Eva Moskowitz is a Force to be Reckon within the Education System

Eva Moskowitz knew before the establishment of school; the education system was underhanding students out of knowledge. This was all based on her experience at Stuyvesant High school, learning that the teachers were not qualified to educate students. Students just effortlessly flew through school without putting in any work. This did not stop Eva Moskowitz from pursuing her bachelor’s in writing at the University of Pennsylvania despite the criticism. Afterward, Moskowitz venture on teaching at multiple colleges as a professor. Eva Moskowitz is the creator and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools in New York City.


Before, the opening of school, she played a pivotal role in politics by first becoming a field director for the Gifford Miller’s City Council campaign in the 1990’s. A couple of years later in 1999, she was nominated for the New York City Councilmember for the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Because of Eva Moskowitz strong opinions and values, she was a voice to be recognized, which became threatening to some people who wanted her out of the game. She strongly expressed her thoughts on the education system and was determined to expose the cracks in it as well. She willingly and deliberately fought for teachers who deserved a well-deserved compensation for their experience.


Eva Moskowitz believed that children should not be cheated out of the education system and believed they deserved the best. Realizing that the school system in New York needed a complete 360 and that it would require a lot of work to be invested for the transformation. Her willpower made a statement by opening her own school. No matter what Eva Moskowitz did, she never allowed people to bring her down; she believed in making a difference for the children education.




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