How Did Kate Hudson Make Fabletics A Success

Amazon is a force in the e-commerce industry. With Amazon being such a force, starting a company in the fashion industry can be almost impossible. Being wildly successful is almost unheard of. Fabletics is a true rarity because it did just that. It became a successful company, but how? Through their unique take on things, Kate Hudson has changed the game.


Fabletics is a subscription company. People take the Lifestyle Quiz which generates a selection of products that caters to their specific taste. It’s like having a personal shopper for the price of the small membership fee. Fabletics started off offering their membership online which is what they believe has created such a high volume of success. When someone walks into their physical store, there’s a high chance they are already a member. This coupled with their high level of customer service and high customer experience has made them a force in the fashion industry.


Kate Hudson started this company with a goal to give all women an affordable active wear line. This started with the low membership fee. Giving an affordable price for high-quality clothing is one of the most important things for Fabletics. Kate Hudson does not believe that good quality active wear has to cost hundreds of dollars. The next factor is clothes that are fashionable and inspire the women that wear them. She wants people to put on their active wear and not only feel good in them but feel motivated to get healthier. Her clothing line does not discriminate against sizes. They offer all sizes so that any woman can feel and look great while trying to get healthier.


Beyond this, Kate Hudson also makes sure that there are always new styles and pieces available. She wants the styles to represent want the customers want, so new pieces are based off of the Lifestyle Quiz. All should take this quiz because new pieces will be modeled off of people’s answers.


Kate Hudson took a risk when she created Fabletics, and it paid off. She hopes that others feel inspired to take risks and feel motivated when wearing their activewear. That’s what her brand represents and hopes that it comes across in the pieces. Kate Hudson had a dream to help all women feel better while trying to get fit. Fabletics seems to have done just that with the amount of people who have become members in the few years that it’s been around. Fabletics has taken the fashion world by storm and has no signs of stopping.

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