Felipe Montoro Jens: Savvy Businessman and Consultant

Concessions will now be made through a partnership between the government and BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development), whose services provided will be improved in their structural, resource, and management areas. Edison emphasized that public power performs 90% of Brazil’s basic sanitation, and that approximately 70% of users benefit from the services of state organizations. He believes that Brazilian government agencies have significant experience, which can be readily leveraged when companies become partners with other ones.

BNDES will customize action plans for its state customers based on surveys detailing their situational locations. A primary flow of monetary resources from government-owned companies in the water sector is from the loss of water. Montoro Jens stated that the services cannot be received when there is such significant waste.

Edison explained that the resource-wealthy private enterprises could help greatly in the job of water conservation. They have advanced technology, a crucial factor in Brazilian water management, which is also instrumental in increasing sewage networks investment.

Edison also added that the efficiency of organizations is not directly related to their administration. He stressed that alignment must exist between the Brazilian citizens’ needs and the operational mode of the associated utility.

Edison stressed the importance of clarifying goals in the drafting of contracts, in partnership concessions, and in the adoption of public agency inspections where services would be provided. He reiterated the importance of the terms of each agreement being fulfilled.

Felipe Montoro Jens has been an executive at the project development and structure finance division at Terna S.P.A. In addition he led Enron’s international structured financial department. In addition he helped Price Waterhouse Coopers with his unique auditing and consulting skills on checkdirector.co.uk.

He is a respected businessman, graduating from Fundao Getito Vargas (FGV) with a degree in business administration. His postgraduate work was in international management at the American-based Thunderbird.

Jens is considered to be a multi-talented individual, and spoke at the 2011 World Economic Forum on Latin America, where over 750 Latin American countries attended.

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