Good Investment Banking Practices

The world of banking can be very profitable, exciting, and fun. This industry can also be very frustrating at times especially during a sluggish economy period. For any company/business that are looking to step it’s game up, investment banking may give you that added push to bring you back from the brink. What is investment banking? To simply state it, this specific banking practice is more of a collection of services rather than just one service. Exchanging of stocks/bonds, mergers, acquisitions, advertising, underwriting, marketing, and managing assets, are very common in this diverse field. Investment Banking can also be used by big corporations, individuals, and government bodies. The field is as diverse as it’s business practices and it’s one of the best ways for growing your portfolio.

One of the best investment bankers in Florida, if not the nation is Martin Lustgarten. He’s a reputable expert whom is currently the (CEO) and President of his own firm that’s known as Lustgarten Investment Banking. For anyone who’s needing specific or tailored needs, this is the firm for you. Being such a powerhouse in the industry, Martin Lustgarten has become very prosperous. This intelligent business guru lives in an elite oceanside community known as Ponte Vedra, Florida. Lustgarten’s firm is world-renowned and they have made plenty of successful deals throughout the years of their existence. Some of their business connections are located in exotic areas like Singapore, Panama, and the exclusive Hong Kong.

You may be asking just why or how is this firm so successful? It’s simple, Lustgarten Investment Banking have all of the tools for the trade as well as the use of some of the most innovative industry features. The firm is ethical, knowledgeable, and experienced, but one thing’s for sure; Martin Lustgarten is engine that keeps on pushing.

Marc Sparks; a Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Marc Sparks is a successful businessman and a philanthropist from Dallas. Marc strongly believes that one should not enjoy his or her success and wealth alone. He is a vocal proponent of charity and is constantly sharing his wealth with the needy.

In a bid to empower community members, Marc chose to become an inspiration to entrepreneurs through Spark Tank. He has even published a book that takes entrepreneurs through his success. He says that the book is aimed at helping other people attain success in business.

CNN said that Marc Sparks is largely involved in telecommunication-based businesses but also engages in various types of businesses across the country. He also runs a successful venture capitalist program that have not only garnered success but also helped many people become entrepreneurs.

Venture capitalism is a risky affair. Indeed, Marc and his management have, in most times, had a hard time evaluating and reviewing the speculations in various startups. Marc, however, has obtained success from venture capitalism and his speculative eye seems to be always on point.

Marc Sparks has documented his business journey in a book. His book offers motivation and tips to the readers on how to join the business world and become great.

Mark Sparks began his latest venture, Spark Tank, from an idea of funding out-of-the-box ideas that are social based. His main aim was to pursue social excellence and to help green entrepreneurs succeed. The goal of Spark Tank is to help entrepreneurs within our community benefit from external funding by overseeing their establishment through offering funding grants.

Together with his business partner, Lynne, Marc Sparks designed Spark Tank to be a new concept in venture capitalism.

The applications to the Spark Tank program can only be filled online. After filling an application, it is reviewed, graded, and the finalists chosen by a panel of experts. The finalists are then invited to present their idea to the Spark Tank panel. Every candidate has a maximum of 10 minutes to explain their ideas and an extra 10 minutes to respond to questions from the panelists.  Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

There are several rules guiding the entry into the program. The applicants must be classified as a 501c3 organization with a minimum of two years of operation. Only persons engaging in enterprises related to human services, animal services, and arts are allowed to join.

Faith-based initiatives and political action committees are not eligible to join the program. However, faith-based initiatives that focus on non-religious purposes can join the program. The definition of Spark Tank stems from Marc’s belief that we can make the world better if we come together and help one another.