream of becoming successful education entrepreneurs.

A nail in search of a hammer

Neither founder had any certain convictions about what kind of tool they wanted to develop, only that they wanted to solve problems that educators faced. They identified teachers in the K-8 education sector as being under served by software. At the beginning they placed thousands of calls and met with hundreds of teachers in person. This led them to recognize the main problem of elementary educators – they spend gigantic portions of the day dealing with behavior issues.

Once the problem was identified, Don and Chaudhary began reading everything they could on how to positively affect behavior in younger children. Eventually, they came upon the theories of such psychologists as Carol Dweck, James Heckman and Angela Duckworth. These all emphasized creating classroom environments conducive to learning through positive reinforcement of behavior. Adopting these principles, ClassDojo has created software based around positive incentives that has received a flood of glowing feedback from teachers across the country.

The founders were able to raise over $31 million in venture capital in the first two years of the enterprise. This enabled them to concentrate on launching a product and getting it distributed to as many classrooms as possible. As of the beginning of 2016, ClassDojo was present in over 90% of U.S. schools teaching grades K-8. And there is still a great deal of room to expand. ClassDojo has not been widely distributed overseas and even in the U.S., there are many teachers who haven’t yet adopted it.

Ultimately, Don and Chaudhary see teachers themselves as being the most effective sales force for the app. While all features thus far have been free for all users, the app will remain completely free for teachers forever. Eventually, Chaudhary and Don expect to start adding premium features that parents will want to buy. This is the long term business model on which they see ClassDojo settling.
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SOLVY is a Top Mathematics Platform

Education is a fundamental part of society. Without a quality education system, our society would not be able to fill important roles, and society would eventually crumble. Our society has become increasingly talented at passing down knowledge, but one form of education has actually gotten worse over time.

Mathematics education is a constant state of disrepair. High school teachers feel overworked, and they often have no choice but to turn to multiple choice worksheets for homework. Students are not receiving the care and attention they deserve, and it feels like there is no hope for a brighter future.

Alexei Beltyukov is an extremely talented businessman who has spent his lifetime solving major issues.

Alexei knows that mathematics is extremely important, but he also knows that students throughout the world need help with mathematics. Alexei dedicated most of the last few years to developing SOLVY. SOLVY is a truly unique platform that allows teachers to assign problems to their students based on need.

In the past, mathematics platforms used multiple choice problems to test students knowledge. Unfortunately, this system encourages students to use their test-taking ability rather than their mathematical skill. SOLVY recognizes this problem and they offer a brilliant solution. SOLVY asks students to show their work every step of the way. This allows teachers to see problems in students work and to quickly address these issues. This solution is unlike any offered on the internet today.

SOLVY was unveiled a year ago, and it has already proven to be a popular tool for teachers around the country. Teachers love the fact that they can easily assign students homework, and that the grading system actually informs their instruction.

Alexei Beltyukov is extremely proud of his work with SOLVY, but he has big plans for the future. According to, Alexei Beltyukov plans on working with schools around the country to ensure that every child has access to a quality mathematics education. Alexei Beltyukov plans to keep working on SOLVY for years to come.