USAHEALTH Group for All Your Insurance Needs

USAHEALTH Group is a family of insurance companies that understand that every customer’s needs are different, and there isn’t always a “one size fits all” answer that can solve everyone’s health insurance requirements . USAHEALTH Group and its subsidiaries Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance Company offers a variety of coverages for small businesses, people who are self-employed, and families.

The coverages that USAHEALTH Group will cover you for range from Dental and Vision coverage, to Life coverage, and even include more specialized things like Short-Term Accident Disability as well as Specified Disease and Sickness coverages. USAHEALTH Group also has solutions for those looking to get coverage that are on a limited budget or have other financial concerns regarding their healthcare coverage .

USAHEALTH Group is located in Fort Worth, Texas and has been serving the needs of its customers for a combined 50 years between its subsidiaries. They pride themselves on their long-term approach to building relationships with customers, rather than looking at them as a source of income. USAHEALTH strives for greatness and aims to be the trusted choice in America for healthcare, and that shows in their outstanding customer service that has won them awards. The company has received an A+ from the Better Business Bureau and is recognized around the world as a leader in business innovation , customer service, and overall growth.

A trusted leader in the insurance industry, USAHEALTH Group covers it all and does so with world-class customer service .

President and CEO of Memorial Health, Maggie Gill

It is obvious that Maggie Gill is a very educated and dedicated professional. She has been in the finance/health care industry since 2004. She boasts a bachelor’s degree with honors from FSU, and an MBA with honors from St. Leo University in Florida. In February 2017, it was with a heavy heart that the parent company’s board accepted and approved her resignation from CEO of Memorial Health. Gill cited “other professional opportunities” as her reason for departure.

When Maggie Gill is not leading the work force, she is both occupied and thrilled to be near her husband Shawn, and two children, Ryan, 12, and Bailey, 10. Seeking fun with the great outdoors, Gill enjoys taking her family camping and hiking. After school activities also engage much of Gill’s family life. She continues to speak highly of the school and education district that her children attend.

On November 10, 2016, Gill received a very warm recognition by Beckers Hospital Review. She was held as one of the 135 Non-profit Hospital and Health System CEOs. Citing her vast background and service to this industry, it was also highlighted that her previous service as a CFO gained her awards on three different occasions.

Soon after, Eon Health and Memorial Health would join hands in partnership, with the goal of bringing Eon Health’s Medicare Advantage Plans to new light. “Eon Health’s emphasis on preventive care is a good match for Memorial Health,” Gill stated. “We will work together to help our patients live healthy lifestyles and access appropriate levels of care.” False diplomacy notwithstanding, it remains obvious that Gill has and continues to have the best interests of health care needs in mind.

As stated previously, Gill enjoyed a successful career as the chief financial officer of Tenet South Florida Health System. Her exceptional achievements in this position saw the company reward her efforts with the Tenet Outstanding CFO award. At Tenet, Gill gained exceptional experience and the opportunity to work with other hospitals such as the Palmetto General Hospital and Coral Gables Hospital.