End Citizens United: Gunning For Greater Influence In The 2018 Midterm Elections

When End Citizens United’s leadership announced on 3 August 2017 that it will support Rep. Jacky Rosen in her quest to replace Sen. Heller in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections, it marked the second consecutive time the grassroots political action committee was throwing its weight behind the legislator. In 2016, the organization openly declared its support of the legislator. While making the announcement, Tiffany Muller who is the president and executive director of ECU noted that Rep. Rosen’s steadfast support for the reforming of America’s electoral financing laws was the primary reason for their unsolicited support for the aspiring senator. She noted that Rep. Rosen’s push for kicking big money out of American politics compares starkly with that of the incumbent.

Over the years, Rep. Rosen has carved out a political reputation of staunchly opposing the special interests groups who have held the politicians hostage with their huge financial base. Rep. Rosen accepted the endorsement and thanked End Citizens United for their steadfast support over the years. Noting that big money and special interests group have muzzled the political voice of Nevadans, Rep. Rosen added that her fight will extend beyond electoral financing reforms. She highlighted healthcare, gun control and climate change as some of the issues she will continue to for at the Capitol Hill when elected. She argued that these issues are not currently being addressed by the incumbent senator because of his longstanding relationship with the special interests groups who financed his campaigns.

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Pushing for Electoral Reform in the Upcoming 2018 Midterm Elections

The upcoming 2018 U.S. midterm elections will present End Citizens United (ECU) a unique opportunity to further push for a cause that it has made its sole mission: pushing big money and special interest groups out of American political dispensation. Over the years, the organization has dedicated significant resources towards this cause by materially and morally supporting political candidates dedicated to repealing the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling. During the 2016 election, ECU raised over $25 million in the form of donations from individuals and organizations that support its cause.

However, going by the amount donations it received within the first three months of 2017, ECU projects the donations for the next election cycle in 2018 will exceed the 2016 mark. Going by the $4 million it raised within the first quarter, ECU’S management is convinced that it will raise approximately $35 million by the time Americans go for the 2018 midterm elections. This is despite capping their donation at $5,000 per individual donation. The positive projection is also informed by an increase in the number of new donors, which has hit the 40,000 mark in the first quarter of 2017. End Citizens United also saw the number of repeat donors rise to 60,000. The organization hopes to raise enough funds to support the various candidates it will back in the upcoming elections.

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