Desiree Perez Does Amazing Things with Tidal

Jay-Z has always been the person that was on the next level in his rap career. He was someone that brought producers like Just Blaze to the scene before anyone knew who this was. Jay-Z would also the person that would brought Kanye West to the frontline before he became popular. In other words, Jay-Z has always been a couple of steps ahead of the competition. In the music streaming industry, however, Jay-Z has been behind. He has a lot of catching up to do. He is not worried about this though because he has Desiree Perez by side, and she is making sure that is Tidal is growing.  Check this

In order for Jay-Z to gain a leg up in the music streaming industry he had to be innovative in the same way that he was with his music career. He made a conscious decision to step out on a limb with Desiree Perez and build a music streaming service that provided people with live Tidal X concerts and other things like high fidelity music. He chose to emphasize these type of concepts because it was not being done by anyone else, and he wanted to have a competitive edge on the competition.

When people consider all the other music streaming apps out there that look so much alike it would only make sense for Jay-Z to try something different. Desiree Perez is definitely something different from what the mainstream music streaming c have. Most of these companies just do not have a street-smart executive in place to negotiate Deals. They don’t have the person in place that has the type of ability to discuss deals the way that Perez does. This may be the thing that helps Jay-Z move from the back of the line to the front with Tidal.

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