Fabletics vs. Amazon

Amazon.com has become one of the most successful e-commerce companies in the world. It has become something of a household name in the same way that Google has become a household name for search engines. This company has also managed to become one of the better websites for people that are interested in buying used items. Amazon sells a lot of different products and the most recent endeavor involves athletic clothing. There are a lot of companies that sell athletic clothing, but most organizations do not have the Amazon customer base.

Fabletics has not been around for a long time, but there is a lot of growth associated with this line of clothing for women. Kate Hudson, co-founder, is well aware of the Amazon dominance on the Internet, but she is still determined to take on the Amazon site with her Fabletics brand. She’s confident that many women will be interested in what her brand offers because the clothes are affordable and stylish. Hudson only been around with Fabletics since 2013, but the growth so far has been amazing. She has developed a brand that may be able to compete successfully with what Amazon has to offer.

The majority of people that are checking out Fabletics will notice that this athleisure clothing is much more stylish than the standard workout gear. That is what Kate Hudson represents. She adds a personal touch to her brand.  It has become one of the hottest clothing lines around, and women are interested in seeing how she will compete with Amazon.

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CMO of Kate Hudson’s athleisure brand Fabletics on retail industry

Her subscription service, for example, will give her the edge that she needs to compete with Amazon. This is a value-added type of service where you have a stylist that picks out clothes each month based on your preferences from the style profile builder. This is an amazing way for Hudson to add that personal touch to shopping on Fabletics that cannot be found with Amazon.

Another thing that Hudson has been able to do in order to compete with Amazon is model the clothes herself. She has 5 million followers. When she picks the garments that she likes and posts pictures on Instagram people are going to come running. Kate is in shape, and a lot of women idolize her. They are going to go out to buy what she is wearing because they want to look like her. Many women feel confident that they are in style when they are wearing the same outfits that they have seen celebrities in. Amazon doesn’t have the benefit of the celebrity factor.

The biggest thing that may help Hudson compete against Amazon in the clothing industry is the offline presence that Fabletics will have. This brand will be marketed to a whole new crowd of consumers that do not even shop online.

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