Wes Edens Story of Success

Wes Edens:

Wes Edens is a successful business man who has been around in the business wold for quite some time. His great management and leadership skills have allowed him to be able to grow in the business world and to be able to climb the ladder of success. Wes Edens is known for his skills in the investment field. He is very well aware of the best places to be able to invest in order to be able to gain the most profit possible. Through out the years, he has had the opportunities to be able to work with other successful business people and be able to gain some of their skills and their knowledge.

Wes Edens is a person who is very determined to continue to grow in his career and believes that nobody should settle for anything less that what they deserve. Through out the years, he has also been able to learn new skills such as how to be able to handle money the correct way and this has been one of the greatest reasons as to why has been able to accomplish all that he has. He is a proud owner of a sports team and he is also the co founder of Fortress Investment Group.

He has had a great successful impact on this company and has been able to help lead this business venture onto the right path. His management and his leadership skills have been a great reason as to why the company has been able to reach high level of success through out the course of the years. Wes Edens is a man that has been able to inspire many because of the hard work that he has done. His determination and willingness to help out others is worthy of admiration to many.

End Citizens United Endorsements for 2018

Just months out from the 2018 midterm elections, End Citizens United is supporting candidates in favor of reforming campaign financing efforts. End Citizens United was founded in 2015 as a response to the Citizens unites vs. FEC Supreme Court decision that took place in 2010. This decision essentially deregulated spending limits of individual groups to financial support or protest for individual candidates. The group favors candidates who have rejected underhanded money in the past.The ECU supreme court decision, simply put, made it very easy for political candidates to take money from shady groups in order to push their agendas.

That means that instead of making decisions and policy based on ethics and logic, the entire system would essentially be bought up by private parties and the agendas pushed would be those of the incredibly wealthy.End Citizens United supports candidates that want to regulate what money political parties can accept from third-party sources. ECU has banned together to raise money to support candidates that are pro-reform. In this year’s election cycle, the group is hoping to raise more than $35 million dollars. The group is made up of many small-time donors; around 400,000 members who donate on average less than $15.00 a piece.

They are also supporting a few candidates that are actively trying to take power back from Republican incumbents.So far, End Citizens United has endorsed Beto O’Rorke, Randy Bryce, Jacky Rosen, Elissa Slotkin, Brendan Kelly, and Andy Kim. These are just a few of the dozens of candidates that ECU will endorse, and will all of the funds raised this year, these candidates will benefit handesomely. Their underlying goal is to take political power away from private interest groups, large corporations, and crooked politicians that are willing to be bought off, and give it back to the American people.

Fortress Investment Group

Founded in Jan 1 1998 as a private equity firm, Fortress Investment Group has its base at New York City. It lies in the finance category and has 1001-5000 employees. Randal .A. Nardone has been its CEO from 2011 up to date. It is an international firm and thus can provide its services all over the world. It deals in a wide range of investment niches. They include credit, real estate and private equity. According to the 2017 financial report, the firm has an asset base of 3.6 billion dollars.

Core competencies

A detailed summary of the company competencies is necessary for expertise knowledge. It is also required for specialization purposes. Below are the core competencies of the company.

Asset-based approach

Its team players have the required skills for delivering valuations. They also assist with mergers. Companies that desire to merge can seek the services of Fortress Investment Group. This is especially if they need the competency of their asset-based approach. In such cases, the financial team will establish the Net Asset Value of the two companies. This move helps in the expedition of the procedure. The normal way of getting the net value of a company is subtracting liabilities from net value of assets.

Industry knowledge

Since its foundation, Fortress Investment Group has done many investments with big organizations. It can provide a lot of industry knowledge when required. It is proficient in guiding potential and existing customers. Companies that would like the services of this group should look at its history to see how it runs its business.

Involvement in 2010 Winter Olympic Games

The Fortress Investment Group almost brought the 2010 Olympic Games held in Canada to a stop. They demanded for payments that the Canadian authorities owed them. Intrawest was to pay back before the games could proceed. This was after Fortress bailed out Intrawest. Its creditors had threatened to sell off their assets to recover their debts. It stole the media limelight for a while before the start of the games. Fortress claimed that the Ottawa authorities had agreed to pay up before the start of the games. They had failed to honor this agreement.

