Drew Madden Enables Healthcare Providers Improve Patient Care with IT Systems

Drew Madden is a seasoned healthcare and information technology executive based in Wisconsin. He is also a successful entrepreneur. He is avid about projects involving electronic medical records. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 2002. He worked as a Student Advisor during his time at the university.

He then worked for Cerner Corporation as an Integration Consultant. He oversaw the implementation of popular inpatient clinical software systems in Chicago hospitals. He then moved on to Healthia Consulting where he worked as a Senior Epic Consultant. He was tasked with the implementation of various modules on the Epic platform. He also obtained multiple Epic certifications such as Willow Inpatient, Inpatient Procedure Orders, Inpatient Medication Orders and Inpatient Clinical Documentation.

He worked for Ingenix Consulting from 2009 in the Regional Sales Director position. The company is a business unit of United Healthcare. He joined Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010. He worked as the Executive Vice President and rose to the President position in 2011. He served in this capacity until 2016.

He is credited with growing the business from under a dozen employees to over seven hundred. He also expanded the client partner base to over 150. He rapidly grew the annual revenue thirteen-fold to stand at $130 million.

He is ardent about building high-performance teams and trusted relationships with clients. Drew Madden excels in management consulting.

Under his leadership, the firm also won numerous awards for excellence in the implementation and support of Epic systems. The firm focuses on customers using the Epic platform to manage their healthcare systems.

The system features modules optimized for the emergency room, oncology, cardiology, online prescriptions, tracking and patient appointments. It also contains modules on patient registration, surgery, radiology, and pharmacy. He was in charge of business development, talent placement, and consulting. Drew Madden is currently serving as a Managing Partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a privately-held provider of IT services to the healthcare industry.

Drew Madden is passionate about empowering healthcare providers to improve patient care. This involves using information technology to capture, store, exchange and analyze patient and provider information. The goal is to enhance communication between the various stakeholders. This leads to informed decisions that improve your quality of life as a patient.