From Failed Startups to Art and Successful Businesses, Arthur Becker Has Seen it All and taken it With a Stride

Arthur Becker’s investments vary from finance, technology, art, and business and he is not about to stop. Arthur’s works of art are displayed in his art studio at Tribeca real estate office, which also doubles up as his workshop. Arthur’s big break came in the early 2000s when he was concentrating on buying tech companies. He has since shifted his interests to real estate and is about to see the completion of an 8-units condo, his first solo project at 465 Washington Street. In an article on The Real Deal, the project will see him pocket $52.5 million after its sale. Of late, Arthur has been partnering with other counterparts in the industry in developing high-end properties. One such partnership is with Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney, and another is with Maloney and Madison Equities at Sullivan Street. However, Becker exchanged his stake in Madison with three townhouses in Sullivan that he is planning to sell and turn one into his home.

His Art and Life

According to Huffingtonpost, Arthur Becker’s success did not come without a taste of failures. At one time, he invested in selling Bnox binoculars, which unfortunately did not take off. He also invested in macadamia nuts that he sold to Mrs. Field’s cookies but later abandoned due to its production ambiguity. Arthur bought tech companies and ran NaVisite and a publishing venture Zinio. He, as well, grew an interest in collecting toy soldiers with binoculars and he still keeps them. He also collects ancient currencies that he sometimes makes replica sculptures. Two of these sculptures are soon to be installed in a commercial building belonging to Capital Properties in Boston. He also creates sculptures from paper money in shapes of Jenga pieces and origami animals. His art also incorporates Magic 8 balls that he collects as a childhood fascination and keeps several paperweights two of which were gifts from his mother. He also has a memory on a brick he used when he was involved in restoring 18th-century homes in Vermont. Arthur maintains a good relationship with his daughters and wife.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker studied BA and business at Bennington College and Tuck School of Business. His career commenced at Vermont where he renovated old houses. He later started and grew a number of startups in Tech and real estate.

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