Fantastic Remodeling Ideas For Your Home Interior

Unless you’re aiming to have your home upgrade handled by a professional, you can easily try your hand at remodelling your own home bit by bit. With the right set of tools, materials and guidelines, all you’ll need next is a solid idea of what to do and the confidence to get started on your own. To get the ball rolling on this, here’s a few simple ideas you can consider for your own home makeover.

Get a Paint Makeover

Giving your house a fresh new coat of paint is one of the easiest methods around for sprucing up your space. You can’t really expect a paint job to last forever since it’ll be constantly exposed to cleaning substances and other dirty elements along the way. If you’re looking for something subtle, stick to white and other neutral tones.

Before you run out to get your painting materials, just take a look at the tips below:

Exterior Painting 

  • You’ll want something that lasts longer so go with a latex or oil-based paint
  • Before starting your paint job, ensure that the surface area is free from dust and any other contaminants that mess with a smooth finish
  • Remember to cover your plants and other important items with a plastic sheet

Interior Painting

  • Remember to move any furniture aside and cover with a plastic sheet for protection
  • Ceilings can sometimes be dusty or dirty so check and clean up before starting
  • Protect your floors with non-slip covers to prevent unnecessary cleaning from spillage

Install Wainscoting Panels

There are plenty of wainscoting options available. Although the original intention for having wainscoting was to protect the bare wall from bumps and scratches and for added insulation, it is still popular today as a decorative design element. You can easily purchase panels from your local hardware shop as long as you have the measurements of your space in mind. Just remember to free your walls from any extraneous materials before starting. If you’re not entirely sure what you might need to do this on your own, just enquire at the store for a basic guideline.

Use Crown Mouldings

Interior wall trims are always a welcomed sight on the upper section of our homes. The usual placement for this architectural element is the junction in which the wall meets the ceiling, but it’s also commonly found on the tops of our cabinetry. AlexMoulding offered so many design patterns that can be used for any home renovation.

Unless you’re looking for a more elaborate casting that has to be custom-ordered, you can always purchase off-the-rack crown mouldings and install them on your own. Just be sure to get a pattern that suits the idea you have for your home interior and you’re good to go.

Replace Old Hardware

As long as the original structure is still sound, all you’ll really need for a brand new look is a hardware replacement. This tip can apply to almost anything in your home, from staircase railings to your front door handle and wardrobe pullers to that old grating at the fireplace. You don’t necessarily have to replace your existing hardware with a similar design. As long as you choose a pattern and size that matches the overall design, it’ll be like having a completely new part to your home you can enjoy all over again.

Add a Wallpaper Finish

You can get paint any time, so why not consider having a textured wall finish with wallpaper instead? In the long run, it’s actually more cost effective than paint as it can last up to three times longer. Another benefit to using wallpaper is that it can help to effectively hide any uneven wall surfaces you may have, giving your walls that nice smooth finish.

Just Keep in Mind: 

  • If the space is subject to moisture, you’ll want to get a vinyl wallpaper instead
  • Unless you’ve done this before, it’s always good to get a few extra rolls as a back up
  • Get a good wallpaper sweep for a clean and smooth wall finish

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