Honey Birdette to Expand Its Reach

One Australian lingerie brand that is taking the UK by storm is Honey Birdette. Now, this company is enhancing its market up to the US, with an e-commerce site, as well as expanding its presence in the UK.

The brand has had a meteoric rise, with sales up 374% in the United States in just twelve months. This prompted the creation of a site dedicated solely to US-based sales, which will make the shopping experience easier and much more efficient. It will provided much faster delivery and it will also offer free shipping for order over $50.

Honey Birdette is also expanding its store number in the UK, aiming for 40 stores by the end of this year. They are also considering adding stores in other European countries in the near future.

Honey Birdette was created by Eloise Monaghan in 2006 and offers high quality lingerie that is made with the best materials. It provides lots of options when it comes to styles and sizes, so that a buyer can always find what they need.

Unlike many other lingerie stores, Honey Birdette also offers luxury bedroom accessories. They have toys, including S&M options, while also providing softer lace options that will add romance to any relationship. The brand was created to spice up the sex lives of women and this is what the brand is dedicated to doing with all of its products. People all over Australia have realized how great these options and how high-quality they can be, and now, with the company’s expansion, the rest of the world will be able to enjoy them, as well.

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