8 Rules For Young Entrepreneurs In Panama

Want to prosper and thrive? Hoping to make an impact as a Panama entrepreneur? Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a creative leader in a gang of Venezuelan expats in Panama who is helping others learn how to grow their business. Figueroa has collected 8 rules that will make you and your organization stay on top of the competition.

1. Become an Innovator – Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and George Soros all had one thing in common. They did something that their peers did not do. Identify what your competitors are rejecting, either out of fear or ignorance.

2. Be flexible and mobile – Be willing to take public transit. Do things to cut expenses. The more free capital you have, the more you have to invest in your mission. People who thrive make sacrifices in their stability and comfort. Staying in one place is not a quick path to success. Learn from people you disagree with.

3. Be an elegant and sociable negotiator – Let’s face it, a business is comprised of people. If you do not know how to get along with people, your business will likely fail. The key to success according to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is learning how to work with others, including the most annoying variety. Listen carefully, and you might just find the new idea that will launch your growth.

4. Success is not dependent on an impeccable record – The people who try hardest to keep up a good image are usually unwilling to admit where they need help. Growth comes when we admit where we failed, and try again. Being honest and humble is key to growing your company quickly.

5. Avoid shortcuts – The most opportunity on about.me lies where people do not try. Look at the hard path, and take it. Math, science, vegetarianism, thinking, religion, repetition, discipline, all of these virtues can develop the personal character of you and your business. Do not try to fudge what you need to work hard at.

6. Minimize Expenses – Shop at a thrift store, use Craigslist for business supplies, live poor to grow rich. If you live rich, you will grow poor. Keep it simple, and watch your profits grow quickly. Eat at home, not at the restaurant.

7. Plan for failure – Identify what could go wrong. Take the Myers-Briggs personality test, and carefully analyze your weaknesses as an individual. Make sure that you enlist someone on your team who has the opposite weaknesses. This will make you bulletproof from all competition on Twitter.

8. Learn from industry – Look at those who have gone before you. Learn from them. Why did it take Thomas Edison so many times to design the perfect light bulb? How could you do better?

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