Eric Pulier & His Contribution To Society

There are many people in this world past or present that have a made an impact on society in a myriad of ways. Unfortunately these people aren’t household names and never seem to get half of the respect that they surely deserve. Society in-general certainly has it’s issues, but just how does these issues become resolved? There is one talented guy in particular that has given and developed things for the better of man-kind and his name his Eric Pulier. No matter the field or industry, Pulier has brought forth many resolutions over the years including developing a private social media for chronically ill children, developed advanced multi-media educational programs for people who suffer with diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, and has helped in providing lower cost cloud computing resources for underprivileged communities.

Eric Pulier’s educational base covers a wide area of fields such as government, education, technology, and healthcare. One of his first founded companies of his professional career was People Doing Things (PDT). This company addressed the issues (via) advanced technology in healthcare as well as education. Did you know that Eric Pulier has founded 15 companies? That’s right! These companies include XPRIZE, U.S. Interactive Inc, Service Mesh Inc, Akana (software), Digital Evolution, and FLY. Having such a strong interest in technology, this guy has donated and raised millions of dollars for tech start-up companies whom have all gone on to be successful in their own rights. Pulier has also raised capital for himself and other venture capital organizations. Though his work is very time consuming, Pulier still has seemed to find the time and solutions for most problems.

In 1997 this brilliant thinker was chosen to develop and build the ‘Bridge To The 21st Century” platform. This prominent event was a hit while being broadcasted live. As of today this proud father of four is enjoying the fruits of his very own labor. Eric Pulier will continue to set new trends, raise the bar even higher, as well as change the current status quo.

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