The making of Mr. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group, the leading supplier of value-added food products

Sheldon Lavin is the owner of OSI Group, a company that he bought from the sons of Otto Kolschowsky in the 1970s. Sheldon is well recognized for the food processing company and meat industry. When OSI Group was still known by the name Otto and Sons, it was still a small company, but since Sheldon took over reigns, it has become a very big company that is known worldwide.

His Passion and Commitment

Sheldon has been busy in assisting the company to expand services globally. With the previous acquisition of companies such as Flagship Europe and Baho Foods, Sheldon believes that he will bring the latest food processing firms to many countries around the world. OSI group can be found in more than 60 different nations, which truly means that Sheldon has done a lot in putting his efforts to help the company boom in success. Sheldon has worked with the company since 1970 when he started as a consultant. He joined the company and expanded its operations to South America, Europe, and Asia. In the early 1980s, Sheldon Lavin did a purchase of controlling interest of which he took over OSI Group. Through his tremendous leadership, he has brought a unique culture whereby workers are treated like global families. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

His Education and Work

Sheldon Lavin is a well-educated man in the fields of accounting and finance which seem to aid him greatly in his success. Other few companies that Sheldon Lavin has worked before include the Northeast bank where he was serving as the Director and the Sheba Foundation where he served as the President.

The Awards OSI Group Have Received

Since he joined OSI Group, he has worked vigorously in helping the company to obtain a very long list of awards. One of the awards was the 2016 Globe of honor which was presented to OSI Food Solution UK. This was just a tip of the iceberg; he also received the Global Visionary Award from India for helping in the creation of tons of jobs opportunities and especially making OSI Group become the successful company that it is today. He has made the company become big with tremendous services through his leadership. He is also serving as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer on the Board of Trustees for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Sheldon Lavin lives a selfless life with the aim of providing for others.

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David McDonald creates a legacy in the development of OSI Group

When it comes to recognition of the most prominent and successful entrepreneurs in the world, David McDonald cannot be left out of the group. He has lived an exemplary life to other entrepreneurs and the managers of other companies. He is the president and the CEO of the OSI Group, and under his leadership, the company has been able to be regarded as one of the fastest growing companies in the world. The company has been in a position to render its services across the world and now it’s considered as the International Premier Supply of food services.

David McDonald has a bachelor degree of science in Animal science from Lowa State University. His education is one of the factors that have enabled him to be the person he is today. Well, his journey to success was not just a walk in the park. He started working in the company while he was a young man as one of the employees in the lower ranks. He worked with a lot of determination until he was able to be promoted from one position to another. Today he is the CEO and the president of the company. His performance at the company shows that the management of the company was not wrong to grant him this position. He has helped in creating the name of the company through various actions such as philanthropy.

Under his leadership, the OSI Group has managed to donate tons of food the home; fewer people in America and Philippines. Launching of separate philanthropy by any business organization has duo benefits. One benefit is to the community, and the other advantage is to the company. The company benefits by establishing a good name in the society which in return plays a functional role in increasing the market of the company. This helps in increasing positive cash flows of the company. OSI Group acquires Baho Food.

David McDonald also facilitated a global sustainability report which was released by the OSI group concerning the social responsibilities towards environmental management and the improvement of the supply chain management. Besides, the report also outlined the company’s future goals which showed that in the coming years, OSI Group would have gone through rapid growth and development.

In the effort to expand the market for the OSI Group, David McDonald bought the Baho Company which runs under the same area of operation as OSI Group. Baho Food manufacture and supplies foods, deli meats, and snacks in the retail sector of Dutch in Europe. This enabled in increasing the market for OSI Food in Europe and to ensure that they are flexible to change their services according to the change in consumers’ tastes and preferences.

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