Financial Expert Chris Linkas Gives Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

According to investment manager Chris Linkas, who is the Managing Director of a European credit group, there are at least 5 advantages that people who are in their 20s have when it comes to joining the world of investing. He pointed out that the first reason a millennial should start playing the stock market is because of the fact that TIME IS ON THEIR SIDE. He feels that people who are still in their youth will have more time to take risks and recover from bad investments they will most likely experience. Another advantage that he thinks early investors will have has to do with COMPOUND INTEREST, which will have a longer time to build up over the years, and will help them have a more secure retirement.

Chris Linkas also feels that younger beginning investors will have the opportunity to LEARN HOW TO BUDGET their money better and avoid committing into their impulsive spending habits. In addition to having time as an advantage, millennials also tend to be more technologically advanced than older people, so he thinks that this can help them LEARN ABOUT INVESTMENTS QUICKER while providing them with an alternative way, which involves using investment apps, to invest their money more conveniently (Discogs). The 5th reason he gives for investing young is that it will IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE for those in this age group as they get older and want to retire.

Having worked in the financial industry in Europe since 2012, Chris Linkas makes investment recommendations on things such as real estate, corporate loans, shipping, leases and non-performing loans. He is responsible for finding investment opportunities for clients in the UK, as well as in France, Spain, Greece and Switzerland. The American-born business executive, who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease, lives in England, and he has said that he believes people should always question and remain curious about the markets every step of the way in order to have financial success. Chris Linkas years as an investment strategist earned him a New York Observer Award for being one of the 100 Most Powerful People in New York Real Estate.