How John Goullet has Ventured into the IT Staffing Sector

Diversant Limited Liability Company is a firm, which is known for offering various services that deal with IT staffing, and they include direct hiring, IT reinforcement, and a broad range of creative services. The company is licensed to operate as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise since most of it owners are African-Americans. It has formed policies that are well-organized to manage its products and services as well as solve the problems of the clients, partners and the community that surrounds the firm. Diversant also has an outstanding customer service that has enabled it to have good business relationships with clients. They associate with customers by regularly consulting with them, and this makes them feel like they are actual affiliates of the company.

Technology in the United States is advancing at a fast rate, and this has led to a demand for experts in the IT sector. Diversant LLC as an IT staffing company assists various corporations in getting the best IT talent in the market and ones that can match diverse working environments, culture, and style. The firm ensures that all the professionals that it contracts are highly skilled and can create programs that are personalized to meet various client needs.

John Goullet is a businessperson and IT expert who has significantly invested in the IT staffing sector. He is a principal at Diversant LLC, which he participated in its formation through a merger between his company, Info Technologies, and Diversant Inc. Info Technologies was established in 1994 by Mr. Goullet, and he was the chief executive officer of the enterprise. The company was a major provider of IT staffing services to the Fortune 500 companies of the United States. It was successful in the sector since it comprehended the IT staffing needs of various corporations and provided experts who can solve them. The Inc. magazine listed Info Technologies as a booming enterprise and its worth was $30 million dollars by 2010 when it was merged.

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  1. This is accomplished by using strict methods in sourcing and recruiting the specialists. The firm is experienced and can match IT experts with companies that need their specific skills. I also do not what grademiners reviews to have what they need from them all.

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