Clayton Hutson, Sound Engineering With A Business Plan

In an interview for The BroTalk, when asked about the impetus for starting his own business, live sound engineer, Clayton Hutson, gave a candid reply. “I determined that it was the right time…” Like most players behind the scenes in the music business, the conventional path isn’t always available as an entry level career. For Clayton Hutson, “entry level” didn’t mean starting at the bottom, it meant creating his own place. To get to that place he first studied theater design at a local university. This later lead him into entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, Clayton uses his skills to supply music support services to acts and event organizers. Qverall, Clayton Hutson’s company specializes in providing technical and administrative support for those in the music industry. He has worked with many of today’s top recording artists such as Pink, Guns and Rose and Kid Rock.


The business that Clayton Hutson runs has him actively involved in road travel. In the year 2005, it took him to diverse concert venues throughout North America, Australia and Europe. On this trip around the world, his main task was to provide audio and monitoring engineering for the band, Garbage on their, “Bleed Like Me,” tour. And in his latest road gig in 2017 with OneRepublic, he supplied automated rig movement for their Asian and North American tour dates.


Clayton Hutson is in the business of providing technical music support for headlining artists. He directs them so that they can fine tune their sound. In order to deliver brilliant clarity to the music feeds for crystal clear listening. Clayton’s skill set includes stealth digital processing, as well as stage lighting, design and production. He embraces whatever management role the artists need him to fulfill. The versatility is necessary and he helps him achieve the level of intensity required to fill major stadiums to capacity.


As a sound engineer, you will find Clayton wearing multiple hats. He has to, since entrepreneurs in the music industry, live or die by their last act. The reason Clayton continues to thrive in the field is because he does whatever is needed at the time for a successful show, concert or world tour. Clayton Hutson is the “consummate” professional, yet he maintains his love of rock and roll. But, that doesn’t limit his skills as an engineer, evident by the fact, he recently worked sound production for the anticipated return of R&B star, Maxwell. Learn more: