Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: A Novel of the Trump-Era

Sean Penn has many accolades to his name. He is an Oscar-winning actor, noted director, talented screenwriter, journalist, and staunch political activist. One would think with his many accomplishments he would just retire on his legacy. Apparently not. Citing a falling out with the world of filmmaking he has grabbed a novelist hat form his rack of talent, and is not trying it on with his first novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”.


The novel is a slim one, but contains a lot of story. It is an eccentric mish mash of crazy that follows an absurd narrative style. It contains episodes from the life and times of Bob Honey intermixed with random poetry, and bits of ranting. Bob Honey, the titular character is an unhappy man. He is a septic tank salesman with a client list of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who moonlights as a government contracted assassin targeting the elderly. He is not a fan of advertising, hates social media, and dislikes the current president even more. Sound like someone we know? The book follows Bob’s tales as he recites them to investigative reporter Spurley Cultier.

Like any hero of a satire Honey lives in a crazy world full of crazy circumstances, that comes off as a dystopian version of present day USA. Through Bob’s disgruntlement we see the disgruntlement of real-life American society, which seems to be pissed off at everything. At least according to Penn’s perspective, and the book is written from Penn’s perspective. There is no doubt that the titular character is a version of Penn, as Bob’s surly character seems to radiate Penn’s own political leanings.


The end of novel is a letter penned by Honey to the president, Mr. Landlord. It contains every rotten thing he thinks about him and ends with an open challenge to a duel. All Mr. Landlord has to do is tweet him. Besides the references to Trump, the book largely focuses on trending events. It comments on everything from mass shootings, to immigration, to the #MeToo movement. All of it seen through the eyes of Bob Honey, and all of it spoken with the voice of Sean Penn.

James Dondero: A Devoted Contributor Who Endeavors To Make A Change In Dallas, Texas

There are many entrepreneurs in America who are helping a lot towards building the US economy by assisting others in financial management. Money is something everyone in different settings is always looking for, and not very many individuals are well acquainted with the art of financial management. Therefore, such people need financial advice be it when purchasing different types of assets or being smart when it comes to financial issues at large. James Dondero is such an individual in the US, whose contribution in the financial sector is of great value especially, in Dallas, Texas.
James Dondero’s journey began back in 1984 at a time when he received training from Morgan Guaranty. Later in the same year, he graduated from the University of Virginia McIntire with exemplary results. Since then, his success has known no bounds. From a bonds analyst, portfolio chair, president of the board of Nexbank and currently the head of Highland Capital management, he is unstoppable.
Highland Capital Management is an investment company, which handles hedge funds, structured ventures, and funds from distressed investments. The company was created in 1993 reporting $18.7 billion of assets under its control in 2014.From 1984, it places James with more than 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets. Under his leadership, Highland has spearheaded both in making the collateralized Loan Obligation and boosting credit-pitched solutions for organization and retail investors globally.
James is an individual who is always passionate about his work. For him, doing something that makes the great value in the economy of Dallas is what gives him pleasure. Despite being a busy man, Highland Capital has earned a reputation as one of the biggest credit institutions in the world. Although most of his time is dedicated to working, he also engages in charitable events. For instance, he donated $1 million to Dallas Zoo, with the aim of re-opening it. Also, together with a fellow Philanthropist, Mary Jalonick, they founded Dallas Highland Foundation, which is a non- profit organization aimed towards helping locals be it health or educational needs. There’s so much that James has and is still doing for the people, but what is evident is that he is a passionate man with a heart of gold.

NuoDB: An Efficient Solution For Database Management

NuoDB is a company that specializes in database management services. The services that the company offers mainly deal with SQL database management and are mainly offered for cloud computing applications that their clients might be using or want to use. The company was first founded in 2008 and since then has grown to be one of the most prominent names in the IT sector. The headquarters of NuoDB is mainly located in Massachusetts, but their services are offered to clients coming to them from all over America. NuoDB takes pride in the kind of services they provide and is dedicated to offering their clients some of the most top-tier solutions that they would not be able to find elsewhere.

The company has a range of SQL based services that they offer their clients, depending on their needs. The clients that come to them are advised on a plan that they should opt for depending on their needs and the kind of services that they want to avail of. The clients who come to NuoDB also have access to the extremely efficient customer care team, who are on board to take care of their clients if they ever encounter any hiccups.

Highland Capital Launches a $147 Million Healthcare-Oriented Fund in Asia

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is one of the leading investment management companies in Dallas, Texas. Over time, Highland has opened several branches across the world, making it more successful as it strives to increase its client base. Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd, a business unit of the Dallas-based investment management firm has recently launched a $147 million healthcare-oriented equity fund.

The fund would be administered by South Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS). Besides returns on the investment, investors partnering with the NPS to fund the Highland’s initiative have specific goals in the healthcare space. They include access to opportunities for co-investment, which helps them to serve their strategic objectives in the U.S., China, and Korea.

In Asia, Highland will work in close collaboration with Stonebridge Capital, a venture capital and private investment firm based in Korea to co-manage the healthcare-oriented equity fund. In fact, this is the first healthcare-focused private equity fund in Asia. While many investors in Asia have expressed their interest in investing in a healthcare-oriented equity fund, most of these investments are made via a multi-purpose fund or on a direct basis.

Carl Moore, the managing director of Highland Capital Management, says that the company’s core capabilities align well with the fund’s strategy. That will help leverage the company’s extensive expertise in the healthcare industry. He adds that healthcare is Highland’s largest industry exposure. In fact, nearly half of the company’s track record in private equity fund relates to healthcare companies.
The fund targets the middle-market healthcare businesses in Asia and North America. Currently, Highland Capital Management manages over $1.5 billion worth of healthcare assets.

Matt Jameson, Highland’s managing director of private equity, says that disruptive forces within the U.S. healthcare sector will acutely affect middle-market companies. Again, America’s graying demographics and increased access to healthcare facilities throughout Asia are driving more demand for healthcare-oriented equity fund and greater utilization levels. Currently, Highland Capital Management specializes in credit hedge funds and collateralized loan obligations as well as alternative investment opportunities in the form of emerging markets and access to natural resources.

If you are in Need of Big Data, NuoDB has an SQL Tool just for you

In 2008, a database company was launched in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was believed to bring a big revolution to the companies that were in need of the huge database. This Database Company is known as NuoDB. Though it was known as NimbusDB during its launch, the name was later changed to NuoDB three years later; that was in 2011.

About NuoDB’s SQL

NuoDB is a database designed to use SQL which relies on Transactional Database Management System (DBMS) which has a primary duty of supplied deployment inside the cloud. Ideally, the current NuoDB can be easily grouped similarly as the recent SQL database since it works just the same way, except some significant improvements. For instance, NuoDB can accurately incorporate some features for sustaining Scale-Out dealings in cloud computing environments.

NuoDB, Inc is responsible for the development and supply of NuoDB which was formed as NimbusDB in 2008. The latest version which is the NuoDB.1 was made available to the prospective users in 2013. Jim Starkey was the primary architect for the NuoDB until his retirement in 2012. Currently, he is working in the same company as a strategic advisor.

Some Important Preventative Care Is Coming from Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

There’s really no such thing as a good cancer. But some forms of cancer are far more worrisome than others. Prostate cancer is especially worrisome due to how common it is. Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are teaming up with National Football League Alumni Association and LabCorp to help people tackle this difficult condition.

The groups are coming together to offer free Prostate Specific Antigen screenings for men over 40. The screenings can be taken at any of the 1,750 LabCorp locations in the US. It’s expected that in 2017 alone that there will be 161,360 new cases of prostate cancer. A full one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

As one might expect from awareness campaigns, there’s a lot more to it than raw diagnostics. There’s also a collection of events which tackle the surprisingly difficult task of educating the public on the need for medical attention. Even giving away screenings for free will usually fall on deaf ears when people aren’t aware of just how much danger they’re actually in.

The groups are also teaming up to help create and promote the Prostate Pep Talks. These PSAs feature notable figures from the sports world who come together to talk about prostate cancer. In the process of doing so they’ll be able to help make men more aware of just how important the issue is to their long term health.

This event highlights one of the most important things about the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They understand that there’s more to cancer treatment than pure medical intervention. Educating people on the need for early detection is one of the best ways to help save lives. This and similar events allow them to vastly increase the chances of saving people from cancer.

Highland Capital Management Success Grows with Unrelenting Focus on Alternative Credit Market

Within the investment management industry there is a wide-array of risks involved for determining which opportunity will yield the most-profitable results for clients and establish long term goals. Highland Capital Management has lead the industry by lowering those risks with continued focus on providing unique products and avidly building protections for investors’ capital. As an independent investment firm, Highland Capital Management is better equipped with a wider functionality to meet the client’s investment needs and leverage greater opportunities for the growth of their portfolios.

Co-founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada, Highland Capital Management has evolved from a firm that once began as a Protective Life Insurance Company. The firm later developed into a Protective Asset Management Company although only 40 percent was owned by the co-founders. The firm routinely co-partners with investors and has invested more than $250 million alongside their clients and investors.

For the last two decades, Highland Capital Management sustained a level of progression within the alternative credit market that has positioned the firm into becoming the leading investment company in the world. With $18 billion in managing assets and clients all over the globe, Highland Capital Management has positioned the firm for expanding its investment platform for strategizing distressed credit markets. Highland Capital Management pioneered the collateralized loan obligation (CLO) investment strategy with over $30 billion in structuring and managing the asset class for clients. The firm now leads the credit market with higher returns on distressed assets in the country.

In 2008, Highland Capital Management began its global operations in Singapore and three years later opened their first office in Seoul. The firm now also has offices located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Highland Capital Management headquarters are located Dallas, Texas. The firm provides for charities within the area as well as nationwide. In 2014, Highland Capital Management partnered with the Gary Sinese Foundation to support the Snowball Express to help children of military families. Snowball Express supports more than 8,000 children of gold star families nationwide. Highland Capital Management agreed to match every dollar received with a donation challenge grant to reach $1 million.

For more information follow Highland Capital Management on Twitter.

The Awe-Inspiring Story Behind James Dondero’s Claim to Financial Fame

James Dondero is currently the president of Highland Capital Management, which currently manages about $18 billion of assets. Mr. Dondero has held the helm of Highland Capital Management for 20 years, has won several awards, and belongs to the board of directors of a number of companies. However, in the financial world, Dondero is arguably best known for popularizing collateralized loan obligations, or CLOs, for short. CLOs are securities that feature collateral in the form of large companies’ loans, a relatively new type of security, dating back only twenty years. But how did Mr. James “Jim” Dondero, leader of several business entities and organizations, earn his proverbial stripes?

Young James Dondero enrolled in the University of Virginia’s college of business, opting to study both finance and accounting. Many people preparing themselves for careers in accounting do this, often satisfying their state accountancy boards’ educational requirements. He graduated with two bachelor’s degrees from his originally intended fields of study, accounting and finance, with highest honors. Although Mr. Dondero did end up earning a CMA, or Certified Management Accountant certification, he never once practiced accounting, instead opting for a soon-to-be illustrious career in finance.

A few months prior to graduation, Mr. Dondero landed an internship as a financial analyst with Morgan Guaranty, today known as J.P. Morgan & Trust, in 1984. James Dondero remained within the financial servicer’s lower ranks for just less than a year prior to getting hired by American Express, one of America’s largest loan and credit providers.

Mr. Dondero was employed by American Express for four years, moving up from a corporate bond analyzer to a portfolio manager. In his final year of employment with the organization, he managed one billion dollars’ worth of stable cash inflow pools.

In 1989, Protective Life Insurance Company founded a insurance providing subsidiary named GIC. James Dondero was chosen as GIC’s chief investment officer, helping the brand new organization sprout an endowment of two billion dollars. Dondero and Mark Okada bought a 40% stake in a partnership between the two financiers and Protective Life. With help from business partner Mark Okada, Dondero eventually bought out the entire company, in 1998 renaming the organization to Highland Capital Management.


Life, it is lived in many ways. Different cultures, different religions, different people; they all believe they know the answer to the ageless question. Why are we here? So, who is right, one may ask? The answer; everyone. There is no one right way to live life. Life its self is ever-changing, and evolving. The differences between every human being on this Earth is what makes civilization beautiful. We should strive to understand that just because we are different does not mean we cannot live united.
This is what Avaaz is aiming to teach the world. Avaaz is a large online activist network, launched in 2007. Avaaz believes in helping those in need; and, pushing back against the tyranny of injustice. They have been involved in numerous campaigns that help right many of the wrongs in this world. Avaaz sent $ 1.5 million to protesters, and activists during the civil uprising following the Syrian Civil War. They also sent over $2 million of medical equipment into rebel areas of Syria. In 2009 Avaaz help organize one of the biggest protest campaigns ever seen in human history called “The Global Climate Wake-up Call.” The main goal of this event was to alert and demand that our world leaders take action against climate change. During this campaign 2,682 events took place, in 135 countries, on 5 continents.
But the might and influence of Avaaz does not stop there. Ever since 2009 Avaaz has only relied on member donations amassing to over $20 million. But despite all the different campaigns that Avaaz has organized, and sponsored they remain true to their one and only mission; “Organize citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want.”

Some Of The Best International Cancer Treatment Centers In The US

Cancer treatment – Dana Farber Institute

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute set in Boston, Massachusetts, renowned for its treatments for young patients with cancer (including stem cell transplantation). The physicians here are specialist in the treatment of the following cancers that include adults :

Breast and gynecologic
Genetic, highlighting their treatments in prevention
Gastrointestinal (highlighting colon)
Head and neck
urinary Tract
Stem cell transplantation
Brain and spinal cord

The Dana-Farber attends every year thousands of international patients.

Take into consideration when making the appointment if done for an grown up or a child, because the phones differ.
To consider

In the case of childhood cancer or lymphomas, reconsider contacting St. Jude Children ‘s Hospital . They Comply with difficult cases that are not implicated in other hospitals. The treatment is free too.

Mayo Clinic treatment of cancer-

At the Mayo Clinic, treatments of all kinds of cancers known. Annually Mayo Clinic accepts over half a million patients with all kinds of diseases, from 150 countries.

They treat at its main center in Minnesota and in its branches within Florida and Arizona. You can find how to contact any of the three centers if you are a patient, online.

The center asks that the cost of medical treatment before you start are added up, but then will supply you with excellent information on health insurance, with both the United States and other countries that may cover all or part of such expenses.

They provide services to help you travel to the United States and translators if you do not have good English.

of 11
Cancer Treatment – Duke University Medical Center

This hospital, renowned for its research in cancer treatment highlights the following:

Head and neck
Child cancer
Bile duct
abnormal growth of cells in the placenta during pregnancy (GTD, acronym in English)
Spinal cord
Chest (breast)

Contrary to other prominet hospitals in cancer treatment, the Duke does not have a center dedicated to international patients.

The Cancer- treatment University of Michigan

The Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Michigan, situated in the city of Ann Arbor, highlighted by:

the high quality of treatment
Specialization in clinical trials intended to achieve great survival rates and quality of life following cancer treatments
An excellent program of support to patients and their families during hospital stay and later

The Cancer Hospital of the University of Michigan has produced, at least for now, a center committed exclusively to taking care of international patients.

As with different hospitals, before you get in this clinic, patients should go through international payments prior to being admitted for treatment.

Find more information on CTCA on YouTube.