How Ryan Seacrest Became One of the Busiest Men in Hollywood

Ryan Seacrest has continuously proven that he is able to do a lot of different things. He has shown America that he is driven when it comes to his work as a host because he has spread his talent out in so many different platforms. American Idol is where he started, but he has managed to do so much more with this time. Seacrest has become something of an empire of his own.

Some people know him because he sits next to Kelly Ripa in the morning as the co-host of a talk show. The morning show market is big, and Ryan Seacrest manages to make millions of dollars from this. This is not the only place where he is able to build a sizable amount of income. Ryan also has a clothing line with Macy’s that actually generates millions of dollars. This is another area where Ryan Seacrest has been able to build a huge legacy in a short time frame. His Distinction clothing line has flourished.

In an article from Forbes, it says that Ryan Seacrest has his hands in different things. The clothing line is great, but he has also shown that he loves music, and he has hosted television shows like “Dick Clark’s Rockin New Year’s Eve” and a music countdown show for radio as well. This has given Ryan Seacrest the ability to even become part of a community where he can host award shows. He has proven that he is a constant professional that is able to deliver as a host on a regular basis. This has allowed them to gain a sizable audience that is willing to listen to what he has to say.

All of this money that is earned has inspired Ryan to look at giving back to those that are less fortunate. This is why he started the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He wanted to be able give back to children that had special needs. Seacrest has really pushed himself to the limit with all of the various jobs that he has taken on. Seacrest had reached his limitations and really exceeded the expectations that anyone may have had.

Here’s on of Ryan’s YouTube videos:

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