Working at FortressMost employees at the group have loved the working experience there. They described their workmates as smart and thoughtful people. The working hours as well as working conditions are favorable. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

Jed McCaleb is Taking Cryptocurrency to the Next Level

In 2014, Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim came together and co-founded the Stellar Development Foundation. The main propose behind the creation of the foundation was because the two of them had recognized just how broken the world’s financial infrastructure had become. As a result of this, there were many individuals that were being left without resources. One thing that Jed has stated that he likes the most about the foundation, is that he gets the opportunity to spend a ton of hours with some of the world’s smartest people.


Before Jed McCaleb helped co-find Stellar, he was the founder of eDonkey2000. This happened to be one of the earliest peer to peer file sharing networks. EDonkey2000 was also one of the first multi-source downloading and one of the first implementations of the Kademlia DHT.


Jed McCaleb is also known for his longtime presence in the cryptocurrency world. He hopes to be able to make developments that will help change fundraising, global payments and also stock markets. McCaleb has been able to work with some of the world’s biggest crypto organizations, one of which happens to be Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange.


His current role consists of him being the chief technology officer at Stellar. Jed McCaleb recently shared his thoughts on how he thinks that underlying blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will more than likely gain traction in the near future. He also states that it is pretty clear to him that in the future there will be a universal payments network that will be able to operate. Coincidentally, Stellar is working very hard at the moment to be able to solve many of the cryptocurrency issues that McCaleb is concerned about. Along with seeing the problems of cryptocurrency fixed, Jed also states that many of the non-cryptoassets, which includes stock, will become digitalized in the future using the same exact technology.

How to Get Financial Help from Southridge Capital

There are a lot of people out there who are unable to get help for a range of different financial problems that they are facing. If this sounds like a problem that you currently have, it is time for you to think about choosing a financial solutions agency like Southridge Capital. Southridge Capital has the experience to help in all sorts of situations, whether this has to do with the debt that you’re experiencing as well as the credit score problems that you have. No matter the situation, it is important that you make use of a company like Southridge Capital so that they can help as often and as much as they can.

There are thousands of people currently making use of Southridge Capital, and they have helped so many people when it concerns getting the most out of a financial situation. They work with all types of clients, so there is no problem too big or too small that they cannot take on and help out with on their own. Plus, the fees that Southridge Capital offers are far more reasonable than most other options, so it is a good idea for you to make use of this for yourself and know that they are there to help in a situation you are currently struggling with and cannot get out of on your own. For more details visit citybizlist

There are lots of people using Southridge and finding it to be a company that is both trustworthy and reliable. This is the reason you can hire the folks at Southridge Capital and have them begin the work that is necessary. There are tons of benefits to choosing a financial solutions company. You can even hire this agency if you need help with investing and just need to know which options are the best for you and how to handle wealth management. There are many services provided by the folks at Southridge Capital, so it is just a matter of contacting them and finding out what they are able to do for you and how much they are going to charge for this service. Check out their website southridge.com

See more: https://www.scribd.com/document/124012893/Meet-the-Manager-of-SouthRidge-Capital

Felipe Montoro Jens: Savvy Businessman and Consultant

Concessions will now be made through a partnership between the government and BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development), whose services provided will be improved in their structural, resource, and management areas. Edison emphasized that public power performs 90% of Brazil’s basic sanitation, and that approximately 70% of users benefit from the services of state organizations. He believes that Brazilian government agencies have significant experience, which can be readily leveraged when companies become partners with other ones.

BNDES will customize action plans for its state customers based on surveys detailing their situational locations. A primary flow of monetary resources from government-owned companies in the water sector is from the loss of water. Montoro Jens stated that the services cannot be received when there is such significant waste.

Edison explained that the resource-wealthy private enterprises could help greatly in the job of water conservation. They have advanced technology, a crucial factor in Brazilian water management, which is also instrumental in increasing sewage networks investment.

Edison also added that the efficiency of organizations is not directly related to their administration. He stressed that alignment must exist between the Brazilian citizens’ needs and the operational mode of the associated utility.

Edison stressed the importance of clarifying goals in the drafting of contracts, in partnership concessions, and in the adoption of public agency inspections where services would be provided. He reiterated the importance of the terms of each agreement being fulfilled.

Felipe Montoro Jens has been an executive at the project development and structure finance division at Terna S.P.A. In addition he led Enron’s international structured financial department. In addition he helped Price Waterhouse Coopers with his unique auditing and consulting skills on checkdirector.co.uk.

He is a respected businessman, graduating from Fundao Getito Vargas (FGV) with a degree in business administration. His postgraduate work was in international management at the American-based Thunderbird.

Jens is considered to be a multi-talented individual, and spoke at the 2011 World Economic Forum on Latin America, where over 750 Latin American countries attended.