How to Find Your Way to Your Dreams; Jorge Moll

He is an expert doctor and neuroscientist. The light-hearted doctor took his studies at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Dr. Moll has conducted extensive research in the area of neurology. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Sao Paulo


About Doctor Jorge Moll

Dr. Jorge Moll took a profound interest in the development of solutions that could help people gain relief from the conditions that afflict their health and, thus, quality of life. Dr. Moll serves, currently, as the President of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He is also the head of the leading imaging and diagnostics laboratory. Dr. Moll was recently interviewed to divulge some of the secrets that help him delve into such complex but largely successful research work and practice. Doctor Jorge Moll says that he takes pride in research and new ideas. Dr. Moll says that he believes that the answers to most of the maladies and issues that face human health can be found in proper research.


The Interview with Doctor Jorge Moll

He was asked how the idea of D’Or Institute of Research came from. He begins by faulting the current set up, including the system of education. Dr. Moll says that the existing set up is a huge hindrance to innovation. He particularly hints at the existing publications and career options. He says that the problem is in the industry but it starts with the academia.

On his business habits, Jorge Moll says that it is important for people to question their model. He says that the reason why people do not move to the next level is to stay content with the prevailing model, even if it does not yield what they, initially, desired. He says that he has learned to question his model. If something isn’t working out right, there’s probably a way it can work better. He says that his pursuits have been largely successful because he believes in being passionate in what he does and believes that he can be the change agent for people at their personal level and business-wise.

Dr. Moll says he also makes use of software to ease his work. He says he loves Trello and Evernote. He adds that he loves reading and remembers Philip Dick’s “The Exegesis” which he recommends to upcoming scientists.

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