ClassDojo Is Now In Session

ClassDojo is an app for classrooms everywhere to showcase their work, provide feedback and communicate within their school network. The focus is to increase class participation, new ideas and communication within the school and straight to your home. This means that parents can easily tap in the app and see what their kid is up to during class, students can share photos, videos or instant messages to their parents, teachers or peers and vice versa. ClassDojo basically provides each student with a much-needed voice. Students that use the app can share and post their classwork on their own digital portfolios. These personal portfolios can be updated daily. Teachers are encouraged and allowed to give their students positive feedback called “+1’s” on the app. This is to let the students know that they are heading on the right track. For example, a commonly shy student would get a positive feedback rating for participating in class.

The app has many handy features and is supported by many popular devices. ClassDojo is currently being used in roughly 90% of the United State’s K-8 public schools. The app’s “Stories” feature allows students to connect in real-time to anyone relative to their classroom. It is divided into three sections: Student Stories, Class Stories and School Stories. ClassDojo is available worldwide and has over 35 built-in languages and offers translations. More than 180 countries are currently using this educational app. By using this app, everyone can work as a whole and the classroom experience can be shared with loved ones no matter where they are.

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