Fortress Investment Group

Founded in Jan 1 1998 as a private equity firm, Fortress Investment Group has its base at New York City. It lies in the finance category and has 1001-5000 employees. Randal .A. Nardone has been its CEO from 2011 up to date. It is an international firm and thus can provide its services all over the world. It deals in a wide range of investment niches. They include credit, real estate and private equity. According to the 2017 financial report, the firm has an asset base of 3.6 billion dollars.

Core competencies

A detailed summary of the company competencies is necessary for expertise knowledge. It is also required for specialization purposes. Below are the core competencies of the company.

Asset-based approach

Its team players have the required skills for delivering valuations. They also assist with mergers. Companies that desire to merge can seek the services of Fortress Investment Group. This is especially if they need the competency of their asset-based approach. In such cases, the financial team will establish the Net Asset Value of the two companies. This move helps in the expedition of the procedure. The normal way of getting the net value of a company is subtracting liabilities from net value of assets.

Industry knowledge

Since its foundation, Fortress Investment Group has done many investments with big organizations. It can provide a lot of industry knowledge when required. It is proficient in guiding potential and existing customers. Companies that would like the services of this group should look at its history to see how it runs its business.

Involvement in 2010 Winter Olympic Games

The Fortress Investment Group almost brought the 2010 Olympic Games held in Canada to a stop. They demanded for payments that the Canadian authorities owed them. Intrawest was to pay back before the games could proceed. This was after Fortress bailed out Intrawest. Its creditors had threatened to sell off their assets to recover their debts. It stole the media limelight for a while before the start of the games. Fortress claimed that the Ottawa authorities had agreed to pay up before the start of the games. They had failed to honor this agreement.

Working at FortressMost employees at the group have loved the working experience there. They described their workmates as smart and thoughtful people. The working hours as well as working conditions are favorable. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

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